The proposed replacement for Queen’s face on the XCD is an emblem which depicts the flags of ECCB member countries


The Eastern Caribbean Central Bank Monetary Council has approved the replacement of the Queen’s image on the EC Currency

The proposed replacement is an emblem which depicts the flags of ECCB member countries. This image provides more holistic reflection of the ECCU.

You are invited to share your views on this proposal and offer suggestions via email:

[email protected]

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  1. I thoroughly welcome this change. It is long long overdue.

    Why should we put up with their icons or monarch’s on our coinage and bank notes in the Caribbean region.

    Yet in the US of A, when Barrack Obama was President. He pushed to get the remarkable lady of the “Underground Railroad’ Harriet Tubman (who helped many a slave escape persecution and death); which – btw, many Republican representatives tried to blocked this great woman from being commemorated on their banknotes to this day. Again, go figure!

    Queen Elizabeth, remove she quick, quick, double-quick!

    Brixtonian, as always, bringing the FLIP-SIDE to any topic, that’s how I roll …

  2. While I do not know much about how countries monies are valued, being open minded, I hope that this move would not serve to weaken our currency and its value, since, it’ll no longer be attached to England.

  3. Equitable design…so that there’s no member country posturing to have their flag on a specific denomination.
    Plus maybe now THIS government 👀 will stop bestowing knighthoods and ridiculous titles on each other.

  4. Seems as though OECS leaders have a serious deficit in intelligence.

    To make this change it will cost an already impoverished society 10s of millions.

    That money could be better spent on creating a reliable low cost transportation system for the OECS.

    Food security for the OECS…..

    These bright bright so call leaders are going to give Canadian Bank Note a caucasian company 10s of millions of dollars because someone is still attached to the myopic view of the colonial e4a.

    After they make the change by 2030 the world be going cashless. Where is the long term foresight? The world is inching towards cashless while these idiots are investing in paper that has NO value

    • @mechesiDICk Are you honestly serious with what you write. Do you understand the process as to how new currency goes into circulation…well let me educate you since I am certain you probably have an audience with your nonsense. Even with the existing currency NEW currency is placed into circulation when they become worn etc. What will simply happen is that when the existing notes in circulation are redeemed to the central bank new notes will be issued bearing the new insignia. GOT is boss…Bout 10s of million!!!!

      • You idiot ECCB does not print notes. They must pay their suppliers for the new notes and coins. It is not free.

        The notes do not appear out of thin air.

        Here is what you do at the next public consultation please ask WHAT IS THE COST OF MAKING THE CHANGE AND REPLACING ALL THE CIRCULATING NOTES AND COINS?

    • Great thought, I totally agreed about your cost analysis.Put the money into reliable transport within the OECS. The queen is of no significant as compare to the way are governed with the laws and our constitutions are from the colonial years .

  5. If we are really independent countries I support this move… but if we need anything from the queen i recommend we keep the queen…

    • What you are proposing is likened unto taking antibiotics daily just in case you get an infection….Would you do that?

      It is a dumb idea to waste scarce resources for an ego boost. The colonizers will continue to dictate to us. How about getting rid of the constitutions and West minister style government?

      Now there is a brilliant idea that will decolonize the ones and create tangible changes in the future. WHAT KIND OF CHANGE WILL SWITCHING AN IMAGE BRING?


      • @ Melchesidec, you ask: “What kind of change will switching am image bring?”

        Well for one, just imagine our children seeing positive images of Caribbean heroes; inventors; writers; business men/women; great warriors and emperor.

        My first choice (and there’s many) would be the great Haitian 🇭🇹 General and Commander Toussaint L’Ouverture, who out-fought, and out-thought Frances 🇫🇷 General Napoleon – as well as Spanish and British armies that came to invade Haiti.

        But even I know that the European and Western countries that he soundly defeated, would never agree to his depiction on XCD notes to the end of time.

        L’Ouverture a true Caribbean warrior … ECCB members should back this one!

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