LETTER: The last time an ALP leader was so abused!


Dear Editor,

The last time an ALP leader was so abused by the populace was in 2004 when Lester Bird forgot who put him in position and was so abusive to Church leaders, the Arab business people and just about everyone that touched his corn.


We all know that when he touched the Lord’s Anointed, the hammer fell, and he never walked into Parliament again. He did get a reprieve and sat in Parliament, but that towering walk was no more.

In these times of wars and rumors of wars between the two best friends and collaborators in the same party, one whose family fortunes were duly spent in keeping the ABLP afloat during its times of stress and then with campaigning costs, and one who had no money. If one listens closely it all boils down to money, and one can only love money so much to fight to the death, if one has never been really exposed to it.

However, clearly the leader of the party wants the job of the Maverick added to his portfolio, because the Maverick has the money and spends it too, and this time around the buyers of the island of Antigua from the Far East & Asia are footing the bill, through their many Special Zones, so the younger Maverick is be retired.


The only problem is the secrets and secret files and recordings which could go on display and social media opens up the leadership to scorn, derision and ultimately loss of the Party, even if by fluke he retains his seat in his own hostile constituency.

Greed is a Cardinal sin and it really has the power to make men self-destruct. When one looks at the life of the two protagonists, one is known to have a heart of gold despite a tongue of whips, whereas the other is known to be grossly greedy, and carrying a nasty and abusive tongue.


One was born in abject poverty because of illness and neglect while the other was the pampered newborn male in a family of wealthy people who revere the first male as very special.

The love that existed between the two was so special on one side that he pressured all his former friends to gain the support of the party to replace his ‘surrogate father!’


Having accomplished that feat with the help of Barbuda, life became smooth sailing for the other who now had the power to make and remake people even as Lester Bird had sworn, and which also saw the backside of ALP out of the election door.



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  1. Anyone that’s write a letter without identifying themselves have no credibility. What news site will post such propaganda? Maybe it’s one of the charlatans that is on the payroll of the rotten mango.

  2. Well written.

    The problem that ‘one’ is having is that he was wrapped up with the ‘other’ and now he is TRYING TO PUT UP HIMSELF AS SOME PARAGON OF VIRTUE.

    Just look at the people around ‘this guy’ who hold political power now.

    They are mostly ‘U.P.P. REJECTS’ who are making a ‘financial killing’ at the moment.

    Can you imagine these ‘U.P.P. REJECTS’ are now living life in ‘BAYHOO’ and the LABOURITES can’t even buy a pound of ‘SARL’ (according to Tanny)?

    The ‘LABOURITES’ will have to take back their party because they have certainly lost it to the ‘GASTONITES’.

    What a shame.

    Think about that ‘LABOURITES’.

      • If so, why they’re not man or woman enough to sign as the author? Why hide your identity? Just maybe that strong supporter is one of those people who are under the control of the rotten mango. He is famous for bribery. Don’t be surprised if he is behind the letter writer and the forum that is used to publish the letter.

  3. oh my this touch a nerve for some people. the truth is these two people were like batty and po my teacher use to tell. money use to freely between them i hear. i also sit in a class once and listened to my teacher playing a series of recordings with voices that sound very much like big well known people in alp.

    My teacher tell us to listen carefully and think of the consequences such actions have on the country development. She never once gave us her personal opinion but she ask us to list what we think are examples of conduct we will accept from people involved in politics. since that time i know alp is a curse on this country. Thank you miss selena, kwamie, jess and me talk about those sessions with the recordings every now and then. we are grateful for your mentorship. this alp administration is like watching a horror movie.

    • Actually that was LB and AM. Try and remember it was Gaston who forced him to resign during the LB admin. Those days under LB he was the unelected finance minister

  4. Give me a aspirin even if the author was identified by name some of you would still have the same conclusion so don’t grab at straws. .
    If you see the Moustache 2 bit Dictator shoot a man in the back you would still give a reason why he had to be shot in the back.
    Being relatively new on this platform I quickly realize the few that are TELLERS OF TRUTH : MELCHESIDEC, CHARLES TABOR ,RED KOOL AID, KATHY , RAS SMOOTH AND BEACH BUM AMONG OTHERS.
    So many on here are truly Tellers of folk and fairy tales .

  5. The BIG RED MACHINE is coming to stop near you. Have the courage to use your intelligence against their rhetorical speech. Have the courage to trust your intellect and wisdom on all those who come before to talk and ask for your vote. Use your Moral compass to judge who is fit and dignified to hold the office they are fighting hard to get. Ask yourselves Why? In the end. Look at yourself, family, neighbors, friends and take a look around your village. Ask yourselves. Am I better off today under the Stone led government than I was 7 short years ago. Let that be your guide!

  6. they can cut each other throat for all i care. they just to wicked. look how they mash up the company with they greed and selfishness them and there family and tight friends making money out this world from government.

  7. right now school children ah belch big time. alp stalwarts ah bawl merda. one ah me idren who feed close to the trough tell me some ah alp big dawg dem get land in english harbour dat one man gi back government fu neaga in de area dat no hab land can get fu buy. but dem suckas huff de land from de people. Ah parasite dem be dem no lub arwe.

    mo belching ah tek place to. man dey ah public works ah bawl merda because big contract fu equipment work ah go close to all dat link wid de dawg dem. so mek dem kill one another when den friendship mashup. because ah plenty dey fu uncover bout who get deal yah and dey and de people lef fu suffa.

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