There are now more than 40 major businesses accepting Bitcoin Cash in Antigua


Bitcoin Cash (BCH ) is making its w ay across the island of Antigua, bit by bit. Over 40 businesses on the island now accept BCH making it easier and safer for customers to conduct transactions. BCH payments have the benefit of no direct contact as com pared to traditional money. Payment with the cryptocurrency simply entails scanning a barcode, making it an ideal way to help curtail the spread of covid-19.


Businesses and individuals who have opted into using BCH have experienced the benefits of instant money transfer with low fees.

The whole world of Crypto Currency can seem overwhelming and confusing, however, once you explore the possibilities, it’s hard not to ignore the benefits. has everything one needs to get started on using Bitcoin Cash locally from shopping on Amazon with huge savings or cashing out BCH for XCD straight to one’s bank account.


The local telegram group Antigua Bitcoin Cash and Crypto Trading ( ) is also available for locals to engage in BCH trade along with monthly meetups every 3rd Thursday at Hemming Ways where you can also learn more about BCH . Founder Roger Ver and his team are passionate and committed to helping Antiguans learn m ore about the benefits of Bitcoin Cash and how they can save time and money when com pared to dealing with banks.

To view local businesses that accept BCH whether for a lunch date at the nearest beach bar or home item s from your local hardware visit to discover the local possibilities.

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  1. I was recently in the USA and Canada and didn’t meet even one place that accepted Bitcoin, not one. I sure makes one wonder what’s happening. Be careful folks.

    • Are you afraid of new tech? I have been using bitcoins for years and trust me its way better than using a credit card, cash or debit card. I am waiting on a reliable stable coin to make crytocurrency more main stream. I hope facebook libra come out early next year.

  2. Ask businesses who had their computers encrypted by hackers until they pay with bitcoin ransom if they feel the same way. Most of bitcoin value come from online sales of drugs, guns, murder for hire, stolen identities and credit cards, fake passports, and just about any other crime you could imagine. Bitcoin is blood money and you are laundering it.

  3. You’ll need to invest in XRP now it is 0.62 cents at the moment, or TACC at 0.60, most of us can only afford partial bit coin at the moment, it is alledge they are halfing Bitcoin at the moment.

    XRP is considered as a currency, hopefully all central banks will use Ripple XRP for cross border transaction, It is allege it take Bitcoin do transaction in 10 minutes to 24 hour, XRP do it in 3 seconds, go figure.

    If central banks use XRP for cross border transaction in a couple of years it will be number one.

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