The most popular CRM used in the IT industry


No one can argue with the statement that growth is the main thing startups and small businesses strive for.

But as you grow, you need to organize, improve, and accelerate your business processes effectively.

And this is where a CRM system can be your best friend.

This article will present the top ten most-rated developments in this area.

Under the concept of IT, sector fall sites. It even applies to gambling clubs like Bollywood live games.

Gambling clubs and the most popular online casino also have their CRMs, which we will talk about today.

The main benefits of CRM

● Contacts. The first or foremost advantage is the effective organization of your communications – the name CRM (Customer Relationship Management or Customer Relationship Management System).

Your company is growing and developing, and you may need to structure your data processing in the future.

A clear overview of your contacts will help you launch all the processes more accessible and faster.

● Sales reports. A CRM system enables you to track sales through various metrics, such as customer calls or closed deals.

This data is used in sales funnel management.

CRM software helps track and visualize performance metrics in contact profiles, so you can identify potential customers at each stage of the funnel and expand your customer base.

Tracking audience reach and orders also helps with revenue management.

● Customer segmentation. One of the most critical tasks for digital marketers and sales teams today is customer segmentation.

It is an opportunity to personalize and break down the audience of potential customers based on several parameters, such as deal size, location, and more.

This way, the sales team will know what to focus on best.

What do you need to pay attention to when choosing a CRM system?

There are several things to consider when choosing a CRM system in 2022.

● Low cost.
● Simplicity.
● Ability to customize.
● Customer support.

As a rule, small companies and startups resort to CRM systems after a certain period, which allows them to avoid the mistakes of those who immediately try to get on the technological rails and seek to use all the latest developments.

The best CRM systems for IT businesses


The main advantage of Hubspot’s CRM is that it has an entirely free plan, which makes it especially attractive to small companies and startups.

It allows you to keep an extensive database of customers (up to 1 million contacts), sales, orders, deals, tasks, and meetings.

In addition, it has an activity feed, an option to track communications, and customer support (tickets) through a feedback form and online chat.

Hubspot is used for correspondence and calls, landing pages and multi-page sites, email marketing, and other Internet marketing campaigns.

There are lead generation and management features, as well as flexible analytics options: email campaigns, financials, different marketing campaigns, CTAs, etc. Hubspot CRM can be integrated with Facebook Ads, Salesforce, MailChimp, Google Analytics, WordPress, Tilda, etc.


The Salesmate CRM system includes a set of functions to automate sales for small and medium-sized businesses.

It can maintain a detailed database of customers and counterparties, monitor transactions, and build communication via email, telephone, and online chat.

In addition, the platform allows you to import a database of customers from various third-party sources: Google Sheets, Excel spreadsheets, or a database of phone numbers.

The Deal Management module within Salesmate allows you to prioritize and set intermediate tasks and includes full-fledged sales funnels.

You can also segment your customer base and search for relevant contacts using several filters.

In addition, there is a set of email marketing features (email distribution templates, campaign analytics), a system of notifications, and monitoring of employees’ actions.

CRM Salesmate is available as a web service and mobile application (iOS, Android); the introductory rate will cost $ 12 a month for one employee.


Zoho is a universal CRM used by over 250,000 companies and entrepreneurs in 180 countries.

It provides a comprehensive business management system, including sales, marketing, resource management, and customer support modules. With Zoho CRM, it is possible to keep a single customer database in one place, including contacts, accounts, deals, orders, and other vital data.

In addition, Zoho CRM includes functionality for planning and executing promotions and marketing campaigns, tracking marketing, sales, and financial performance.

It allows you to control the purchase of goods and services from contractors, do accounting, and manage tasks.

There are many integrations: Gmail, WordPress, Microsoft Outlook, online telephony services, and other software.

A wide range of pricing plans are offered (starting with a free package for three users) and a 15-day trial period.


Salesforce is one of the most popular and well-known CRM platforms, providing a range of solutions for both small businesses and large enterprises.

One of its main modules is Sales Cloud – it is designed to support sales processes, help maintain a database of customers, invoice them, monitor the progress of transactions, etc.

In addition, marketing and sales analytics tools are also available here.

Salesforce Sales Cloud offers five subscription levels, starting at $5 per month per user.

The second key module of the CRM platform is Salesforce Service Cloud, and it provides a set of tools to support customers and create a self-service system.

There is a knowledge base, web chat, incident and asset management modules, and integration with social networks and other web resources (directly or via APIs).

Salesforce Service Cloud offers three subscription levels, starting at $65 per month per user.


Salesflare are  CRM is designed specifically for startups and small B2B companies.

It helps to automate creating and maintaining a customer base by automatically collecting customer data from different sources (websites, social networks, email, etc.) and adding them to the database.
It also allows you to track transactions and other ways of interacting with your audience.

Using Salesflare CRM, you can automatically receive data from online chats and web forms.

The system supports integration with third-party services, including Google products, Facebook Lead Ads, Slack, MailChimp, and others.

In addition, CRM offers three pricing plans; the essential plan cost is $29 per monthly user.

Agile CRM

Agile CRM is a comprehensive service that includes functionality to automate sales, marketing, and customer service.

With its help, companies and startups can maintain a user base, automate communications, control the course of deals and optimize workflows with Agile technology.

Other features of Agile CRM include support for marketing tools, including email marketing and SMM.

There is also functionality for creating landing pages, a helpdesk module, a system of tickets, and a knowledge base.

In addition, the platform provides integrations with Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin, Google Apps, Twilio, and many other services. There is a free plan (up to 10 users) and three paid plans starting from $9 monthly for one user.


Modern CRM systems first appeared and spread in the Western market and only then became popular in Eastern European countries.

In this article, we looked at 6 of the most well-known CRM platforms in the US and European countries, briefly describing their specialization, main functionality, and pricing plans.

Also, don’t forget about some pitfalls that users of popular CRM platforms might encounter.

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