This is how Antigua and Barbuda celebrated the coronation of its King and Queen


Parade, Lighting Ceremony And Service Of Thanksgiving And Prayer Celebrates The Coronation Of A New Head Of State And Head Of The Commonwealth


[ANTIGUA, May 8, 2023] – Antigua and Barbuda celebrated the coronation of its new Head of State with a May 7th Coronation Parade through the city of St. John’s followed by a Coronation Lighting Ceremony at Government House.

The May 8th Service of Thanksgiving and Prayer which took place at the St. John’s Pentecostal House of Restoration offered prayer and praise for the leaders of the nation including King Charles III and Queen Camilla.

The events brought together members of the Antigua and Barbuda Defence Force, the Ex-servicemen’s Association, and youth paramilitary organizations, including Girl Guides, Boys Scouts, Boys’ Brigade, Girls’ Brigade, Seventh Day Adventist Pathfinders, and Duke of Edinburgh Award.

At 6:20 pm on May 7, the parade started from the Multipurpose Centre, up Market Street, proceeded up Long Street, north on Cross Street, onto Independence Avenue for the eyes right in front of Government House, then right onto Church Street for fall out at the Telephone Exchange.

The salute was taken by His Excellency Governor General’s Deputy, Sir Clare Roberts, who was accompanied by the Chief of Defence Staff, Colonel Telbert Benjamin, and Commissioner of Police Ag, Mr. Albert M. P. Wade.

The north lawn of Government House was the perfect location for the assembly and call to order for the coronation lighting ceremony, which featured a powerful Invocation by Captain Ronald James of Boys’ Brigade.

Other highlights of the event included presentations from the Salvation Army Timbrellists, Seventh Day Adventist Pathfinders, and remarks from HE Sir Clare Roberts, Governor General’s Deputy.

Sir Clare Roberts commended the many young people who are quietly engaged in positive activities and underscored the importance of living a disciplined lifestyle.

The Governor General’s Deputy also commended the service organizations for their work with youths across the nation.

The Fire Lighting Ceremony was a truly inspiring moment as Governor General’s Deputy and representatives from the Antigua and Barbuda Scout Association, lit the Coronation Fire, and youth representatives from the Cadet Corps, Duke of Edinburgh Award, Girl Guides Association, and the SDA Pathfinders lit the “‘O’ ‘1’” sculptures using the source fire.

The metal sculptures which were designed by Assistant Scout Commissioner Kibwe Harris signified a new era for our nation and the first year of reign of King Charles III as Head of State of the UK and 14 Commonwealth Realm Sovereign States and Head of the 56-member Commonwealth of Nations, of which Antigua and Barbuda is a member.

Cabinet Minister with responsibility for community development and citizen’s engagement, The Hon. Sir Molwyn Joseph, and British Resident Commissioner, Her Excellency Lindsy Thompson, assisted by youth representatives from the Girls’ Brigade, lit the Coronation Cake Display, which brought to light the colours of the national flag as a symbol of the sovereignty of the nation of Antigua and Barbuda, which by virtue of its system of government, the constitutional monarchy, recognizes King Charles III as its Head of State.

The weekend activities which provided a further opportunity for citizens to unite and embrace the Commonwealth values, form a part of the 3-month long series of events planned by the Commonwealth/Coronation Planning Committee in recognition of the Commonwealth Year of Youth, the 50th Anniversary of the Commonwealth Youth Programme and the Coronation of the new Head of State and Head of Commonwealth.

Photos: courtesy Photogenesis; Cake Display Design: Office of the Governor General and Fancy Cakes

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  1. How much has this cost the Antiguan tax payers, while many starve and still can’t get proper drinking water?

    Couldn’t we have used this money better for food packages?

    And what is it with the SUBLIMINAL massaging in the colour schemes?

    Those with a high IQ and a good education will know what I mean. Interesting!

    • When The Prince’s Trust provided millions for the rebuilding of Barbuda after hurricane Irma you didn’t ask how much that cost. When our young people are getting all sorts of scholarships from England you don’t ask how much it costs. As long as the King is our Head of State we will, and we should, show our allegiance to his throne. You guys should stop your stupid nitpicking. You all sound very stupid. Especially when many of you don’t even pay your taxes. And thank God we don’t have PIT any longer.

      • So what you are really saying @ Sideline, is that Prime Minister Gaston Browne has no real Intention of Antigua & Barbuda breaking away from the UK’S monarchy by September 2025?

        And as you well and know there were many other countries who came to Barbudan’s aide after the devastation of hurricane Irma, including many communist countries like China 🇨🇳 and Cuba 🇨🇺

        So using your own foolish argument, should we also pledge allegiance to these 2 socialists countries, you damn idiot!!!


        Bwoy, you can’t fix stupid …

        • @ Brixtonian. I believe From The Sideline’s tiny brain is programmed so he can’t think for himself.

      • You think this money can excuse slavery and colonialism? this is small change to a family that has billions it has stolen from the countries they exploited and the people they enslaved. he has still not even issued an apology, let alone said anything about adequate reparations. We owe nothing to an outdated relic from the middle ages. The French at least were sophisticated enough to know what to do with their aristocratic parasite class

      • @Sideline. You are absolutely correct with everything you said. Brixtonian seems to carry a selective destructive hate for white people and does not appear to understand the financial and security aspects that go with our current status of being part of the UK. Since there are NO successful republics at this time. Antigua’s chances of success are slim and none.

          • The high cost of living DOESN’T bother you; Antiguans struggling to survive DOESN’T bother you; and not even a pip-squeak out of you in the RISING crime rate in the country.

            However, anything pertaining to criticism of the UK’S monarchy, you typing on ANR faster than a cheetah runs for dem food. 😁

            Your responses in the scheme of things regarding the monarchy that you worship are totally pointless – unless you start dealing with the REAL issues that are troubling Antiguans.

            SIMPLE REALLY JEB …

    • Lol color schemes….. you don’t know the colors of our flag…… shut up you make no sense

      • As I said earlier, those with a HIGH IQ will understand!

        If you want Brixtonian to explain it to you, let me know … 👍

        • OH, BTW, HERE’S A CLUE FOR YOU 🇺🇦


  2. Does this look like a nation that is moving away from British rule? Who paid for that Large delegation to go to England. I can see why the accountant general went. He is following closely behind the medical benefits account- the minister say pay and I pay. So he is spending and collecting all receipts to show how the money was spent. What a shame!

  3. King Charles got his side chick crown Queen, whilst Antigua tax payers struggling with paying the bills.

    It was noticeable that the pompous PM and the GG attended the outdated pagan show, so much for removing the Monarchy as head of State.

  4. I have concluded that something is wraaaang with pickey headed people. I wonder if the Jews would celebrate the life and times of Hitler? Bob Marley has to be turning in his grave. He sang that we should emancipate ourselves from mental slavery, yet, with all our education and ‘powerhouse’ achievements, we are this kissing the asses of our oppressors. No wonder our young people are list.

  5. All I can say here is what a waste. When the country is falling apart everyday, people can’t get paid, cost of living rages out of control and criminals exact a reign of terror, even upon tourists, there is this excessive waste.
    Let’s face it, Labourites don’t give a damn about country . The concept is an anomaly to them. Their loyalty is to party and I say again: it’s the stuff that cults are made of.

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