The horrific abuse of candidate George, Candidate Simon, and their supporters



The horrific abuse of candidate George, Candidate Simon, and their supporters
Bloggers on various Antiguan and Barbudan online newspaper and local Antiguans and Barbudans should asked themself a few questions.
Some of these questions would be: 1) have you ever met Mr. George? 2) Have you met Mr. Simon? These are two of the candidates in the upcoming election for St. Mary’s South.
3) Do they know you?
4) If and when you met the candidates, did you guys get into a physical or verbal fight?
Well, I am asking these questions in my attempt to understand why it is so important and common for online bloggers and locals to be abusive, outrageous and outright evil to the political candidates they do not support.
5) Do you know most of you (individually) are not in the minds of any of the candidates?
6) Do you know the candidates are most likely not against any of you, they do not know you exist individually?
Candidates sometimes enter into politics for the first time and really have not done anything bad or detrimental to the public (not yet and hopefully, never), as this is their first time in such a position. Yet, they are already being treated in a manner that is far beyond what any reasonable society should tolerate. I am not saying politicians should not be highly scrutinized but there is a difference between scrutiny and outright abusive and outrageous conduct against them and their supporters.
What I often see on the online newspaper, in the Antiguan homes and neighborhoods are outright abusive and outrageous conduct leveled against brand new politicians, even those who have yet to hold office and do you wrong.
7) If you chose to be abusive and evil to someone, why not wait until they do something that could somewhat justify it? Really and truly, nothing can morally justify abuse and evil. But I am saying this for you to see that we are not making sense. We are attacking people only because they want to enter into politics to serve you and they are on a team we may not like.
I truly believe it is honorable for these candidates to want to serve the people and offer themself up to such kind of scrutiny from the public (scrutiny and not abuse). I am hoping that their intent is to serve the public, let us give each of the candidates these benefits of the doubt at this time.
I am hoping their intent is exactly like mine or better, wanting to make a positive difference in the life of others, without wanting anything in return and willing to do so because it is the right thing to do, even when you are convince that those person you are helping would not help you, if they had the ability to help you, and you were in need of their help.
8) Why do we want two Bolans man and their supporters to hate each other?
9) Are the candidates the bad guys in this case or those people locally and online whose abusive actions are encouraging hatred and causing severe emotional distress to the candidates and the people in St. Mary’s South and Antigua and Barbuda in General?
I am telling you this, this conduct is discouraging people with the ability to do greatness for Antigua and Barbuda immediately from doing these things. I know of a person if becomes interested in politics would refuse every dime of payment/salary within the government because this person has achieve a level of financial success that this person is fine with working for the betterment of the people within the need or want for any salary, because dude already makes serious amount of money weekly (millions a year). I had to express that like that for emphasis. But that person has no interest at all in entering this horrific abusive circus, so folks that can clearly help, without the public having to wonder, can this person help me and the community, these kinds of persons are not motivated to enter into politics, because of the abuse and outrageous conduct of locals and bloggers.
I am frankly proud that there are two persons from my village, who are vying to represent the constituency that includes my Bolans village. I understand the feeling of being proud of achieving things that you thought, as a person from Bolans, Antigua, was not reasonably attainable. In fact, a lot of achievements were not in mine, because it is not something you even considered to be possible as an Antiguan and Barbudan.
Show me one person in Antigua and Barbuda who can reasonably conclude it is relatively possible to have millions in their bank accounts. Show me an Antiguan and Barbudan who thinks it is relatively possible to get a doctorate degree. I am not happy saying this, but I am saying it so that bloggers and locals can pay more attention to the issues that would make Antigua and Barbuda and specifically in this by-election, St. Mary’s Parish, South, and Bolans Village a better place for the people. The abusive and outrageous conduct does not put attention to these important things. At this time, in this era, the small population of Antigua and Barbuda and specifically in Bolans village, should have a tremendously high rate of advanced degree holders and local millionaires. Candidates entering politics accepting $1 salary, because they are already millionaires and have having to encourage them to your team (applies to ABLP and UPP, if applicable) with money or assets. They would have already achieved such funds that they enter based on wanting give back, as they already have all they want and need in life that they made outside of politics and not when they are in politics.
We should look at the situation differently, treat each other with respect and determine if you, the blogger and local, actually love the country as a whole, wanting the entire country to progress or actually are more focused on the politics and rivalry.
I always say, you know who truly loves you by how easy they give you what they find to be most valuable to them (Luke 16:10). A lot of people consider their money their most valuable assets.
