These are the major accomplishments of the Antigua & Barbuda Labour Party since 2014

Gaston ABLP

After six years in office, the Antigua & Barbuda Labour Party (ABLP) listed some of its major accomplishments at a ceremony to open the party’s headquarters last night.

The video below provides a highlight of these accomplishments.

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  1. Editors Antigua News Room:
    Are you a mouthpiece for the Labor Party.That picture above of two of the loudest egotistical persons on earth.I would not waste my time listening to that recording.Here is one of your accomplishments. Since 2014 to now 2020.Most persons living in the Nation have become poorer/destitute. They do not know.Where the next dollar is coming from to buy a meal and or pay a bill.This has been going on way before Covid-19.Do something about that now for those people.Reminder,they are VOTERS.

  2. What does remembering VCBird have to do with all this nonsense? That is why they wanted the day returned; to give themselves a day to spew their lies unabated. They care nothing for VC himself..

  3. Why is Gaston Browne wearing that Military outfit? I did not know. Antigua and Barbuda is a Military State.Ruled by a Military Government.

      • I consider you to be a two legged jack arse.Is Gaston Browne a member of that Organization known as the Salvation Army.I am a loyal financial contributor to the Salvation Army in the USA. They do good works.

      • FROM THE SIDELINE you never cease to amaze with your comments. The Salvation Army is not a military organization. The word Army is only used in the name to denote that their objective is to fight the battle to save lost souls like you. To rationalize the ridiculous outfits worn by your comrades at the opening of the ALP Headquarters by comparing it to the Salvation Army is most asinine.

        • Vere Cornwall Bird Snr was born on 9th December 1909, the third of four children. He had only an elementary education at the St. John’s Boys School, but he was a man of immense intelligence. As a teenager, he joined the Salvation Army and at the age of 21, he was a Captain commanding persons older than himself.

    • Too many to mention. History that cannot be erased by the haters. Not in a million years.
      They tried to do that to Papa and that didn’t work.

  4. Old man VC Bird, the same one who changed the laws so he could “legally” be with the young little girl Cute.

    We have been going down ever since. Now we have “Creative Enrichment”, cheap lands for the Chinese and loans Antigua will never be able to pay back.

    As you can see Gaston is donning the garbs of China and Hitler too.

  5. Oh what a thing:. Melchesidic I agree with your statement Gaston outfit is surely a siign of things to come..Mankind normally potrays outside what is inside of them..Gaston is thinking real deep.Communist country coming soon, he will rule with a iron fist and continue to keep the poor black people of this country of Antigua and Barbuda in poverty ,while the Enrichment Scheme train keeps rolling on no breaks no bell.Will all the Chinese and land grabbers investors keep riding on this train.Its a train built and name “Only in Antigua”.

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