Three new desalinating plants arrive in Antigua to boost water availability

APUA Minister Robin yEARWOOD

Cabinet Notes: The Minister responsible for Public Utilities announced that one of the three new desalinating plants has arrived Antigua, and it is being readied for installation at the Fort James site.

The APUA currently produces more than 7 million gallons of potable water daily from ocean water; however, as the economy of Antigua and Barbuda grows, the demand for more potable water requires more desalinating capacity.

The intent is to move towards 10 million gallons daily, in order to satisfy future demand. Leakages have caused the APUA to deliver less water than it produces; hence, the re-piping of leaky cast iron pipes that are nearly one century old, will begin in earnest following the Christmas holidays.

APUA has borrowed $169,000,000 to enable it to improve its Internet services, its water delivery system, and to plant its electricity cables underground in parts of commercial St. John’s.

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  1. $169,000,000 is peanuts for Sir Robin. He could easily make that donation to APUA and have them name the plants after him. Then he can become a National Hero for 24/7 water service.

  2. Even in these hard guava crop times this government is manage to make investments to improve the life of its citizenry. Yet all the UPP can do is try and find issues to complain about.
    Kudos to you Sir Robin you proof again that you are an experienced statesman.

  3. FROM THE SIDELINE since Sir Robin had said that a government that cannot provide water to its people is not fit to govern, am I to assume that after the 3 desalination plants are installed and running next year that the election will follow soon thereafter. Not even that strategy will fool the people again.

    • As the PM said, just be ready, cause anytime he sees you guys are not ready he’ll call the election.
      Just note this government is hard at work to solve as many problems as they can. They don’t sit helpless by and run to the IMF for help. Things are so bad yet Antiguans overall are not really feeling it. And yes pension payments are late but for now they come within the month. When under the UPP they were as late as three months at one time. Less you forget. But who knows what tomorrow will bring. Covid doesn’t give anyone a clue when he will leave us.

  4. With all the hike in the price
    Arm and leg we haffi pay
    While our leaders play,who can afford to run will run but about us who can’t?

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