‘There is no bank on the island’- MP laments Barbuda recovery

Trevor Walker

In an address to mark one year since the passage of Hurricane Irma, Barbuda Member of Parliament, Trevor Walker has praised the work of charity organisations but lamented the slow pace of recovery.

“One year later, over 250 of our people do not have access to proper education services because the repairs to the daycare center, the pre-school and primary school facilities have not been completed.”

In his video message, Walker also decried the pace at which other important infrastructure projects were managed.

“There is no bank on the island and the hospital which was gutted in an attempt to repair it functions only on a limited basis,” he said.

Walker said this was the situation “while millions were being spent to build an international airport leaving the only functional airport in Cordrington, limited to day light flights only.”

However, the MP singled out The Waitt Foundation, Red Cross, World Food Programme, Samaritan Purse, Chinese Government and United Nation Development for acting when the government failed.

He said their efforts are evident one year later in Barbuda.

“There is the appearance of something near normal because most of the galvanize sheeting is now back on the roofs,” Walker told a video broadcast.

Barbuda was decimated by a category 5 plus storm on September 6.

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  1. Why not open a bank Trevor? Surely by now the profits from your gas station can be used to open a local credit union or bank. Barbuda needs DEVELOPMENT. Do you want DEVELOPMENT?

    • Stop being stupid, the government fix no school, no clinic, no bank, no police station. Where did all that money go?

  2. It’s easy to criticize but what about solutions MP Walker?? What are your plans for Barbuda? We want to hear about solutions. Lead from the front

  3. I thought Trevor would come and tell us what he has done so far to rebuild Barbuda. No instead he talks about what others has done and what the government has not done. Perhaps we need to remind him what it is the government has done while he was liming in Antigua. We cleaned up the Island making sure it became inhabited again. Removed all the rubbish, all the dead carcasses from the dead animals and fogged and sanitize the islands. We make sure not one Barbudan lost their possession while the army and police guarded every possession of people. We ensured the Island get its electricity back on and also the water so that people could return. Just look how long that took Puerto Rico to do. And than we started to rebuild the public buildings and the level one homes. And we did all of that while we housed, clothed and fed he Barbudans, some in shelters some living in private homes and some living in hotels. But like I have said many times. The Barbudans are a set of ungrateful people and his shows it by their own leader. He didn’t even got it in to his hear to thank the Chinese for having contributed US$2.5 million to rebuild over 250 homes.
    And while he was doing everything to block the PM to get grants from all over the world the PM was going the extra mile all the way to the middle east to try and get money not for Antigua but to rebuild Barbuda. And today Trevor cannot show and say what it is he has done for Barbuda recovery. The PM even gave from his personal money $100K. Trevor tell us how much you have contributed from your personal money to your own Island.

    • Wow!!! Talk about drinking red kool aid!!! You crack me up, really. You have NO clue what you are talking about!!!! This nation would function much better of people were to INFORM themselves before regurgitating what they hear without questioning! Practically every single point you have tried to make is a LIE, simple…..and just to give u an example, “we make sure not one barbudan lost their possessions while the police and military….” GIVE ME A BREAK!!!! They themselves ransacked and looted. I could refute every single lie u have mentioned on your comment bit i have better things to do that to try to educate someone who obviously doesn’t try to educate themselves before opening their mouth (or put fingers to keyboard).

    • Which Public building was repaired by the governement? The Barbuda Council has and is still in the process of repairing the public buildings without the help of this jackass government.
      Army men did not secure our homes. They wrecked our vehicles when we were evacuated and allegedly broke into our homes to send our possessions on the boats back to Antigua.
      Half of the island does not even have water and electricity. You need to be updated and stop bringing this BS to public. Yall PM is nothing but a pig dressed in clothing

  4. Trevor is this a responsibility for the government to ensure there is a bank on Barbuda? What the heck is the council for. Shouldn’t you be talking to the ACB Management and ask them to please open up their office again so that your people can do some banking. Real Barbudan attitude. Everything has to be done for them. They just want to sit back relax and still complain. I really hope Gaston stops the nonsense of sending money every month as if money grows on a tree.

    • Gaston cannot stop sending money to Barbuda cause that grant belongs to Barbuda for all them leases being paid by hotel owners it’s Barbuda money get that right

  5. From the side line, you need to GYPG! Your 100% biass. The government keeps stagnating the rebuilding process because we voted ABLP out last General Election and then again the By-election. If Gaston wanted the hospital, Bank School, Post office, Police station, Electricity and water to be fully functional they would have been already. He ignored these essentially services and focused on an airport which is not essential right now. Gaston Clown is very vindictive and out right childish for trying to get back at poor ppl for not voting his way! Shame on him!

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