‘They can do whatever they want’: PM responds to Barbuda lawsuit against airport

PM with UN Secretary-General during a visit to Barbuda 2017

Prime Minister Gaston Browne has responded swiftly to a lawsuit filed by Barbudans saying that their actions will only continue to hurt the development of the sister island.

A group of Barbudans is seeking an injunction to stop the construction of the island’s new airport.

Browne said on the radio today that “they will stall everything and anything.”

“So they can go ahead that it just part of their modus opernadi,” he told the opposition-friendly Observer Radio.

The action, filed with the High Court of Justice of Antigua and Barbuda last Friday and served to the defendants this morning, moves for the immediate shut down of the development of the airport on Barbuda.

But the prime minister said,”at the end of the day it is their own progress that is being stymied.”

The applicants are seeking from the Court:

  • Permission to pursue a judicial review against the Development Control Authority (DCA) for failure as the regulatory body to ensure that the planning legislation is complied with for the good of Antigua and Barbuda.
  • A temporary injunction to prevent any further work on the airport until the Antigua and Barbuda Airport Authority and DCA comply with the statutory obligations under planning laws.

The applicants John Mussington and Jacklyn Frank, both Barbudans and residents of Barbuda, have filed the case as representatives of Barbudans who are affected by and opposed to the massive destruction of forests, wildlife and ecosystems associated with the construction of the airport.  The following government departments are listed as defendants in the application: Development Control Authority (DCA), the Antigua and Barbuda Airports Authority (ABAA) and The Attorney General of Antigua and Barbuda of the Ministry of Justice & Legal Affairs.


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  1. You can tell the them.just badminded and nah want no good for Barbuda. Them want the people to forever depend on the council.

  2. What else. Its real funny when Trevor already sell out Barbuda from under the Barbudans. First Land, Sand mining, fisheries and now the Airport. So if Gaston decide he’s no longer going to give them money to pay workers what they gonna say. Funny they want sand mining to stop BUT they selling sand privately. Hmmm.. Trevor and the BPM supporters making it real hard for others. They don’t seems to realize that they don’t have the full party support and they hurting everyone. Hmmmm. Well I think Gaston should leave them alone and lets see how they survive
    I wondered if another storm to come their way and the Gov’t decide to not help what would they say.

  3. Great move Barbuda..no consultation no movement for the likes of Deniro and such. Barbuda has a right to decide its destiny. You can’t put likes on an airstrip if people get sick in the night but you can build an airport at this time for capitalists. ,,”PEOPLE BEFORE PROFITS GASTON”

  4. Nkechi. Ur level of ignorance is high. There’s no vision and you cannot consult with blind people. Barbuda can not stand on its own nor does it have the minds to lead it.

    • Mr, if you were a Barbuda and suddenly had a heart attacks in the night, which would you prefer, a fully operational hospital or a state if the art international airport? This is how much ignorance I can think of!

  5. Mr. if you seriously think that what the current government is doing to the people if Barbuda is progressive and delivered by great minds, then you my friend are either blind or in line to reap some kind of benefit. Which is it?

  6. Mr. I think your level of ignorance is greater. How on earth can you in good conscience commence work on building an airport when people are living in tents, no electricity, clean running water, hospital the list goes on!

  7. The right thing to do now is to leave the barbudans alone and let them provide for themselves, since it is quite apparent that that is what they want to do. So when they need money to pay payroll or other services, let them find it themselves. Oh and another thing they need to be paying all taxes on the importation of cars and whatever else they are not paying taxes on. They are ridiculous and are to accustomed of living free.

  8. Antiguans, you better learn to speak Chinese. Everything that is not tied down is being given away. Open your eyes! Stand up Barbuda, show Antiguans what it’s like to have a spine. They sit back while their PM runs the country into the ground. Then he celebrates the fact that Born Antiguans are in the minority. Disgraceful!

  9. Wow we still claiming Barbuda does not contribute to the economy according to recent news each barge of sand is worth 200000 dollars; how many trips were made? And the lobster industry 8 million per season; who is dependent on whom?

  10. I feel for you small minded Barbudans. You let these rich members of the counsil have you like a pappyshow. Smh poor aru.

  11. Barbuda generates more than it’s fair share of income according to existing budgets. https://ab.gov.ag/pdf/budget/2017_Barbuda_Council.pdf The only issue is hardly any of it goes back into Barbuda for things like infrastructure and development. They don’t need an international airport. No international airlines will have fights there cause they won’t be profitable. Nevis has had an international airport for years with 7X the population and they don’t have a single large carrier. Waste of resources. Fix the roads, fix the existing airport, push for cheaper travel options between Antigua and Barbuda so that more Antiguan’s can visit the sister isle. Turn most of Barbuda into a national park and push stronger eco tourism. Then

  12. That is some rich looking soil….. Agriculture?? not for Chineese but for Barbudans.
    I am coming over to live. I see healthy food.

  13. All I want to know is when can my hard earn tax dollars stay in Antigua and not used to subsidize Barbuda

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