Three Priests Robbed At Gunpoint


Three priests were reportedly robbed at gunpoint at Stapleton Lane Saturday night.

According to reports, masked intruders entered the men’s homes around 8pm.

The robbers reportedly made off with an undisclosed sum of cash, cellular phones and other valuable.

Police are investigating the matter.

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  1. Ok, i give up. If you guys can rob 3 priests muchless for me the biggest obeah man in Antigua. I am definitely sorry for you guys. If i was robbed then i would have you guys walking up and down mount St John’s naked with a razor blade cutting up your hands, but robbing priests, man even me that is the biggest obeah man in Antigua don’t cross their paths. I am sorry for what is about to happen to you guys and your families, you all in grave danger, you better return everything you took from the priests to them and beg their forgiveness.


      So you think.

      Obeah cannot stop crime.

      Only ‘…Marriage.’

      It may have worked for the ‘…Mighty Sparrow.’

      He said that when ‘…Melda’ wanted him to ‘…marry her,’ he went to his ‘…Grandfather Papa Nezza’ [ Obeah Wedding: You Tube].

      Knew an ‘…Obeah man,’ who not only ‘…ran from robbers,’ but also ‘…from the Police.’

      Now, they are ‘…robbing Churches and Priests.’

      • While, “obeah” or ob-EYE-yah might keep their eyes wide shut at death, old fashion STING OPERATION METHOD can be utilized, to curtail, and or trap these well organized Criminal Minds.

        A comprehensive and collaborative plan MUST be put into ACTION, by utilizing ALL Law enforcement agencies(The Defense Force, the RPAB, the UNDP – Kroffs Unit, the Coast Guard).

        A…utilize drones(to monitor the operations, and instantaneous tracking)
        B…set decoys(to lure the criminals)
        C…utilize audio/video, infrared/heat sensing technology(to monitor the decoys, and record activities)
        D…micro chipped wallets, phones, jewelley(traceable and identifiable for arrest and prosecution).

        A CRIME PREVENTION ACTION PLAN, MUST BE IMPLEMENTED, using time tested methodologies such as DECOYS, in conjunction with new technologies; to stay one, two or even five steps ahead, of these Criminal Minds.


    Last week ‘…three bandits’ not only reportedly ‘…robbed a High Street Casino [January 8, 2020] of its takings from customers,’ but also ‘…allegedly disarmed and robbed a Peacekeeping Police officer of his Service Firearm.’

    Not sure if it was the ‘…Police officer’s Service Firearm’ they had brandished to terrorize the ‘…peaceful victims.’

    Two things these bandits seem not to want;

    (i) …Peace on Earth;

    (ii) …Peace at home;

    (iii) …Peace on the Street; nd

    Moreover, living to the age of ‘…sixty seven.’

    But that’s not even ‘…three Scores and ten.’

    Ah! Something else, ‘…they do not wish to enjoy ‘…Perfect Peace in Heaven.’

    Not sure if ‘…Preaching Peace or Praying’ would help in anyway, so it begs the question, ‘…What shall be urged of these unrelenting, bold and brazen bandits now?

    Urged them to read the Bible? All ‘…Ten Commandments.’

    Well, if there shall be ‘…Peace in the homes, business places, streets and Communities,’ then ‘…help the Police to apprehend them.’

  3. They have cursed themselves and theor children . The last man to break ibti a Priests vehicle is now paralised .

      • AH HA!

        So yah really ‘..Wicked?’

        True to Scriptural teachings.

        Not sure why you had referred to ‘…Rawlston Pompey’ in a previous comment as ‘…an ASS.’

        Not thinking anything evil.

        Never been in the ‘…Priesthood.’

        Now more people knows what is ‘…in the heart or may have experienced.’

        Hope you were ‘…never an Altar Boy.’

        Watch your comments though.

        Still a social media friend.

        Not sure why you have commented this way.

  4. Please rob the politicians next!
    I laughed so loud at the headline 🤣🤣.
    These people got the memo on the pastor that tried to deposit millions the other in another country. If they going to hold people at gun point why not take it from the people robbing the poor?

    Antigua is about to experience some serious break ins. The people are frustrated.

    These criminals are not ordinary criminals. They are studying their victims.

  5. Touching His representatives and ministers in this way with unleash a torrent of judgements upon the guilty. You can run, but you can’t hide. Devil, you are defeated. A whole lot of judgement is gonna fall on you like a hard rain. Run stinky, rotten thieves. Turn yourselves I to the police while there is still time. Fire is gonna fall.

  6. Have a national day of prayer and fasting for them. Who knows, maybe they will turn on each other! God STILL moves in MYSTERIOUS ways!

  7. Here are some powerful WORDS from the scriptures to think about: “Touch not mine anointed, and do my prophets no harm.” Ps.105:15 KJV.
    Also : Vengeance is mine, and recompense; their foot shall slip in due time; for the day of their calamity is at hand, And the things to come hasten upon them.” Deter.32:35 KJV.

  8. When will this madness stop? If they can robbed a priest they are capable of robbing anyone. When will the people of Antigua declare a war against crime?

    • A very good question.
      Everyone else seems to be asking for God or the government to sort out this mess, when in reality it us, the people who can stop these criminals. I’m not saying we should become vigilanties, but with the current lack of information that the police receive, they are powerless.
      Someone saw these guys in the car. Some bar owner saw them celebrating, some mother knows her son has a gun.
      If we want these crimes to stop, we need to pass on what we know

  9. It’s judgement time. The fire is gonna fall. I wouldn’t want to be anywhere near these three thieves. Burn baby burn!!! Get all the church ladies to storm the heavens and call down de fire. God hears their prayers. Nobody can pray like the Church ladies.

  10. When we used to patrol the streets and keep them under control the society says we are out of control they want us off the street at night bandit taking over

  11. Come on Gaston do something positive for your people. Antigua would soon come a no Go country if you don’t act now

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