10) Have any of these abusive and horrible bloggers and locals who are cursing out people who are voting for someone they do not want ever to spend a dime of their money for the betterment of you, your community and the country of Antigua and Barbuda by donating? If you really love Antigua and Barbuda, abusing folks online and at the corner of the block is certainly not the way to show your love for the country and its people.
11) During the pandemic did you give a dime or dollar or like a particular person, sent millions and instruct a particular person to take out $50,000.00 to $250,000 to share with not only family members, but with community, even complete strangers, who are having a tough time during the economic crisis partly caused by the pandemic because there will certainly be people who are in need? Now that is how you help your country and people and not this online abuse, outrageous, intrusive and evil actions against each other.
Close your eyes and ask yourself these questions. 12) Have I met any of the person I am abusing?
13) Did they abuse me?
14) And in the Antiguan saying, has a candidate or the candidates’ supporters break a stick in or on any part of your body?
These questions will guide you to do what is best for you, your family and your country. Well, if you can answer them truthfully. To truly help your country, you will want to begin being nice, respectful and making decisions on the merit. You will want to begin appreciating people’s (candidate’s) humble offer of service, their humble donation and appreciate their good intent, even when what they plan may not be what you see for yourself and your community. But everyone has different plans, every candidate may see things differently but essentially, they want to better you and your communities (hopefully). I am giving them the benefit of the doubt until evidence is had that clearly and convincingly proves otherwise.
I know there are some politicians that are horrible and that will not go above and beyond for you even in the national interest and as a matter of national security. This is horrible but it still does not justify abusing then, scrutinizing them, yes, even when they have their outright liars and abusers online who attempts to silence good-faith demand for accountability. And never ever let any politicians tell you that they are not able to help, they can always help. They are in charge, they make laws, policies, etcetera. And they should always be ready and willing to help you in every aspect of life.
I want the constituency of St. Mary’s South, especially my Bolans village, to go to the polls and vote for who they believe in their heart will represent them and make their life and that of their family’s objective better. If you are convinced a particular candidate will do the job, I am begging you to vote for that candidate and when the winner is decided, I am asking all to support this person so that they can properly serve the entire.
Candidates can great ministers of government, even if they are economics professors, guidance counselors, garbage collectors, fishermen, attorneys, criminologist, millionaires, or single dude who works all day and have no social life because he or she wants to attain certain financial level and then partially retire in a month and then go find a wife in Antigua and Barbuda who can cook chap-up and saltfish, as that is that person’s Favorite dish, with bread, never anything else with the chop-up but bread, please ha ha ha ha ha. That was a little jokey joke.
I want everyone to begin loving each other, and aim to be respectful to others, even those who did not vote for your candidate. Also, contribute to your country and when I say this, I am not referring to being online and being abusive to others because of what political party they are with, I am talking about using your money or your skills or whatever other assets you have to help your community. Those are good help.
Do not care if people think you talk about what you are doing to be showy, you know you are doing it because you care, and because you hope what you are doing will motivate others to contribute too. Some people are just evil and selfish in their heart that they will see bad in the good you are attempting to do.
I love you all, and there are so many bloggers I wish I could meet and others, that I would literally hide from and never let into my home because they do not know when, where and never. There are things you never do to others.
I want to thank the candidates for their offer of service to us and our people and even if your mind were not honorable at the time, our love and support of you will make you do the right thing for us (we are speaking this into existence). I am sorry for all the abuse you guys are facing, especially if your intent is honorable.
Candidates are leaders, they represent us, but they are not the only people in charge of making society better, we all are responsible, and I am making this my way of helping society understand this.
15) Does it make sense to be cursing people who are not cursing you? 16) Does it make sense that politics stays how it is? 17) Have you seen any progress in Antigua and Barbuda based on these despicable behaviors?
I am pretty sure the candidates did not enter politics to curse and abuse others and pretty they hoped to not be victims of the same.
There is a storm coming to Antigua and Barbuda, I hope those people who wants to help are ready and eager to provide whatever assistance they can provide. This is how you make a difference, not the manner in which I see bloggers expressing themself. If you truly want to help, start by exercise your freedom of expression in a respectable manner and then ask how you can help your community.
I intend to do something that I have never seen any locals do, and I planned or hope to be able to do it this coming November. I want no praise and you do not even need to thank me; I am not looking for that. I am the person who knows the same people you help, probably will be the same people who will verbally abuse you and if you need their help, and they could help, they most likely would not.
I am going to help my community of Bolans, even though it was made difficult by politicians who says as leader they cannot lead, direct, request, motivate, encourage, support, facilitate, and enact laws and policies that is in the national interest and national security benefits.

