Three Video Games Set in the Caribbean


Gaming is just beginning to take off in the Caribbean, as access to the internet and hardware become more affordable. Yet as a setting for games, islands like Antigua and others in the area have been used for some time. If you are just becoming a gamer, some great titles have used the location as a backdrop. Below, we discuss three video games set in the Caribbean you must play.

Just Cause

In the US and Europe, despite popular beliefs that games are for the young, it is millennials between their late twenties and early forties who spend the most time on gaming. ExpressVPN surveyed 1000 gamers in the US and UK, and found that the older this demographic gets, the more time they spend on video games each month. In the forty-six age bracket, it can even be as much as 24 hours per week.

The Caribbean makes a great setting for gamers: It combines dreams of sun, sea, and sand with action and adventure. While they could get this on a holiday, it is at a much lower price point than a full vacation. Part of this may explain the appeal of Just Cause, one of gaming’s cult franchises.

To date, there have been four iterations of the game. Each installment has taken place on a different fictional Caribbean island. Players take the part of Rico Rodriguez, who inevitably ends up having the task of overthrowing corrupt governments and crime cartels. It has open-world maps that are extremely detailed, and in-depth side missions making them fun to explore.

Assassin’s Creed 4: Black Flag

Ubisoft Studio’s Assassin’s Creed is a multimillion-dollar franchise, spanning gaming and movies. Yet not all of its titles have been applauded and have met with scathing reviews. However, one of the ones that did get it right was Assassin’s Creed 4: Black Flag.

Set in the Caribbean of old, the game is filled with pirates, bounties, and bullion. All of this is linked to the Illuminati, who are manipulating world events. Historically accurate but with all the backstabbing and treachery you would expect, nothing is as fun as being able to sail your ship across the sea and plunder navies from across the world.

Dead Island

The Caribbean has a longstanding reputation with the occult in the west. Thus, it makes sense that Zombie games may end up being situated here. Dead Island is one of those, and it turns the formula on its head, bringing the undead hordes out of the shadows and into the light.

The game takes place on a holiday resort, where the undead are walking and attacking in waves. As a holidaymaker, you must fight them off and get to the source of the outbreak. Set on the fictional island of Banoi, it renders the flora and fauna perfectly.

Many more, particularly strategy games that focus on the nautical history in the region, are available. Of course, the classic Revenge of Monkey Island needs to be given a nod as well. However, for your Carribean-themed gaming adventures, you can’t go wrong with this selection.

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