Thieves use keys to access locked container and steal more than $30k worth of electrical equipment from Works Ministry


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An investigation has been launched into the theft of a number of items from a container belonging to the Ministry of Works.

REAL News understands that the perpetrators stole 30 water pumps with pressure tanks, each valued at $1,200. CLICK HERE TO JOIN WHAT APP GROUP

The thieves also made off with two rolls of 2.5 electrical wires and four heavy-duty drop cords from a container located at Old Runway.

Reportedly, it was the Ministry’s steel-bender foreman who reported the theft to the Criminal Investigations Department (CID).

According to reports, the intruders gained accessed to the items by utilizing the keys to the two padlocks that secured the container.

A source says the Police have interviewed a number of people, to date, as their probe into the incident continues.

As usual, a search of the surrounding areas was carried out, but the stolen items were not found.



  1. Thieves using keys? Rather suspicious if you ask me. All of those associated with the site should be held and questioned

  2. Was it an inside job? Where did those criminals get the keys from to open the container? This in my opinion should be an easy one for the Police to figured out.How is the shop owner from Parham doing in the Hospital? She was shot by a robber.

  3. Its on China land all the best on getting it all back , sounds like a job for FBI , DEA, Mi 5 , RCMP, CSI LA, NYC police, Navy, Army, Air Force, joined task force.asap !!!

  4. We all know the people who are responsible for the keys are untouchable. Nothing coming out of this, even if they find out who thief the equipment.

    They well know who to investigate but the Police cant step on the wrong foot or they go get dealt with.

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