Thieves Break-In Tourist’s Car And Take Off With All Her Travel Documents

Italian woman was left stranded after items in her car were stolen while she enjoyed the beach

Rosalinda Scipioni, tourist visiting from Italy, was the victim of theft after after thieves broke into her car last Friday afternoon and stole her handbag containing all of her travel documents.

The incident occurred at around 12:30 pm on Runaway Beach when Scipioni took one final stroll on the beach before departing for Rome later that evening.

Scipioni has absolutely no way to get back to her homeland of Italy.

Scipioni has since posted the incident on Facebook and has offered a $1,000 incentive for the recovery of the travel documents.

She can be contacted at 464 6157. Persons with information can also call CID at 462-3913.



  1. Runaway beach is one of the Hotspot beaches that thieves break and enter cars, for years now that has been happening there and nothing has been done to fix this disease. Our car was also broken into along with three tourist cars .

    • The Police force, and those charged with its Management can and should implement better tactics to control the criminal activities from Fort James to Sandals, since it’s one of the areas still accessible to the general public, in terms of beach access.
      A sub station(converted cargo containers) at the junction to Fort James & Runaway Beach, and the other across from Antigua Village, manned by ATV’s, Foot & Horse patrol, video surveillance would go a long way, in curtailing crimes in this area.
      Now speaking of Horse patrol, the RPAB should introduce horses into their ranks.

  2. I think we know which countries these thieves come from. When is Antigua going to begin restricting immigration from Jamaica and Haiti? Antigua is getting worse due to CARICOM immigration.

    • They come from right here u dumb stupid ignorant prick ! Let them restrict the Jamaicans and Haitians from coming here and see how your country survive because we both know ya’ll aint like work ! We do a way better job at contributing to the economy than many of u do and yes including u damn self ! Ignorant ass go to hell !


    Please do not get too excited. Nobody knows who is responsible for this crime . So let the police do Their work and everything will be in the open. Also People must take some responsibility and do not go the beach in any country and leave important documents on the seat of the car. This is not good.

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