Thieves Break In The Law Firm Of MP Samantha Marshall


Between 6:50pm and 8:20pm on Wednesday, there was a break-in at the law firm of MP Samantha Marshall.

The discovery was made by the firm that provides security services for the Stapleton Lane building which also houses Samantha’s brother, Dr. Derrick Marshall, dental clinic. His clinic was reportedly broken in as well around the same time.

The thieves entered through a window and raid the offices from which they stole several bottles of water, Welch’s juices, and an electricity meter.

The perpetrators also damaged the surveillance cameras, a glass door, and another window apart from the one used to enter the building.

No value was given for the stolen and damaged items.

This incident of a break-in is only one of many that have happened this week. In addition, to the law firm and dental clinic, it has been reported that a bar and a restaurant experienced larceny this week as well.

Police are investigating the break-in at Aghapi-Moo Restaurant on Popeshead Street where it was reported that bandits forcibly entered the property and stole hundreds of dollars worth of these items along with a quantity of cash.


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  1. This breaking issue is definitely too much now and no one has been arrested. What is happening in Antigua/Barbuda. In the city especially, where are the Police? in air conditioned offices and majority working 8am – 4pm.? Where is the Beat and Patrol now? is that a thing of the past?
    So many vehicles were vandalized before, during and after carnival, what is going on? Can’t you leave your house, office or park your vehicle at home or wherever and feel comfortable wherever you go, not thinking something might happen. Mr AG and Mr Commissioner please have your men out to avoid thieves been hurt going into the wrong property at the wrong time, then the police will appear.
    I know that they cannot be everywhere at the same time and crime cannot be eradicated but it can be minimized. The thieves do not see police around so they go wide and they do not discriminate. We do not know who will be next. Prevention is better than cure.
    The first mandate of the police is to *PREVENT not DETECT*

  2. So this is the economic power house that gas them up brown was talking about and the place so hard thieves nah stop steal

  3. So the Minister is running a business while committed to do the public’s work?

    The Minister’s ministry is an important one.

  4. The issue of crime is not a lack of the police effort. NO NO NO

    The issue of crime is a population issue.

    Let’s look at this, why is society producing so many criminals?

    It obviously suggest that the mechanisms that is operating to producing upright citizens are malfunctioning.

    The break down in governance, educational system, health, judicial frame work, economic balance, socialization structure, quality of food, water, rest and exercise are causing a negative impact on society.

    The inability to effectively balance those things creates “Men’s Rea” that leads to “Actus Reus”.

    Crime is a people issue not a lack of policing. It’s the citizens that are committing crimes.

    Stop blaming the police they are striving to keep citizens safe but the court system is failing the police.

  5. Another view point….

    Most foreigners who migrated to Antigua, I will give them the benefit of a doubt and say they are upright individuals.

    These foreigners were accepted into the country for political expediency. This was a brilliant strategy because it has been proven to be successful.

    The thing is the inept politicians was not aware that all these people come with there country’s negative baggage that is contagious.

    The infectious criminal energy they brought has infiltrate our once peaceful society. Remember these foreigners may be good law abiding persons, the issue is the energy that they bring.

    To understand this Antiguans were socialized to be consumers and job seekers. Therefore generally speaking wherever an Antiguan travel he would seek a job rather than create one.

    The will might be there but the energy to produce is lacking. Hence the reason the PM is working hard to break this energy.

    The nation has a problem because these foreign energies were given citizenship.

    It was to many over a short period of time and the once peaceful society could not neutralize the over powering negative energy.

    Hence we are having this spike in crime and blaming the police rather than putting the blame squarely on the politicians who created it.

  6. Antigua used to be a place of peace and harmony. We had our own culture of a highly influenced British colony with upper-class mentality. We love being independent but we also love our British history of rule of law, this is why we continue to vote to stay with the Privy Council.

    However, since Antigua has allowed unlimited immigration from poor CARICOM countries, it has ruined our country. These illegal and legal migrants from the poor portions of CARICOM continue to crate havoc for our society and our peace.

    Perhaps it is time for a new well-funded political party in Antigua that believes in strict immigration and very strong law enforcement against riff-raff migrants.

  7. Has nothing to do with foreigners…its d person state of mind is it that just foreigners know to steal???…..
    Some people mind is just stuck in d gut

    • @ Chrissy
      Reading is one thing but overstanding is the boss…..

      At least try and overstand the meditation nah. The meditation is not personal.

    • Lets assume you are right. My question then is: how come we never had this before we flung our doors open to all and sundry??
      Awaiting your reply.

  8. So Samantha Marshall has a thing for WELCH’S juices too? I like the grape flavour the best. and my favourite flavour in the Fruit Snacks is the strawberry.

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