The plumber google ads Guide: Everything You Need To Know


If you’re a plumber, you know that advertising your business online is essential to getting new customers. The question is: how do you get people to notice your ads? That’s where Google AdWords comes in. This guide will give you everything you need to know about setting up and optimizing your AdWords account for plumbing, including keywords and campaign structures. ASAP Restoration Scottsdale offers their expert services to those in need of water damage repair in Scottsdale.

Understanding Google AdWords

Google AdWords is a pay-per-click (PPC) advertising platform that allows you to bid on search terms and keywords.

It’s different from other advertising platforms in that it allows you to target users who are searching for businesses like yours, rather than targeting them based on their demographic or geographic location.

Your Account Structure and Settings

You can also set up your account structure and settings by clicking on the gear symbol in the top right corner of your AdWords account, then selecting Account Settings.

Once in this section, click on “Account Structure” under “Accounts.”

You will see a drop-down menu with three options: My Client Accounts (if you manage multiple clients), Shared Account (if you share an AdWords account with another user) and Shared Businesses (if you manage multiple businesses). Select whichever option applies to you.

Keyword research is one of the most important parts of creating a successful plumber google ads campaign. It’s also one of the most overlooked aspects of SEO, but it can make or break your ad performance and ultimately determine how much money your business makes.

Keywords are simply words people type into Google when looking for something specific, like “plumber near me” or “best plumbing services.” The goal is to show up in these searches so you get traffic from people who want what you offer–and then convert those clicks into leads or sales!

For example, if you’re a plumber who offers service for bathroom remodels, then “bathroom remodeling services” is a great keyword to include in your ad copy. If you want to target local customers, make sure your keywords are relevant to their location as well! Plumbing Services The plumbing services you offer should be listed as part of your ad text–but which ones?

PPC Campaigns

A PPC campaign is a group of ads that share the same objective and budget. You can create a single ad group with multiple keywords, or multiple ad groups with different sets of keywords. When you’re setting up your first PPC campaign, it’s best to keep things simple by creating one ad group with one keyword per line item in your spreadsheet (more on how to do this later).

While we will talk about how to set up an account in more detail later on in this guide, here are some basics:

  • A campaign is a container for your ads; it includes settings such as budget and dates when an ad should run (more on these later). You can have multiple campaigns running at once if you want different types of ads or targeting strategies–for example, one might target people searching for “plumber” while another targets people searching for “emergency plumber.”
  • An ad group contains all the details about what type of people will see each individual ad; including where those people live geographically so that Google knows which display network sites should show them (more on this later). You may also choose whether or not each individual line item has its own separate bid amount based on maximum cost per click bids vs absolute maximum CPM bids (we’ll get into those terms more below!).

Plumbing Website OptimisationFor Google AdWords

We have covered the basics in terms of setting up your plumbing website for Google AdWords, but there are some more advanced techniques that you can use to improve your rankings. These include:

  • Using URL parameters: This allows you to include keywords within the URL of each page on your site. For example, if you have a page about kitchen sinks, it would be good practice to add “kitchen sink” after https://www.*domainnamehere*.com/. This will help Google understand what type of content is on that page and rank it accordingly.
  • Using keyword rich meta descriptions: Meta descriptions are short snippets that appear under each search result when someone searches for something relevant to what you offer (e..g “plumbing services in London”) and often contain one or two keywords related to this topic as well as unique text describing what makes them different from other companies offering similar services in their area.*

Get The Most Out Of Your Plumbing Google Ppc Campaigns With Lead Management Software

To get the most out of your Google AdWords campaigns, you need to know how to manage your leads. Lead management software can help with this by automating many of the tasks associated with lead management and tracking. This includes:

  • Automating follow-up emails
  • Tracking new leads in real time
  • Setting up automated drip campaigns for nurturing prospects over time

Learn How To Structure Your Google Adwords Account For Maximum Effectiveness

Google AdWords is Google’s advertising platform for businesses to promote their products and services on the web. It allows you to create ads that show up in search results, at the top of some product listings, or across the web on sites that partner with Google.

Google AdWords has many tools to help you manage your campaigns efficiently as well as effectively – but there are some best practices that will help take your account from good to great! In this section we’ll cover:

  • Campaign structure – How do I set up my campaign?
  • Keyword structure – What should be in my ad group?
  • Location structure – Where should I target my ads?
  • Device structure – Should I select mobile devices separately or include them in all campaigns? How do I set up device bid adjustments (DBAs)?
  • Budget structure – How much should I spend each month/week/day of week/day of month/year etc…


When it comes to Google AdWords, there is a lot to learn. We hope that this guide has given you an understanding of how AdWords works and how it can benefit your plumbing business. Click here to learn more about Google AdWords and to see if it’s right for your business. If you have any questions, feel free to visit here.

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