Thieves charged for stealing batteries and other items

Brodah Wanlovv of Point and John Richardson of Dickenson Bay Street

Battery Thieves Charged

Brodah Wanlovv of Point and John Richardson of Dickenson Bay Street were both arrested and jointly charged by the police for allegedly stealing batteries from vehicles parked on a supermarket compound.

It was reported that on 16 November 2021, both accused went to Chase Supermarket and stole three AC Delco batteries and one Emtrac Plus battery all valued at $2,565.22.

Meanwhile, Richardson was further charged for allegedly stealing several perishable and non-perishable items from the XPZ supermarket on July 20, 2021.

Among the items were 10 cases of Ling fish, 10 cases of Gwaltney hot dog sausages, 10 cases Chicken Leg quarters, cases of Shrimps, bacon, hamburger patties, and a battery from a truck. The items are said to be valued $8,710.



    • Are you referring to WILMOTH DANIEL, JACKIE QUINN and HAROLD LOVELL and the bus saga? They will get off easily because they are politicians. Menawhile those guys in the above photos….dem sarl.

      • Hmmmmmmm Wilmoth Daniel, Jacqui Quinn and Harold Lovell will get off easily not because they are politicians but rather because there is no evidence to convict. This case is a mere political witch hunt pushed by Gaston Browne and the ALP.

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