The prime minister has missed all his self-imposed deadlines for water delivery, says Lovell


We look at the situation regarding the failed water promises by the prime minister.

The prime minister has failed to deliver adequate water to the people, despite spending millions and promising the world, while missing every deadline that he has imposed for water delivery.

He has now resorted to blaming APUA staff, to distract from his failed leadership.

Gaston Browne has gone so low as to accuse the APUA staff of sabotaging water delivery by shutting off valves.

He is clearly out of his realm in addressing the water issue, and owes the hardworking staff at APUA an apology. We’re therefore forced to add the lack of water to the list of ABLP failures.

The nation is howling in protest, from one corner of the country to the next.

More than eight years into the ABLP-managed administration, the water crisis has become so severe in certain areas that the only source of daily water is through delivery trucks.

The ABLP promised that reverse osmosis plants would increase the water supply and solve the water problem.

The situation has not improved despite various pledges and commitments from the Prime Minister.

The ABLP government continues to give a litany of excuses.

We were told that the problem would be solved by September of this year.

This was the date that was given for the water problem to be resolved.


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  1. Imagine this. The mentioning of the fact that the big red machine is going to be cranked up December 19 (3 days after the anniversary of Tessa being SHAT) and dem #UPPNEARGA running wild.

  2. Of course Gaston “Whey Mi Water” Browne has broken all his promises regarding the implementation of the new island-wide water system

    I tracked and monitored this promise myself (on my weekly countdown update) when OUR clown of clowns told the citizens of Antigua & Barbuda that everything would be in place by the end of September 2022.


    However, Gassy’s ACOLYTES and WORSHIPPERS will not only find someway to FORGIVE him, but will also excuse the combined 50 years in the DERELICTION of duties by the Birdism and Browneism era – in 3,2, ..1 KA – DAMN – BOOM!!! 💥


    Remember worshippers – THE WORLD IS WATCHING HOW WE VOTE ❎

  3. @ Just Saying
    Athley Rodney on 08/08/2021 to Gaston and Cutie ‘should I proceed with the plan to tear gas the poor black hungry Antiguans and Barbudans?’

    Gaston and Cutie’s response to Rodney ‘Yes, teargas DEM R_SS, make certain that you hurt them real badly, let them know that a we run things ya’
    Dem wicked evil and HEARTLESS Vagabonds.

    • He never said that. He said that there would be an increase in the water supply versus what was available back then. I agree that this issue has gone on for too long, however both political parties are clowning the people and using water supply as a ping pong ball. Why didn’t UPP address the issue while in power? Why do both administrations persist in charging the consumer way less than it costs to produce the commodity? Why have viable water sources like Wallings been sidelined to play tourist games? Why no gravity tanks round south with all the water that rain provides in those areas? This is not an ABLP problem. It’s an issue that no party has addressed in a timely manner. Lovell of all people shouldn’t be pointing fingers. All I have to say is stop the stupid games and sort out the water issue. I don’t care who does it.

      • “… it’s an issue that no party has addressed in a timely manner.”

        How you mean @ Antigua First? Are you right in the head?

        There has been a combined 50 years of Birdism and Browneism, and you are implying to educated Antiguans that this wasn’t enough time to sort out the water situation and road infrastructure and other urgent matters in the country?

        You know as well as I do, Antigua & Barbuda deserves so much better …

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