Three In Custody For Illegal Drugs And Camouflage Clothing



Police detained three men for questioning on Tuesday, after they were found with Cannabis and several pieces of camouflage clothing in their possession.

Police carried out searches on two separate properties at Ottos and Kentish Road, respectively and found several Cannabis plants growing, along with camouflage clothing.

The items were seized, and the men were taken into custody. Further investigations are ongoing into the matter.



  1. Jamaicans:
    I seriously believe the government of Jamaica sending criminal agents to Antigua to mess us up and drag us down to their level. The hate and envy is real.

  2. I don’t understand the ppl of Antigua .. y r u so quick to bring down Jamaicans… was the serial killer a Jamaican? Was the persons responsible for all the robberies during Christmas were they Jamaicans? When police killed the 2 armed robbers in lightfoot were they Jamaicans?

  3. There’s a need to stop the hate and stone throwing. It doesn’t help the situation one bit. I’m Antiguan, and do believe that many of the criminal activitiies are carried out by Antiguans. If members of your household are involved in criminal activitiies, why pretend your house is so holy and righteous. So let’s not be bias, let the chips fall where they may.

  4. I will not join the circles of accusing any particular nationality for the uprise of crimes here in Antigua however I am not hesitating to say that when these persons are caught violating the law, the courts need to deal with them severly… WHO CANT HEAR SHOULD FEEL! It is these persons causing terror in this little paradise.. It is so sad that persons are now imprisoned in their own homes.

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