Thief Caught Before Fleeing Country


Akiem Cole of Cassada Gardens was found at the V. C Bird International airport where he was trying to flee the country after stealing $600 from a woman he spent the night with.

He was subsequently summoned to court before Magistrate Ngaio Emmanuel-Edwards where he pleaded guilty to the charge.

The Jamaican is said to have stayed at a guest house in Buckleys with a local woman after they went out for drinks.

It is reported that when the woman awoke the next morning, Cole was gone as well as her money.

Cole was remanded to prison as he awaits sentencing next week.

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        • But if u born here u have a right 2 do shit a ya u from… but this case has a certain alp minister written all over it police are afraid of him because he done pipe majority of them. This sounds like a set up.

      • We need visa restrictions now; this situation is out of control. Foreign criminals are flying in and flying out easy as you please.

  1. Take him out of our prison and sent him back to Jamaica. We na want him here. He is selfish and wicked to be biting off the hands that accommodate him.
    Some Jamaicans love to say that Guyanese thief and lie, again I says Some Jamaicans.

  2. Another Jamaican criminal again?

    Too much Jamaicans here in this small island they need to go back home

    This is what the CSME and CCJ curse poor little Antigua with.

  3. da JAMAICAN man no easy. Sounds like he accustomed to gwarn up so in Clarendon. Don’t KEEP HIM IN PRISION HERE. SEND HIM BACK TO ANDREW HOLNESS!!!

  4. It’s time for Antigua to deport these criminals from countries such as Jamaica, Haiti, DR and the like. It’s getting to be too much. CARICOM Sucks!

    A new Antigua political party should be formed that places the safety and security of Antigua citizens first. This is a basic requirement of any country.

    Even though I support PM Browne, he could certainly be challenged in the next election by a new political party that promises a much tougher stance on immigration issues.

    • The DNA has/had a tougher stance on immigration, but Joanne Massiah backtracked her statement. I don’t know if she has since reverted to her original position

  5. Listen to the idiot’
    They very happy…..Another reason to bash jamaicans…smh. Antiguans do worst everyday..much of it go unheard of.

    • Antiguans May do worst everyday but it’s our home land, I’m not saying that makes it right. But if antiguans were in Jamaica committing crimes the natives of Jamaica would be upset also. Just have respect for the country that allowing you to see and enjoy a better life. I know you left Jamaica for a reason and it’s not as a tourist. Truth




  7. After she has been good to u u stole from her I am sorry I didn’t find u before the police I would have brake your hands that my child u mess with

  8. The problem is NOT Antiguans. Throw this bum out, ecport him to a prison in Jamsaica. Enuf is enuf! GET OUT. NOBODY WANT THIS GUY HERE. If he tried this in Mother Africa, he’d be stoned by the crowds.

  9. Rudeboy4life you a one yadie, we dont want you here. Go the fuk back to jam rock. Stupid fucing jamaicans… i despise those scum of the earth

    • Hahahaha….Dog shit @ Sensible. Yes im jamaican and a proud one at the….F**% U if u dont like me /us. Whatever i have in this country i work hard for it…surely not begging u salt or sugar…so go n f*%* yourself. I got news for you so listen up…..u will never get rid of us…we are here to stay… so u can contnue u hateful ranting and live miserable for the rest of your sad pathetic life. Or hire some planes…round us up like animals (the way u see us) and deport us all. Until then STFU u stupid ignorant mf! U dont like me and for the record i dont f*%*ng like u either. #Shitbag!

      • Well said those fuking a holes are sickening Antiguans abroad in other people countries making a living just like us most Antiguans that goes on like this is them that never traveled and that’s because they sit in their parents house sucking their blood and waiting for them to die for them to scrape up what they never work for they want to live for free no contributions, no bill is so some of them nasty as soon as one person do something they jump up but send everyone home they think is so they can send home people Antiguans thief too look at the medical benefits scheme, the daily observer and that one from treasury that use to harass me when I go for my parents pension are they foreigners criminals I don’t think so u see Antiguans, Guyanese,Jamaican etc we are all foreigners and the are good and bad in all the countries worldwide 🌎

  10. It’s funny how the Jamaicans that “Run” sorry migrate from there country because of the way things are there and soon as someone points it out they get upset. Yes antiguans migrate also and commit crimes but there is a big difference cause Jamaicans has been doing this for so long that no where in the world want to accept them except for antigua and that’s because the politicians know they are crooked like them. Now you have some good Jamaicans but out of 100 you will find 10 good ones. Truth

  11. A relationship gone wrong. He leaving and not so quickly and make it worse his Nationality comes to question…Hope she don’t waste the Court time with those FALLACIES caught up in her FEELINGS.

  12. This is an example of why black people are always looked down on because you can count on us to always try to tear each other down..
    Look at how the Syrians and the Chinese live..what we should be worried about is that in the next few years there won’t be any more local owned business here in the Caribbean while we are busy fighting each other the Chinese are buying up our lands.
    Why not put our energy in the things that really matters..

    Just a thought…..

  13. Are we insinuating that he’s a thief because he’s jamaican; not a good look. I’m just saying…

    • @ Sensible …u full of hate for non nationals and Jamaicans in particular. U know why? It eats u up inside when u know u born here and u see people come in this country and are doing way better than you….that kills u..ik. But its not our fault that we have ambition and you are lazy. We work hard night and day while u in your sleeping. So dont blame us for the fact that u are a BIG LOSER IN YOU OWN COUNTRY. Not because u were born here that means u entitled to free shit…get u lazy ass up n go work hard and achieve like the rest of us. Stop blaming “FOREIGNERS” for your sad life!

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