The People Of Brown’s Avenue Are Still Demanding The Closure Of The Bar


Dear Editor,

Mr. police commissioner, I would advise you to inform your officers that the government vehicles are NOT to be used for personal business.

It is a frequent practise for law enforcement officers to visit the 13 bar/restaurant in Brown’s Avenue;  park the governments vehicles and engage in the consumption of alcoholic beverages inside of the bar.  ABP 27 police vehicle and other 911 rescue are just a couple of the government vehicles that are known to be parked on the street outside of the said bar.

The bar continues to be a nuisance to the residents of the community. Loud music ( Tuesday night’s karaoke sessions) and patrons driving through the street blasting  loud noise from their vehicles at any hour of the nights.

This peaceful and tranquil community has been turned into the noisy, dirty environment because this bar is allowed to operate in the area.

It is RIDICULOUS !  Such establishments should NEVER be given license to operate in certain areas knowing full well the negatives effects they present.

It is time that the relevant authorities adhere to standards and perform their duties as they know how they should do.

We are calling for the CLOSURE of this bar/restaurant so that an atmosphere of peace and decency can return to this area in Brown’s Avenue.

Imagine living in an area for all your life and then people who do not live in the same locale are at liberty to pollute the environment every night with no respect for the residents. They throw their litter on the street.  They urinate in the front of the residences. They park their vehicles in front of residents’ driveways and pedestrian gateways. They curse illicit languages in their loud conversations.

The people of this area are not accustomed  to these situations. We want our quiet community back  so we enjoy peaceful nights of rest.

How would you enjoy having loud music blasting through your neighbourhood night after night preventing you from getting any proper rest.  It is very disgusting now.  To have this music blasting sometimes way past 12 am to 2 am.

This is just not right.  The owners of the bar is only interested in making money. The do not have any concern for the sanity and wellbeing of the residents. The patrons of this bar could only care about the temporary pleasure they obtain from drinking the rum.  The dangerous health risks from the alcoholic consumption is the last thing on their minds. They could not care at all.

We need our community back for ourselves:  The quiet and clean community that existed a few years ago until this establishment invaded and brought in the rats with it.



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  1. The will of the residents is that the damn bar be closed. frequently the joint arriving in government or police cars should be kicked in the ass, have the cars taken away, and sent to Redonda for retraining.

  2. This seems to be the cry of the poor & aged persons…. Lower Ottos is another hotspot. The concern of noise pollution, littering & profane languages have been echoed several times throughout this medium & other electronic media. It is extremely gross and disrespectful for the residents in such areas… Why is the cry been ignored by the authorities??

  3. I am having the same problem there’s one right in front of my house in Jennings… which suppose to be a retail shop but is operating as s bar. I’ve made numerous complaints to the police in Johnson point station but these same police men frequent the said bar/shop and drink rum and smoke marijuana in their uniform and do nothing about the complaint. This is unacceptable and over and bearing now!!!.

  4. Because these allegations are pure lies!!!!!! I frequent this establishment, how do you sleep at night knowing this is a one man show and not the call of the village how do you look yourself in the mirror knowing you are sharing lies about garbage and loud music… you are pathetic !!!

    • I have been reading these posts about the bars/restaurants/nighclubs that have been springing up in quiet residential communities all over the island. There appears to be a serious flaw in the system or the people issuing the licenses just DO NOT care. The relevant authorities MUST seriously consider where these types of establishments are given licenses to operate.
      This is a necessary factor that must be taken into high consideration when issuing license. It is simple common sense. You just DO NOT permit someone to open and operate a bar/nightclub in the midst of a residential community.

      It is pellucid that such businesses will always present various forms of situations that allow for loud music, illicit behaviors by the patrons, littering, and even violence. Wherever alcohol consumption is involved, one can expect dangerous behaviors to proliferate.

      It is just how human nature is: EVIL AND ONLY SET ON THAT PATH.
      You cannot get away from it.
      So all considerations must be given to the upliftment of communities and not install establishments that will degrade the quality of live.

      I would dare to say that many if not most of the people who visit these bars/nightclubs would certainly not be pleased if the same situations exist in their neighborhoods. The good old rule says: ” Do unto others as you would like to be done unto you.”

      If only a few more people would adhere to this simple principle of life, our world would definitely be a much better place. But not so at all …the heart of man is desperately wicked….corrupt and selfish.

      Music has a profound effect on the human psyche. It hypnotizes. The ardent bartender with his music personnel knows exactly what type of music to play to captivate the customers’ mindset and control the mood of the atmosphere.

      Add the alcohol to the music and there you have a classical recipe for TROUBLE. There is no doubt about that.

      More and more of our young people are trapped in this alcoholic saga; purposely rejecting the proven fact that the practise presents dangerous health issues. Science has proven that even a small quantity of alcohol consumption increases the risk of cancer for women. Yet, we see the drastic increase in drinking by the ladies.

      Mankind just will not learn.

      We prefer the evil over the good.
      The concept of “feel good” … the temporary pleasures of life is rapidly wiping out many lives.

      It is all about CHOICES.

      Every choice has a consequence.

      It is left to each of us to use our God given ability to make the correct choices that will not only affect us personally but also our communities. The evidences are all around of the bad choices we have made.

      Let us be real, people. The practise of operating bars/nightclubs in the midst of residential communities is a DANGEROUS ONE.



  5. I live next to this bar, and it’s a lie, no garbage is left around and the music is always at a respectable level. This seems personal.

  6. This happens everywhere on the island and it is totally wrong. As mentioned, the worst part of this is the participation of peoples on the police force. Seeing government police vehicles parked around is a joke. The selfish and shameful attitudes of the party goers is out of control. We live in Jolly Harbour and this happens here as well. The location I mention is a private residence, rented out for random and persistent parties. I like socializing and having a good time as well. But, I don’t love it when people are loudly arguing at 4:30 am, and bringing in bands to play on a Sunday night with a full horn section. Come on- Respect.

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