There are now three active cases of Covid-19 being treated by health officials- Cabinet


(Cabinet Notes)The Minister of Health was called upon to provide the Cabinet with an update on the status of Covid-19 in Antigua and Barbuda.

He noted that there are now three active cases of Covid-19 being treated by health officials. Contact tracing and tracking have been intensified in order to halt any community spread of the virus.

The Minister again reiterated that there is a need by the population to be continuously vigilant, and discourages the clustering and partying that have been taking place by groups whose private get-togethers are without masks and in full disregard of the social-distancing rules.

The reckless behavior of a growing number of people is the result of a false belief in their invincibility, and in the false sense of safety from the disease. The Cabinet continues to implore the people and residents of Antigua and Barbuda to abide the rules requiring the wearing of masks, the practicing of social distancing, and the frequent sanitizing of hands.


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  1. And the numbers will continue to rise! Just yesterday afternoon I witnessed a couple, of Caucasian extraction, approach the entrance of the supermarket, glance at the wash station provided and contemptuously walk straight into the supermarket. There was a young man sitting behind the door, observing I know not what. I suggested to him that somebody should sit outside the supermarket to ensure that patrons wash and dry their hands before entry. The couple was still in sight, busy picking out vegetables from the receptacle not far from the entry. The young man just shrugged and grinned sheepishly and continue with his ‘busy’ task of watching…. I certainly will not be returning to this potential covid-19 spreader!

    • There’s a guard sitting outside who does absolutely nothing to stop people from walking in who don’t wash their hands or who have their masks below their nose or have their masks around their necks instead of covering their nose and mouths.

      Inside the store, the girls that work in the deli routinely touch their faces and usually have their masks below their noses.

      and then there’s customers walking around with their masks pulled down.

      No one says anything about it.

  2. Is from government officials continuously saying Antigua is COVID free and there’s no community spread.

    If the government adequately tested and told the truth people would take it more seriously

      • It’s the government’s job to protect its people.

        Which means not lying and hiding cases during a pandemic in order to keep the try tourism dollars flowing.

        They should be random testing in the community. Tourists and returning nationals should all be tested and quarantined.

        They should have been giving out more info on positive cars all along including location and demographics

  3. they need to stop cause the night club right next to POLICE STATION in swing when they should be social distances and am sure many of these police men has been in there… As They say is who you know in this country.

  4. Social distancing… not happening
    Hand washing at stores… not happening
    Wearing masks… not happening
    Limiting social gatherings… not happening!

    We are not doing the things we need to do to protect ourselves!

    We are not following the guidelines!

    And now the cases are on the rise.

    Plus, folks, when you wear the mask over your mouth, but not your nose, you might as well not wear the mask! Do you all realise your nose and mouth are connected?

    Do what you’re supposed to do! We cannot afford to be non-vigilant! We don’t have the money or resources for a large outbreak.

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