Those damned buses


By Makeda Mikael

At the risk of being beheaded, I wish to agree that the matter of the ‘buses’ requires further legal redress to complete the High Court Decision, if justice is to prevail.

The morality of the law demands that government procedure be considered in the transactions of the ‘gift’ of the buses to the constituencies.

More importantly if public officials cannot be brought to answer for their involvement in the conversion of public assets to political usage and or ownership, how will rampant conversion, as is taking place now, be stemmed.

The judge has dealt with the issue of fraud and personal ‘enrichment’ ruling out any personal wrongdoing for personal gain by the 3 politicians.

What he failed to do was to ascribe the blame to the public officers for their failure to advise their Ministers and the Cabinet that there is no provision in the Rules book for the public assets conversion.

The reason for this glaring omission is because it is the culture of politics and government in our region to use and abuse the assets of the people. It is not at all outrageous to give away the assets to their constituencies by the administration in power.

There was a 36 seater Mercedes Benz bus among all the Royal Antiguan building leftovers which was given to a constituency by another administration, it was no big deal until now.

So, let us close the door to politicians in power using the people’s assets to build up their constituencies. Let us put a stop to the conversion of the peoples lands and assets to politicians’ family and children.

If this matter is not appealed, it leaves the judgment open thereby permitting continued conversion but now for personal gain.

Additionally, it also fails to establish culpability of Government Ministers. What are they if not public officers?

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    December 7, 2021 At 12:47 pm
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    Eyes wide open
    The fact that Daniel collected the bus is further evidence of misbehavior and corruption.

    I agree the bases were donated, I agree the cost of the case is increasing, I agree there was no intent on Lovell and Quinn to do wrong. Daniel different story.

    One cannot say that the allegations are mischievous, with such overwhelming evidence….

    Why would a country donate a school bus to a government minister? Remember UPP made the point the Five island school should not be turned into a University likewise the donated school busses should not have been handed over for community use…

    Pearl Quin said the bar, bathroom and pole in Daniel bus was there because he likes nice things. Pearl credibility is likened unto Hurst since the whole country knows what Daniel bus was advertised and used for

    • You honestly expect anything different from pearl a woman who attempted to change her own natural skin color…Do you honestly expect any difference? The mere fact she can do that to her own self shows she lacks credibility.

      Makeda your head is spared…they will come after me.

  2. KRISTI I must disagree with you in that the article is quite clear. Because of the lack of time I will only comment on the last sentence of the article. The issue that arose in the trial was whether the defendants were public servants. Yes, they are public officials as members of Parliament. However, they are not public servants since they were not employed by the Public Service Commission. That is a fundamental difference upon which the case turned.

      • JUST SAYING don’t forget I do not do pole dancing and brothel visiting like you and FROM THE SIDELINE 🤣😂.


      It is obvious that ‘…SOMEBODY BLUNDERED.’ Hope it was not the darn ‘…LEARNED ONE MAN JUDGE.’ (Trial without JURY). Mode of trial, d
      dangerous like hell.

      For the very ‘…SIMPLE REASON,’ that the ‘EUPHEMISM’ that those that the electorate have given ‘…an Electoral Mandate’ in becoming ‘…Members of the Legislature:’

      (i) ‘…Falls anywhere near to the ‘…CIVIL SERVICE RULES AND REGULATIONS:

      (ii) …Ever appointed to hold pubic office by the ‘…PUBLIC SERVICE COMMISSION.’


      (a) ‘…The accused may have been ‘…WRONGLY CHARGED’ with ‘…EMBEZZLEMENT’ when no prima facie evidence suggested that: and

      (b) …Also ‘…WRONGLY CHARGED’ with ‘…FRAUDULENT CONVERSION,’ when no such evidence suggested that the ‘BUSES’ had been ‘…LAWFULLY ENTRUSTED FOR A SPECIFIC PURPOSE: or (c) …Had been ‘…Employed in certain capacity (Clerk or Servant).

      The ‘…LARCENY ACT’ [Chapter 241] is sufficiently clear what ‘…LEGAL POINTS’ to prove in these offences. NONE MAY CHALLENGE THESE LEGAL TRUTHS.’

      NOW: ‘…It appears that the darn ‘…CROWN PROSECUTOR’ needs to read up on these offences, particularly as the law stipulates.

      Not sure who the author may wish to be incarcerated, but she may very well have a valid point, ‘…BRINGING CLOSURE.’ Leaving it right here. The darn ‘BUS,’ which was ‘…NEVER’ the subject of ‘…LARCENY,’ belongs to ‘…WILMOTH DANIEL.’ The better charges for judicial considerations may have been: (i) ‘…LARCENY: and (ii) …RECEIVING STOLEN PROPERTY.’ Been there: …Done that. WALK…? Ah ah! ‘…TALK GOOD.’

      • Great points Mr. Pompey but I maintain that all the buses should remain in the service of constituencies to function in the way they were intended to i.e., transportation for senior citizens and other community activities.

  3. “There was a 36 seater Mercedes Benz bus among all the Royal Antiguan building leftovers which was given to a constituency by another administration, it was no big deal until now.”

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