Three Kinds of People Every Small Business Must Have


On August 28, 1963, the world witnessed a moment that would go down in history as one of the most pivotal and influential events in the fight for freedom and economic justice.

Standing in front of the Lincoln Memorial, Martin Luther King, Jr. delivered his iconic speech, proclaiming, “I have a dream.” He forever changed the course of history with these three words, as he inspired the world.

Some 60 years after a quarter-million people traveled to the National Mall in Washington for the March for Civil Rights, MLK’s words are still relevant in many quarters, especially in business. SamuelFields Consulting Group (SFCG) a  Community eLearning Partner that specializes in financial wellness, is celebrating the anniversary of this iconic speech by encouraging the youth to pursue the dream of entrepreneurship by aspiring to be transformational leaders in business and economic justice. 

“Dr. King’s words defined who he was as a leader — someone with a mission, vision, and dream to transform the United States into a land where everyone was created equal.

The “I Have a Dream” speech is an inspiring example of how transformational leadership is defined — by identifying and articulating a vision, and in Dr. King’s case, a dream,” said Megan Samuel- Fields, CEO of SFCG.

The accountant and financial wellness coach explained that the ability to see something that others do not see, and then lining up others around that vision, requires transformational leadership.

“Whether you are trying to change the world or just changing your world, MLK did not embark on this journey alone, and neither can you. MLK’s dream relied on three personality types, and businesses must embrace similar personalities to get to the mountaintop,” she said.

There are three types of personalities that are critical to the success of a transformational team.

The Visionary

Virtually every business begins as one person’s vision. The entrepreneur or business leader must come up with the idea, a plan to execute on that idea, and the ability to excite others about that idea. It is no small feat, even for a small business.  


Dr. King was a visionary leader. He spoke in terms and language that those listening to him could understand and relate to concretely.

By talking to his audience in this style, it allowed them to both see his vision and illustrate how they could move it forward.

When leaders find a transformational moment to use transformational words, it is one of the most potent rhetorical tools they have in their arsenal.


Believing in the vision and in yourself, and being willing to risk money, reputation, time, family and community standing in order to see it through, requires guts, determination, hard work, vision, enthusiasm, and stick-to-it-iveness.  

The Partner

Every successful movement – whether it is to create a business or launch a social  movement – has to have someone close to the leader who believes in and supports him or her.  

In supporting her husband and the cause, enduring death threats and bombings in her own home, and striking, sitting in, marching and speaking, Coretta Scott King became an integral part of the Civil Rights Movement.  

Indeed, as she once remarked, she was married to Martin yes, but she was also “married to the movement. She believed just as Martin was chosen, that she and her family were also chosen to be a part of the cause.

When King was killed, it was Coretta Scott King who carried on his legacy and work. In the case of a business, the partner could be a spouse, friend child or a non-family associate. A close ally is required if the venture is to succeed. 

The Troops

Finally, and no less importantly, are the people who do the daily grind. In a business, that means people who actually do the work. Not only does the transformational style make strong leaders, but it also makes better workers.

When there is a shared vision, it leads to a strong performance. Ultimately, when the members of an organization understand the shared mission, they also can understand how their job fits into accomplishing that mission. 

Transformational leaders foster the acceptance of group goals. Goal setting is very critical in increasing performance. A clear vision is an important step in having followers buy into the group goals. 

Small Businesses. Big Dreams

Change is hard but the dream is possible. So kudos to all leaders, visionaries and their partners and teammates who make the dream of business ownership and success happen. 

SamuelFields Consulting Group (SFCG) will launch the YOLO Summit on September 23rd and 24th. The Youth Opportunities, Lessons and Outcomes will address how small businesses can achieve big dreams through transformational leadership.

In conjunction with Pockets Change a US based group of financial education experts, the conference will address how young entrepreneurs and small business leaders can come together to build a viable and sustainable network.

This will contribute to community growth, vibrancy, and engagement that is owned by all, and the youth in particular.

Read or Listen to MLK’s “ I have a Dream Speech.”










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