Three years later no sign of breathalyzers


Three years after the Administration promised the introduction of breathalyzers, the Head of the Traffic Department says the COVID-19 pandemic has added to the delay in delivery.

In 2018, the Lower House amended the Vehicles and Road Traffic Act to allow for the use of these devices, which are intended to detect drunk drivers and allow the appropriate penalties to be applied.

But Assistant Superintendent of Police Rodney Ellis says the matter is out of his hands, although he continues to push for the devices.

He says he will just have to wait for their arrival as he coordinates with the Ministry of Health.

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  1. I am confused. The headline of this story indicates that Antigua and Barbuda after three years promise are still awaiting breathalyzers, however, the body of the story is about school protocols.

  2. US DOT approved breathalyzers are readily available on amazon for under $100. There is no excuse as parliament already did their part. This is a failure of the traffic department.

    • Do we even have a problem with drunk driving in Antigua? Cutie just said that because 1 accident happened a few years ago and you know how he mouth sweet. It just sounded like something good to say at the time.

      We need to fix the potholes so people can drive on their side of the road.

  3. Aggressive use of the test would lower the number of drunken drivers and would save lives.
    If you are involved in a traffic accident you should be required to give a sample by law.

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