Three-Day event to Mark 110th birthday of the Father of the Nation


.The Antigua and Barbuda Festivals Commission and the Antigua and Barbuda Trades and Labour Union have organized three events marking V.C. Bird Day and the 110th anniversary of the birth of the Father of the Nation, Sir. Vere Cornwall Bird Sr.

Sir Vere Cornwall Bird, the country’s Chief Minister, First Premier and First Prime Minister is considered the Father of the Nation for his work in trade unionism and the development of Antigua and Barbuda.  He is also the first National Hero of Antigua and Barbuda.

The Commission announced that the first event will be in the form of an Awards Banquet on Saturday 7th December, during which seventeen individuals from the seventeen constituencies across Antigua and Barbuda will  receive the Right Honourable Sir Vere Cornwall Bird Snr Award for contributions to the development of their communities and Antigua and Barbuda.

Four individuals, Colin Stevens, Robert Joshua, Peter Leonard and Danie Horsford will receive the award for their contributions toward the development of the trade union movement in Antigua and Barbuda.

On Sunday, there will be an ecumenical service at the Salvation Army Citadel, commencing at 10 a.m. to celebrate the work of Sir Vere in the Church and Antigua and Barbuda.  Sir Vere was a Salvationist during his teenage years preceding his entry into trade unionism.

His Excellency the Governor General, Sir Rodney Williams and Acting Prime Minister, the Hon. Steadroy Benjamin will read the scripture lessons, while Major Raymoncil Pierre, District Secretary, Corps Officer and Pastor of the Citadel will bring the Message and Appeal.

On Monday, the Commission has organized a Commemoration and Wreath Laying Ceremony which will hear remarks from Governor General, Sir Rodney Williams, Prime Minister Gaston Browne, Chairman of the Antigua and Barbuda Labour Party, the Hon. E.P. Chet Greene, Senator Knacynter Nedd, Ambassador Maria Esther Fiffe Cabreja, Dean of the Diplomatic Corps in Antigua and Barbuda, Ms. Raena Bird and Mr. Hezikiah Lewis of the Antigua and Barbuda Trades and Labour Union.

Members of Parliament, diplomats and invited guests will then lay wreaths at the monument of Sir Vere Bird located on Market Street in St. John’s.  The Antigua and Barbuda Defence Force and the Royal Police Force of Antigua and Barbuda will also present a guard of honour during the ceremony.



  1. Honestly, VC Bird should not be considered the ‘Father of the Nation’. The nation of Antigua was created by a larger number of important people (of all political parties) that focused their time and effort on the independence movement – it was certainly not just one man. Treating him like ‘George Washington’ is a stretch.

    Sure, we can show some respect to this gentleman, but treating him with such nobility is really ludicrous and actually not historically accurate. Furthermore, he actually didn’t do that great of a job in terms of policy and budget. In fact, some of the headaches he created in government we are still dealing with today.

    We should replace ‘VC Bird Day’ with ‘Antigua and Barbuda Founders Day’.

  2. Yes there were lots of other folks that have contributed to the building of this nation (we got it) however when one compares GW with what how we chose to recognize VCB as a “father of the Nation” (and thinks VCB does not deserves the title)….where is it different? Did GW ALONE did what was done to make the US what it is today? For those who have migrated and all of a sudden thinks they can dictate how we should live our lives, please pay attention to your corner of the globe because things/systems even worst than ours.

  3. The spirit of V.C. Bird is among us, even today. The Father of the Nation led us out of colonialism into a new Era, breaking the back of the plantocracy, based on the principles of Black Democratic Socialism. The history is clear. The movement, even then, was triumphing under the banner of the red flag. We must return to our roots, and that is what is happening under the leadership of Gaston Brown. The New Antigua is arising.

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