Every game in both traditional and online casinos have their distinguishing factors. When you mention blackjack, you think of big green board housing cards of different colors. The same goes for slot machines; when you mention slots or hear the word jackpot, you see the reels rolling three lucky sevens appearing on a machine. That’s how the traditional slot machine works. However, since advancement into mobile slots has become paramount, there has been a shift from the regular noisy on-land casino house to a more conducive way of playing your favorite slot themes games on your mobile devices.


The traditional slot machines are still very much intact, and they still perform to their capacity. Although the output level, when compared to the modern slot machines, is off the charts. Here’s a brief explanation of how technology has shaped the classical (traditional) slot machine into the currently available online slot machines.

The traditional slot machine

The traditional slot machine was invented as far back as 1895. It has a three-reel mechanism with five symbols: hearts, diamonds, spades, liberty bells, and horseshoes. It has a single payline (which means you could only win from one slot) and a level by the side of the machine. The gameplay is quite simple; all you have to do is match three symbols on the machine at one pull of the lever. Once you achieve this, you won! The slot machine is the most straightforward and most straightforward casino game you can find in both on-land and online casinos. Be sure to note that when you come across the name three reels slot machine, it’s talking about the traditional slot machine. However, several modifications have been made regarding the number of reels and the number of paylines a single slot machine could have.


One of the shortcomings of this traditional slot machine is that it could be easily tricked. Although it’s a machine, slot enthusiasts have a way of inserting coins into the machine until it is filled to the brim, causing the machine to trigger the jackpot. On the other hand, some enthusiasts use a large magnet to falsify the figures/symbols on the slot machine until it hits 3 identical ones, causing a win. These and several other reasons are some of the traditional slot machine’s shortcomings, unlike the mobile slot. You could easily activate it with a button from your mobile device. You can visit to choose any online gambling platforms of your choice. They offer undiluted online casino reviews and news from gambling experts.

Online slot machine

The introduction of online slot machines saw the advancement in the traditional slot machines. Although they work the same way, their mode of operation differs in some areas. Instead of having the conventional machine with reels and level, we now have graphical images of reels and spin buttons on our mobiles or PCs. Unlike the traditional slot machine where we have levers, we have spin buttons on online slot machines. All you have to do is click the button to get the reels spinning. One of the several advantages of playing mobile slot games is that you get to play on multiple paylines, which means your chances of winning huge is on the high side compared to the single payline on the traditional slot machine. Another essential feature is that it’s somewhat impossible to cheat the online slot machine as its 100% computerized. It’s effortless to withdraw or deposit, especially if you are gambling on a casino platform from .

Impact of technology on online slot games

Being more realistic as possible, technology has not only positively impacted the online slot gaming community. It has helped moved gambling to a new level. Who would have thought of gambling from home or gambling on mobile phones/PC? Advancement in technology made that possible. It has not just made online gambling easier for the player; it has also helped online casino platforms expand their horizons and grow bigger. As mentioned above, you can now gamble on the go. Anywhere –anytime, and at the comfort of your home. Unlike before, when gambling is primarily for seniors, you can now go into gambling as a part-time gambler. You need not worry about the time it will take you to arrive at the casino house or the long queue to deposit and withdraw. You can achieve all those and even more on your mobile phone at your leisure and comfort. Technology has indeed helped breathe advancement across every sector in any economy.


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