Three Caribbean Men Set to Revolutionize The ECCU Islands Through a Digital Platform

Claude, Rodney, Fletcher

Three Caribbean men have created an application called EZirates to revolutionize the way banks interact with customers in the Eastern Caribbean Currency Union (ECCU) islands. EZirates, a new financial technology platform, is a free online application that will make getting a loan hassle-free. The platform launches on March 1, 2021.

“In 2013, I realized our region was miles behind where certain bank processes are concerned. Then in 2015, while working on the Island of Nevis, college alumni voiced her frustration about traveling from St. Kitts to Nevis only to have her loan officer miss the appointment. Sharing her frustration, I realized something needed to be done to ensure the credit application process is easier. This is how EZirates emerged. My team and I spent over two years doing market research, and we have listened to individuals throughout the region to create a product that will enhance how we do business with lending institutions,” said Fletcher St. Jean, Founder, and CEO, EZirates.

Using advanced technology, EZirates Inc. has created a platform that will eliminate the stress and time required for securing a loan from a lending institution. No longer do consumers need to physically visit each bank to speak with a loan officer, nor do they need to visit each lending institution’s websites. The EZirates platform allows the consumer to compare all the lending institutions’ interest rates on any ECCU Island via one digital umbrella and submit one application via the EZirates website. That application form is then instantly sent to all lending institutions on the EZirates network for review.

“Our goal is to enhance the Caribbeans’ digital footprint in a manner that is on par with the rest of the world. We are placing consumers firmly in control by allowing them to source the absolute best interest rate for any loan, whether it’s an auto loan, mortgage, commercial loan, or student loan. With our platform, consumers can compare interest rates from every single lending institution on their Island, on our platform, from the comfort of their home while using a computer or a smartphone.  We strongly believe that this free application is what the region needs, and as Caribbean nationals, we are pleased to be the ones to introduce it,” said Fletcher St. Jean, Founder, and CEO, EZirates.

EZirates is built on a secure network, and the team places great emphasis on confidentiality and integrity. They look forward to serving all ECCU islands in 2021.



About EZirates Inc.

EZirates Inc. comprises of three young Caribbean men; software designer, software engineer, and finance expert.

Mr. Fletcher St. Jean guides the company, the Founder and Chief Executive Officer, who has over twenty years of experience in International Finance and Banking and has served on the senior management teams for the Fortune 500 Company the USA. Mr. St. Jean holds an MBA, a BA in Finance, and a BA in Accounting.

Mr. Rodney Browne, the architect of the platform, is a Co-Founder and Chief Technology Officer who has over twenty years of experience in web application systems and is revered across the Eastern Caribbean as a pioneer in the technology industry.

Mr. Claude Lake is a Co-Founder and Chief Information Officer who has over twenty years of software engineering and security applications experience. Mr. Lake holds an MSM in Information Systems and a BA with an emphasis in Management Information Systems.

Together they have developed a concept of innovative technology and finance to create a FINTECH exciting platform that will revolutionize the way consumers obtain credit.

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  1. Great stuff here. I am proud of these three Caribbean men and glad it was not once again some American or Canadian company that came and sold us some software. Keep it up guys. There is lots more that you guys can do for the banking world especially in the ECCU in order to make the consumer part of the 21st Centrury. Like E-Walllett and other Electronic payment forms. We need to abolish cash payments as much as possible even at the market and street vendors. All this by using a mobile phone. This is already done in Europe.When I’m travelling I feel like I’m coming from the stone age still using credit cards

  2. Great and brilliant initiative. I wish it were already in place as I am now seeing how I could have benefited from EZirates in my current loan transactions. Great name too.

    I have the greatest confidence that you will succeed. I have prayed for your success, and for the wisdom of our local banks to not let the dominant negative overshadows of young Black men like yourselves cause limitations in their abilities to see why they too, will greatly upgrade their own footprint on the marketplace. This will be done mainly through the Features, Advantages, and Benefits that EZirates so brilliantly offers, in this most timely period of history.

    The stars are perfectly lined up for you.

    If the lending institutions are smart about it, they would compete to create urgency and pick the first number to be in the front of the line when the red ribbon gets cut in March 2021.

    The first lending institutions in line for your services will have perpetual advantage for the handsome returns. I hope that they believe me.

    In fact, I encourage you to give an Urgency Incentive to the first 7 in line.

    I can’t wait for you to go public for me to purchase shares. If I can invest in your start-up before then, let me know, and as practical, I will. This is how much I believe in your idea and team.

    As a disclaimer, I may have an advantage because I have attentively listened to your pitch in person.

    I look forward.

    Dr. Peter K. B. St. Jean
    Founder of Peaceology, defined as the science and practice of making peace profitable.

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