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  1. I think somebody needs to remind Colin oneal about his past plus the present,he talk about others and seems to totally forget about his past and present……….I can refresh your memory if u seems to forget

    • Colin O’Squeal is just like Troy, he’s way up Gaston batty hole, singing for his supper in a tub of shit, so he needs to shut the frig up, especially that Lamin Fig Newton.

    • @Jus a talk

      why you talking about Miss Knight so? Up to now the bed-shaking traumatize the youngman. Imagine hearing a noise, you follow it and buss open the bedroom door to see your daddy on all fours?? No wonder the young man have mental health challenges. Poor fella

  2. And the exact same thing has been happening to the Honourable Kelvin Shuggy Simon.

    The abuse and vilification from the opposition and ABLP supporters has left a lot to be desired.

    And if the heat is too hot for Dwayne George, then he needs to get out of the ‘political’ kitchen.

    Show some MUSCLE 💪🏾 💪🏾 George … 😁



    When they decided to serve publicly they opened themselves to US

    Againnnn you dnt like how we move get ya rass arrff of here

  4. I guess when shitty face COLIN & TROY does it it’s ok….. you sound like a PAID WHINER your bias and I guess YOU jus wanted to see your poor excuse of a letter posted… your not fair or balanced

    The PM ass lickers DO IT EVERY CHANCE THEY GET …. Your audacity can choke horse as the previous blogger said go your ASS TO OPRAH with your whining

  5. They open themself up to scrutiny, not outrageous abuse. Those with intelligence, and class knows the difference. Sadly, 99% of bloggers snd locals do not know.

    You think it is material, relevant and proper to talk about who should be inside someone’s bottom or not?

    How on earth does these types of conversation has merit in a discussion to find good leaders within a country?

    90%, sorry, 99.9% of discussions here and elsewhere pertaining to politics has no value in bettering the people of the United Islands of Antigua and Barbuds.

    Some other person with sense, please come forward.

    How is discussions about who should be in someone’s bottom or seems to want to be in a bottom or a person should kill himself or herself relevant to better serve the people?

    You guys say you love Antigua but you do not. Trust me on this.

  6. the people deserve honest member of Parliament. GOD-FEARING man who dont turn he back on God………respect God respect the people, love the people. ex-Apostle Kelvin he changed for the worse….used to serve God now dancing with Satan kingdom

    nazarene dont mess with Alcohol dont gamble dont jump up in carnival…..pray he change he ways. he dont suit politics. he living for the flesh, not good. very bad example for youth n other ppl

    “No one who puts his hand to the plow and looks back is fit for the kingdom of God.” Luke 9:62

  7. Where did Dwayne George get $25,000.00 from?

    It must be investigated make that lazy AG look into it and if not him get the GG involved. If all that fails, bring Scotland Yard into it.

    Antigua people deserve to know what is going down on our island. We want the truth.

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