Thursday-evening collision between bicycle and vehicle provokes debate about right of way in St. John’s


The condition of a man knocked off his bicycle is yet to be ascertained, as the Police continue to investigate the accident.

Video footage in circulation shows the man lying on the ground at the junction of High and Thames Streets, in the vicinity of ECAB.

The video also shows what appear to be groceries scattered on the street in proximity to the man and his mangled bicycle.

Persons on the scene are shown standing over the man, who was conscious, as they sought help for him by calling the ambulance.  Reports are that the man was later transported to the hospital.

As the small crowd argued on who had the right of way, a visibly upset man – believed to be the driver of the vehicle – was protesting that the cyclist should have stopped at the corner.

In an angry tone, he tells the people gathered to stop accusing him of causing the accident, since, he claims, the cyclist ran into his vehicle.

The incident reportedly occurred on Thursday, February 17, shortly after 6 p.m.

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  1. I don’t know anything about this incident, by I’ve witnessed many bicyclist who are out of control! Riding on the wrong side of the road. Riding two and three wide. Not stopping at intersections. Weaving in and out of traffic including between people walking on the road. Riding way too fast to stop if they need to. Riding with NO lights after dark. The list goes on and on. The police need to start policing these bicyclists.

  2. Smh. When cyclist riding their bikes at night they should have a light on their bikes. Also cyclist seems to ride as if they one in traffic. What happen to drivers? Ever so often i see men or younger teens ride bikes swerving and curving in and through traffic. Its ridiculous. Yall putting drivers at risk when shit do happens. The lady who got nocked down god rest her soul I can remember she was in Purcel uniform a night. Right by Courts. And that young lady just crossed the road like that. We have to be very careful out there no matter how pedestrians are wrong they will always be right and the drivers in most cases will always get charged. Whether they rode their bikes into a vehicle or they just fly cross a moving traffic they always get right and its ridiculous.

  3. Well well honesly these cyclest drive as if they mad just today I heading work an a person riding a cycle I front of me an he wanted to go across the street an he didn’t look behind or side ways he just drove right across the road while in coming traffic a head an the road very narrow now sometimes Yu meet lot a kids riding cycles an they all over the darn road they cause accident lots of time!!!!
    Jus because they not driving a car doesn’t mean there’s not a right way to ride a cycle.
    Even around a brand a cyclists would be seen to pass ur car without any signal now these things has to stop!!!!
    Ppl are going to defend the cyclists but me I am not defending none I have seen how retarded an reckless they tent to drive on these street

  4. Will someone correct me, if I’m wrong; but, aren’t #ALL bicycles which are used on public roads be inspected, licensed and registered!?

    Right of Way is a big problem in Antigua between all that use the public roads. Even the animals could careless about vehicles.

  5. These days I find myself an avid cyclist. While I agree that some cyclist do not obey the rules, automobile drivers are more dangerously worse. I have personally experienced drivers overtaking cyclist just before a speed bump, or just before a stop sign. Many will overtake with no warning, sometimes just before a pothole in the road. I have experienced a driver not stopping at a stop sign and running into my bike. His escuse was that he did not see me, but considering this was 2 PM, the truth is he did not look and did not stop (rolling stop). We auto drivers must do better

    • You are correct, tenman. Drivers need to remember that cyclists are NOT motorists and are to be afforded the same rights and privileges as pedestrians. As a motorist, you should yield to pedestrians and cyclists. Many of our drivers don’t and that is where the problem lies.

  6. The police need to take a more serious look into how cyclists use the streets in Antigua. Also every bicycle traversing the streets should be equipped with a bell or horn, proper brakes and front and rear lights, especially for when they are riding at nights. Cyclists must also understand that they have to obey the same laws/rules that govern motorists, such as not going the wrong way on a one way street, stopping at a junction, unless you have the right of way, stopping on red light, and hell not riding like a bat out of hell. Cyclists are mostly responsible for accidents involving them and motorists, especially the youths. One of them knocked down an old man one day and just jumped on his bike and rode off, not even offering an apology to the man.

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