Things to Consider before playing video slots


Video slots are a lot of fun. It is a simple game to play that offers the chance for big payouts. One of the best things about video slots is the range of different games and different perks that they offer. Modern slots at 666 casino online are full of bonus rounds and side games that can build up some decent wins as well as bring a whole lot of fun!

So you’re interested to try slots. Can’t say we blame you! Here you’ll find some essential pieces of wisdom that can help you be a better player สล็อต


First and foremost, you should know that video slots are completely random. They rely on a computer chip called the RNG (random-number-generator). This chip creates series of random numbers at high velocity, and the outcome of every spin is based on these numbers. So no 2 spins will be the same. Even 2 spins released milliseconds apart will have different outcomes. 

  • As the game is random, you should make choices of how long you will play and how much you’ll spend accordingly. If the slot is on a series of zero-return spins, it doesn’t necessarily mean that it will soon switch and pay out. So be careful when chasing losses! 

Which games to play? 

This is a very important part of before playing. Don’t just go for any game, it might turn out to be not what you wanted at all and the bets cannot be refunded! 

  • If you like the classic aesthetic of slots, then you should play 3 reel or 5 reel games with as high of an RTP as possible. An RTP of above 96% is a good choice for classic slots.
  • If you’re a risk-taker, then high-volatility slots should be right for you. These games pay out big sums on a seldom basis, with smaller and more frequent wins possible but not likely.
  • If you like slots that keep you in the game for longer while paying out more frequently, then low-volatility slots might be the correct choice for you. Low variance/volatility games do not typically pay out big, but the game is random and anything could happen!
  • If you’ve only got eyes for the biggest of prizes, then look no further than progressive jackpot slots. The prizes in these games are built from players’ bets from all over the world. A progressive jackpot can vary in size from £10 to £16 million. 

Casino bonuses – to use or not to use? 

There comes the age-old question. If you do not use casino bonuses, you enjoy unconstrained playing but you could be missing out on hundreds of pounds of free cash! Here are some common casino bonuses that you could use: 

  • Deposit bonus – will award you a set amount of free cash or/and free spins for depositing money into your account.
  • No deposit bonus – will reward you with a set amount of free cash or/and free spins for just creating an account, no deposit needed.
  • Cashback bonus – at the end of the week receive back what you’ve lost in full or partly. 


For the final words, we’d like to encourage you to manage your bankroll. Always keep a track of your spending and depositing, set yourself daily and weekly limits and stick to them. Remember, slots are only good as long as you’re enjoying them and not getting frustrated. Happy gaming!

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