Thieves Steal From Funeral Home Workshop


Police are on the hunt for thieves who stole tools valued at thousands of dollars from a funeral home workshop.

Police says the thieves broke in to the workshop of Straffie’s Funeral Home sometime between Tuesday and Wednesday.

The items are valued at over $3000.

Anyone with information which may assist the police may contact the criminal investigations Department.

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      • Shut the f up, Dominica has way more Haitians than Antigua and you don’t hear of not one stealing from anyone or robbing anyone, if you knew about them then you would know why. I can give you a hint they lynch thieves in Haiti or put a voodoo in your backside. Young Antiguans have you all lazy kids grooming to be criminals and then always wanna blame foreigners

  1. Wait dey..even from dead people dem manz theef fram?????
    Pastors be on the look out for when people either walking naked or running into church saying jumbie a falla dem and dem need prayer and deliverance..jus ask dem if dem serious fu get deliverance and confess dem wrong fuss, if dem nah mean it tell dem the jumbie dem are dem consequences and u a do what God said in Leviticus ” don’t bring strange fire on my altar.”

    • AMEN. Seems we got all kinda crazy people in this country now. The spirits will know what to do with (to) dem. Judgement fire gonna fall. Run.

  2. I am tired of reading about Robbery everyday but no arrest. Tell are the thieves so desperate that they are going to funeral home work shop, a corps should have been there and choke them off. They will next attack the funeral home itself.
    THIS IS TOO MUCH NOW and Police is celebrating Police week and robbers celebrating Robbery year.

  3. They stole from Churches,now a Funeral Home Workshop.How low could those thieves go.If you do not protect your person they would steal you also.

  4. Why most of these establishment don’t have security cameras? I’m not understanding why majority of business places don’t have security cameras. Like seriously even my home have security. I can look at my phone or iPad and check my residence and see them before they even enter.

    • I tink mos of us know where dey from. Who have this fixation on the dead. Tink about it. Crazy, deluded people walking in our midst (and I don’t mean the local ones).

  5. They don’t have security cameras because they are old school Antiguans who remember when we didn’t have to lock our doors much less employ security measures.

    An alarm would be adequate and necessary since most of the thieves wear hoodies and mask and are incognito when plying their trade.

  6. Wowwww…..a workshop thats meant to spark a trade and hopefully a gainful skill and you TIEF d tools..

    I hope it isnt the embalming needle and its attachments…..


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