Thousands of medical supplies donated to Health Ministry to help fight COVID-19


The Ministry of Health, Wellness, and the Environment received a donation of over five thousand medical grade materials from the Eastern Helen Hospital Company Ltd.

The Chinese- Antiguan based company recently purchased the Adelin Clinic to renovate and enlarge the facility for a private hospital.

On accepting the donation on behalf of the Government, the Health Minister, Molwyn Joseph said: “I would like to express my deep appreciation to the company. We must see this in the context of the great difficulty in getting supplies to Antigua and Barbuda. Many of the supply chains, for Personal Protection Equipment such as masks for our healthcare workers, have been broken and sometimes goods coming to the Caribbean from the United States are being confiscated. So, when we can get supplies here on the island, we deeply appreciate the generosity.”

The Chinese investor group who bought Adelin Clinic stated that they intend to donate more medical materials soonest. The Eastern Helen Hospital Company representative commented that as a local company and as citizens of the country, it is their civic duty to contribute whenever they can in this fight against COVID-19. The investor group representative also indicated that she will seek to supply an additional 20,000 masks in short order.

Some of the medical supplies donated today were disposable masks, hats, gloves, alcohol disinfectants, surgical gloves, disposable scrubs, hand sanitizers and electric thermometers among others.


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  1. WHO are these people who own this hospital? They may be citizens through investment, BUT who really is behind this project? Is it the Chinese government? I am not against that, but I do think the People need a full explanation. Is this new “hospital” for rich people or is it for everybody? Who pays? Thank you.

    • CErmle wants to know? Hmmmmnnn, yea! It’s a Chinese investor group, and just like any other group, like the Syrians, Lebanese, Guyanese, Jamaicans, Italians they the Chinese are purchasing investment properties. Now, what can be wrong with that? 🤔

      • Alot take a look around you when it is all done do you think you can go there or any one of us OK sit back and wait nothing is for nothing there is always a hidden plan.

  2. Molwyn should be ashame,months now this sickness is on international news and yet still up to now present the government have no where prepared for this…….Yet the prime minister as a bigger fool have the time to be on his radio station every week insulting people and not paying attention to international news………..People want stimulus packages not your small 30 dollar packages Gaston Browne…ANTIGUA ALWAYS SHOW THERE IS NO MONEY WHEN DISASTER STRIKE………ANTIGUA people wakeup,put yourself first before any government minister……….Are you foolish???

  3. Men selling medical masks corner of Mikinnons Way, by embassy, waving them in the air and calling out to passing motorists??

  4. The country who created the virus now sending medical supplies to combat covid to a little country like ours. Aryu blind nf. Think about it. Why isn’t this being reported in chinese media or anywhere else ? What possible gain could a Chinese investor make from an old bruk down clinic on fort rd ? In 20 years the truth will come out when kids are being born with defects. Go head use dem supplies. Me radah jink bleach.

    • It’s not a bat virus, bats DNA does not found in the WHO results paper and news, please do your research before drink your bleach! Btw, the fabric that you handmade for masks also came from China! U better start drinking now!

      • In the mean time, while the Missioaries, on the Western shores of the island were busy handing out, gifts and trinkets, the Mercenaries illegally dressed, in military uniform, were stopping the same Government’s Employees from entering, the YIDA Compound, for an inspection, pertaining to the continued deliberate destruction, of Our fragile eco system.

        • What the heck are they doing at Yida compound? This country within a country has been operation for years. Does the government know or care to tell.

  5. F*** that! Chinese ah go own Adeline? Fu who Fu go??? And them done nuh love black people already! You nuh see what they are doing to Africans in China kicking them out on the streets and refusing them in shops and restaurants because they say mostly blacks spread the virus are you people mad retarded???!!! They killing us with food and tainted products what makes you think they gonna provide state of the art healthcare??!!! Come on man!!! They gave the world SARS, Anthrax,rat,cat,bat,dog Fu nyam and now Corona not even a fake corona beer… ONE VIRUS FU KILL PEOPLE SO THEM CAN TAKE OVER THE WORLD!!!!

    • Let’s say you are a chinese investor. The best investment you could find for your money is 8000 miles away in Antigua ? McDonald’s in China say black people cya go inside!!!

  6. Inspite of the fact that each country is facing thrir own crisis with Covid -19 crisis, the Chinese, Cubans and Venezuelans have again come to our rescue…… What are the super powers like the Englands and Americas doing to help us…….. It would really be a SIN to be ungrateful to those socalist countries mentioned above.

  7. Aru nah tired ah f*king complain. Jesus Chrits man. It is a damn world wide crisis with the big America wha aru idolize so teking everything in site. Just be grateful we got suppiles to help see us through this storm. Some of aru who a complian ah the same ones who rush go inna Chinese Store and but them s***.

    • People are addicted to NEGATIVITY and fault finding. It’s how they get their high. Even down to ashy ankles they scrutinize.

    • I wouldnt trust them with a ten foot pole made out of chopsticks. Their PPEs have proven to be defective. They tried to hide the outbreak from the rest of the world for months and now they’re trying to blame covid on Africans. What the hell do they want with a tiny island such as antigua?

  8. What have the americans given us? Instead they make it impossible for us to get ventilators and mask from their shores. China, Cuba and Venezuela has always comes to the rescue. I am sure if the pm ask for a grant from China to help our economy during these covid-19 times, he will get it without much problem.

    • They won’t give anything. Just ask that Nkosi Romeo person who made some idle statements on Observer radio

  9. C H I N E S E is a religion(RE-Legion), under command!

    Chinese, is a Re-legion(the control of legions, armies, squads, people) by having them doing their bidding, warring, and conquering.

    Since, time immortal the “missionaries” were sent into, a wanted territory, land, to pacify the People with gifts, and charms, while the mercenaries are setting up to do harm.
    The ONE – TWO PUNCH, of Conquest-Capture-Rule…from the playbook used in Inquisitions, one of religions best tools used to control HUE-mans!

    The Art Of War, is shadowed by The Art Of Deception!


    • @ Ras Smood

      Spot on real fire…..

      The main problem Africans have is that we do not overstand the language we speak. Language shapes the realization of a people.

      • Melchisedec, U dun kno dat a Chariots Pan Fire is I n I mode of transportation, porting from realm to realm powered by YAH, spitting fire!

        RASpect….de work and struggle continues!

  10. We will say thanks for the gifts after they have been tested for vivid-19.
    Is it going to be a hospital or research lab? Does the PM know?

    • …grannie & grandpa always warn me, dem say,
      “no lub freebs, ’cause dem goh want subben fram U!”
      And, “who nar hear, will feel um inna dem libber!”

      Please, get the latest news/happenings with YIDA, on the other side of town.

      Unless, our PM or any other, in the Town & Country Planning Department are adept, at reading Mandarin, or whatever language(s), their schematics to include, the scope of work are drafted or written in, I doubt if the PM, understand the scope of work, beyond the adjustable spread sheet, relating to the financing of the project.

      Their, the Chinese schematics regarding any project($) are written, in their language(s) first, which is absurd, since, all such documents, should be written in the approved language, of the State.

      U tink, me or U, cuddah so drunk, fu go put wan proposal before any Government agencies, and write um, innah Garrat Language?

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