The Most Effective Ways to Freshen The Air in Your Home


With climate change such a big issue, the demand for cleaner ways of living is enormous. One way that you can improve the lives of your family members is to make sure that the air in your home is as fresh as possible. Maintaining a high quality of air in your home ensures that you are not affected by airborne contaminants like dust, pollen, mold spores, and pet dander. Keeping the air in your home fresh can be very easy as long as you take the right steps.

In this article, we will explain the most effective ways to freshen the air in your home.

Regularly Air Out Your House

One of the easiest ways to freshen the air in your home is to regularly air it out to let out the stale air and bring fresh air in. So many people keep all their doors and windows shut at all times but whilst this may stop dirt and bugs from getting in, it traps stale inside your home and prevents the circulation of fresh air. All kinds of harmful contaminants can pollute your home if you don’t regularly air it out like chlorine from cleaning products and nitrogen oxide that is emitted by common household appliances. The air inside your home needs to be regularly recycled so it is important to create a path for the air to flow in and out. 

Install an Air Filter

Air filters are considered by many to be the most effective way to deal with air pollution. There has been a long debate about the most effective air treatment devices but air filters compared to purifiers have been shown to be far superior for freshening the air in your home. First, air purifiers use exhaust fans to draw air from the outside environment into the machine. Next, the air is passed through the filter where it is cleaned and then circulated through the room. Many different types of filters are made from different materials such as foam, fiberglass, and cotton. Each type of filter is effective in eliminating specific pollutants and contaminants from the air in your home.

Fill your Home with Plants

Plants are nature’s air filters and filling your home with lots of green plants in every room is one of the most effective ways to purify the air in your house. Plants convert the carbon dioxide in the air into oxygen to make it better for your family to breathe, remove harmful contaminants from the air such as benzene from cigarette smoke and formaldehyde from the carpet. Plants are also great for maintaining the humidity levels on your home so that as well as freshening your air, they also create a far more pleasant environment. Always choose plants with green leaves and no flowers to limit insects or the potential for triggering pollen allergies. 

Clean Upholstery and Bedsheets Regularly

Dirt, plastic chips, and wood particles all have a detrimental effect on our respiratory systems and overall health so it is really important to vacuum your home regularly. Many contaminants settle in upholstery and textiles so be sure to vacuum floors, sofas, curtains, and throws. Additionally, it is really important to wash your pillows and sheets every week at a high temperature to kill bacteria and reduce the number of pollutants in the air of your home.

Keep Your Air Conditioner Clean and Well Maintained

Air conditioners are designed to remove all the impurities and contaminants from the air in your home but if your AC is dirty or isn’t functioning properly it can end up doing the exact opposite. The filters in your AC are intended to trap pollen, dust, animal dander, and mold spores, but if the filters are broken or are clogged up, your AC will end up circulating all of this nasty stuff around your home. Make sure to clean out your AC filters regularly and to have your air conditioner professionally serviced twice a year so that an expert can do any maintenance that is required.

The value of fresh air is unquantifiable and so it is vital to take every step possible to optimize the quality of the air in your home. Low-quality air can cause a range of health problems like asthma, allergic reactions, and even more serious respiratory problems. With the ever-increasing global pollution levels, creating a quality environment inside your home is becoming more difficult than ever. Follow the steps laid out in this guide and you can help ensure that your family’s health is protected.