The UWI Five Islands Campus Courses to Go Online


In March 2020, following the Government of Antigua and Barbuda mandated shutdown, The UWI, and the Five Islands Campus suspended face-to-face teaching and initiated online delivery of its courses. In light of the uncertainty surrounding the Covid-19 pandemic, The UWI Office for Online Learning for staff conducted a comprehensive course on online delivery to the teaching staff of all UWI landed campuses.


With the new training, lecturers transitioned to e-learning platforms to deliver their coursework and student assessments in that environment. During the summer session, students of the Five Islands Campus accessed courses and received instruction primarily via online modalities and upgraded teaching methods.


A phased hybrid structure of engagement for the UWI Five Islands Campus will be implemented for the academic year 2020/2021. Semester 1 will be delivered entirely online with exceptions made for courses and programmes requiring laboratory work.  Students must submit requests to the registrar who will then make the relevant preparations in keeping with Covid-19 protocols.  In Semester 2, robust online delivery will continue.  Limited face-to-face elements for smaller classes will be initiated with the maintenance of social distancing and other health and safety protocols.


The planning and design necessary to ensure the successful delivery of an effective hybrid model specific to the needs of the Five Islands Campus is ongoing. The UWI Five Islands Campus is confident that all its teaching staff are competent to instruct students for extended periods via these new modalities and commits to continued training to ensure high-quality delivery.


The use of the physical plant, and the support services required are being fully assessed to assure implementation of all measures in support of the hybrid academic model, in the safest and most equitable manner.



  1. Why didn’t the ministry of education do the same for all schools Since it’s the safest thing to do right now? They should learn from UWI students attending UWI are all adults.

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