The Ultimate Buyer’s Guide For Timberland Boots


The Ultimate Buyer’s Guide For Timberland Boots


Among hundreds of brands selling footwear for over thousands of years, one footwear brand that never got old or forgotten is Timberland. Timberland boots are the perfect example of beauty with precision. Not only do the boots look extremely beautiful and aesthetic, but the precision with which they are stitched is also unmatchable. Since buying Timberland boots should be done with a lot of thought, here is the ultimate buyer’s guide for Timberland boots.


When Did Timberland Originate?


Around 1973, in Boston, Sidney Swartz bought the classic Timberland boots to the eyes of the world for the first time. Initially, crafted for the labor force, these boots were built with heavy-duty materials with waterproof qualities to sustain the body labor done by the workmen. However, around the 1990s, these boots became famous for their style and clean design.


Big names like Notorious B.I.G and Wu-Tang Clan made the boots famous to an extent that they became a fashion staple at that time. The boots moved from being sturdy footwear for workmen to a fashion statement that was known by every fashion lover. The popularity made Timberland boots into a footwear line that comprised boots for everyone; men, women, and children.


The Difference Between Timberland Boots For Men And Women.


Timberland boots have a very uniform design for both men and women with only a slight difference in the craft. The boots for women are narrow. The sole is less chunky as compared to boots made for men. The boots made for men are usually wide and heavy comparatively.


What Are The Ways To Break In The Boots?


Since the Timberland boots are made from thick leather, it will take a good amount of time to break in and get comfortable with them. However, there are multiple ways in which the breaking-in process for these boots can be done easily. Here are some you can try now:-



  • Wear the boots on a pair of thick socks. Make sure to walk in them around the house so that the leather will stretch and take the shape of your foot.
  • Take the boots in your hands and try to stretch them with as much strength as you have to soften the leather. Stretching the soul of the boots work very well.
  • For softening the leather of the boots, you can use a leather softener and apply it to the boots. This will lead the boots to become soft and lose in no time. Doing so will also reduce the risk of you getting blisters and bruises from it.

After you break in the boots, just like any other footwear, you will have to invest good time to preserve them. A good way to become comfortable in boots fast is by wearing them as much as you can.


The Size Of The Boots.


Buying the right size boots that fit your feet properly is extremely important. They should feel snug. But never uncomfortable or painful. Initially, they might feel a bit tight and uncomfortable when you wear them. However, as you wear them often, you feel comfortable in them. Since Timberland boots fit bigger than the actual foot size, it is always recommended to buy half a size lesser than your actual foot size to make it fit perfectly.


The main goal is for the shoe to not feel too big or too small on the feet. That’s why you must measure your feet before buying them to ensure that the size you are buying is perfect and the boots feel like a warm hug to your feet.


What Goes In Making Them?


The standard Timberland boots are made from leather and rubber. The leather used for making the boots is Nubuck leather. This leather is gained from cattle. Boots made from this high-quality leather are water-resistant and heat-resistant.


Different styles of boots require different kinds of leather in the making. Timberland boots that are tough are usually made from full-grain leather. Whereas Nubuck leather is used for making boots that are meant for daily and casual wear.


The souls of Timberland has to be portomonnee  boots are made from rubber. Basically, the rubber gets injected into the soul molds. This offers extra durability and outstanding grip.


The boots are stitched with nylon that is water-resistant.


What Are The Best Ways To Clean Them?



  1. You can use a pencil eraser to clean the boots. How it works is simple. The eraser, when rubbed on dirt or mud patches, can clean the marks without ruining the leather.
  2. An easy way to clean them is to use warm water and mild detergent. Remember to remove the lace before washing them.
  3. You can also use a soft and gentle brush to clean the small mud and dirt patches.
  4. If you want to clean the boots thoroughly, then buy a Nubuck cleaner. Regular washing detergent may be too hard for the boots. It may also lead to the fading of the color. To avoid this, investing in a good quality Nubuck cleaner is the best option.
  5. After washing, rinse them in cold water. Let them air dry. Once they have air dried, put lace back in and they are ready to be worn again.


One mistake many people commit while washing them is that they apply too much pressure on them. Do not do that. Be very gentle with the boots. Clean them with care.


Also, avoid washing them in the washing machine. It will just ruin the boots. Wash them with your hands as it is the best. If you can’t do that, you can always give them for washing to the experts.


In The Light Of This Information


Timberland boots are some of the most high-quality boots ever made. They must be handled with care. This guide contains all the necessary information about Timberland boots that you must know about. That’s why you should make sure to follow the above-mentioned guide to buy the most ideal pair of boots.

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