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Audio from Observer Radio’s Snakepit with Serpent:

An Act of Injustice

On August 8, 2021 at 3:00pm, concerned citizens and nationals of Antigua & Barbuda
met to express their frustrations with the current policies of the Government being implemented for the distribution of COVID-19 vaccinations to the population.

The crowd of persons, who wore their masks, peacefully gathered, chanted and sung near the late V.C Bird bust located at Market Square.

As expected, the officers of the law were present.

However, The Freedom Fighters of Antigua and Barbuda, after 1 hour into our peaceful
protest, were met with conduct by the police that are generally utilized by law enforcement when dealing with riots’, and unruly crowd behaviour.

Tear Gas and rubber bullets were released into the gathering following requests by the police contingent for the persons to leave the area.

No justifications were presented to the peaceful protestors when we sought further information on the reasons for requesting our removal.

Upon being met with unreasonable, unlawful and violent acts from the police contingent, individuals were forced to take necessary steps to defend their lives and address their need for their personal security.

We urge the population of Antigua and Barbuda to remember the following Articles, as per
the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, which are incorporated in sections 12 and 13
of the 1981 Antigua and Barbuda Constitution:

Article 19: Everyone has the right to freedom of opinion and expression, this right includes
freedom to hold opinions without interference and to seek, receive and impart information and ideas through any media and regardless of frontiers Article 20: 1) Everyone has the right to freedom of peaceful assembly and association With these Articles in mind, we wish to once again state that our intentions are to express our concerns on the discriminative policies being forced upon individuals who are either:

1. Requesting full transparency from the Government of Antigua and Barbuda based on the
components of the COLD-19 vaccination or

2. Against the unlawful distribution of the COLID-19 vaccination due to the potential of lifealtering health risks to the society.

It is within our rights, to express our concems for the policies being imposed on the
citizens of this country. These protocols are seen to restrict others from one’s right to work.
operate their personal affairs as well as restrict access to basic needs and wants within Antigua and Barbuda

The acts committed upon the people by the police on the directions of the government
authorities on the 8 of August 2021 in the city of St John’s were barbaric and in violation of our basic human rights.

We, the members of the Freedom Fighters Association do not consider these
acts as either reasonable or acceptable. We are very disappointed by the approach and will not be dissuaded from expressing our rights in a peaceful manner.

As citizens of Antigua and Barbuda we will continue to make our voices heard until fair and equal treatment is received by all.

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    • If it is illegal to toss a canister at the police, why is it illegal to toss their own canister back at them?

      • Because permission was not granted,, it seems like you guys dont no about the Public Order act that was pass in the parliment 1972 by the PLM goverment

        • The police either lost their canister or were littering the place. The man was simply returning their property to them or their garbage back to the owners.

  1. OBEY the DAMN LAW. You were denied permission. You Guys should be brought to justice.FREEDOM FIGHTERS want to be wrong and STRONG.

    • What law was broken PearlM? There is no law against freedom of speech. It was a protest NOT A RIOT!!! There was no need to ask the police for permission to protest in the first place. Antiguans are some of the most peaceful people I have ever met. Demos are taking place all over the world and none of the “human” police officers treated the people this way! When the black people are killed because of their colour abroad we make noise and chant how black live matter BUT you agree with brutish behavior like this!!! ???could this not have been handled another way…AND what about innocent people, CHILDREN AND THE ELDERLY, in dem house, what about them? I have no issue with police but disya wrong in the sight a God.

    • One thing is certain: THE CREATOR SEES AND KNOWS EVERYTHING…even all our thoughts.

      Every man will stand before judgement of the Almighty one day sooner than you think.
      Whatsoever a man sows, that shall he reap.

      Corruption and cruelty will last for a moment, but each will pay for his/her stewardship of this life.

      The inhumane treatment of the young man thrown into the back of a police pickup and the inhumane detention of two young ladies will be all brought to light at the judgement of those who orchestrated these acts. Rest Assured of that!

      The constitution gives the right to all for peaceful picket. That right can NEVER be taken away.

      All who jump high and low to the dictates of political misleaders; who call evil good and good evil: YOUR DAY OF RECKONING IS AT HAND.

      The people suffer not for want of knowledge, but because their hearts are evil, corrupt, full of greed and vanity.

      Mr. police commissioner, attorney general, prime misleader and all those who adhere to the brutality and corruption: Be aware that A GREAT CREATOR’s angels record all the thoughts and actions of man. Nothing is left uncovered.


    • PEARLMAN, what law did they broke? Yes, permission for a march was denied; however, the people were not marching they stayed at one area picketing and chanting their grievances. You need to know the difference between marching and picketing. You’re evil and dumb like the Top-Dawg, Cutie, and Rodney.

  2. What was done to the people was not right. People in the comfort of their own homes were affected by the barberic actions of the cops. No reasonably thinking human being that came from a woman can defend that. When you allow authorities to plunder the INNOCENT , WHEN WILL THEY STOP!!! We have put guns in the hands of heartless, mostly foreigners, and give them the right to shoot our people at will FOR EXERCISING THEIR DEMOCRATIC RIGHT!!! and Prime Mini, Defense Mini , Commission of Police applaud THIS!!! You are wicked!!! & you must know that God is the final authority and HE will be sure to feed you who did it and you who agree with it been done the fruits of the tree you have planted.

  3. NO PERMISSION WAS GIVEN FOR THIS “ACTIVITY” point blank period!!!

    HAD YOU OBEYED THE LAW, none of this would have happened.


    • Smh, no permission was given for a march but you don’t need permission to have picketing. Get that in your deep skull. Read the law and the constitution first before saying that they broke the law. The people were having a picketing west of Burger King across from Papa Bird statue. They stood in one area chanting their grievances. They never march anywhere so I don’t know where you get that lawbreaking theory from. You tell me where did they march to?

        • No permission was needed to picket u asshole!!! if someone for got hurt just by passing by if u would still talk like this. People like u are what they call smart and dunce at the same time. If the law says eat ur shit u definitely would be eating it

      • There is no law against picketing. Picketing is a constitutional right that does not need permission from any govt.

  4. Wow… These Nayseyers needs to understand that the country is presently on emergency powers, which allows the law enforcement to restrict the number of people to gather at anytime. There regulations on the books to do so right now in this pandemic. If don’t want to follow those rules you can be arrested. Additionally, you are free to challenge those regulations in Court. Don’t you think that the UPP would have gone to court already to challenge. But they know it would be futile. No need to curse at each other. Laws are created to be respected and obey, whether you like them or not. Let’s be honest with our discourse.

    • Good advice Colombo. What is the law against protesting? Is there a law that says our bodies belong to the state? I remind all authorities to remember that they are accountable to God for what they do as leaders. God is not a popular subject these days but He will become when He brings us to our knees.

  5. Where are the church leaders in all this chaos? Are you telling me you guys have nothing to say? A public statement, for or against??Nutten?

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