Three Men On Trial For Allegedly Killing A Woman In 2017

Shalom Bailey of Donavans

The High Court began the murder trial involving Shalom Bailey, Dorian Marshall and Jason Millette today.


The men are accused of killing 20-year-old Xavier Thomas during a drive-by shooting in Cedar Grove in August of 2017.

According reports at the time, Thomas along with Lorne “TI” Nicholas, and Sean Matthew, all of Cedar Grove, were sitting on a corner in the village when a vehicle pulled alongside them and an occupant opened fire.

The vehicle then drove off leaving all three injured. Thomas later succumbed to her injuries.

Dorian Marshall of Donavans



  1. These guys are so young and accused of such evil wicked act. What can have gone wrong in their upbringing as a little boy? It’s never too late, Lord Jesus renew their minds and thoughts.

    • Sis some ppl want to be feared …..some want street cred….
      I hope other young adult learns …
      Something dnt have to happen to you to learn from it.

      I hope they ALL ARE HANGED 1st degree murder or premeditated murder saddddddd

      • Agreed with you 200%.
        Keep these tugs from our streets. We really cannot take this kind of criminal elements in our midst. And Mary-Jane Yes they can repent and give their heart to Jesus but that is only good for their sou. Not to be let lose in our streets again.

  2. @VODKA, The young lady Xavier Thomas that they’re accused to have killed was/is my cousin. She is my father niece. I agreed once found guilty they all should be hang in open public to send a message to everyone.

  3. I am so upset right now. My brother was guned down in 2014 on his farm.
    Up until now his case can’t close.
    They hold one man. He is not talking. Now tell me, what is going to happen. They should apply pressure on hlm to talk.
    This is why I am not living in Antigua because I went on the air and voice my anger. You see a man you don’t know his heart.
    You have some heartless human walking around. Wolf in sheep clothing.
    I pray all of us who lost someone in crime , may get justice. That cannot bring back our loved one, but we can get closer and try and move on.
    May the God of heaven continue to be with us all.

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