The honourable thing for him to do is demit office


REAL NEWS- Anthony Armstrong’s removal as Director of Public Prosecutions (DPP) would have to be executed by the Governor-General, says Justin Simon, K.C. – and this would be on the advice of the Judicial and Legal Services Commission.

The DPP is a creature of the Constitution, Simon reminds the public. However, if he is found guilty of a criminal offence, his removal is automatic.

If, however, Armstrong is absolved of the charges, then – for transparency and public confidence in the office – the honourable thing for him to do is demit office, says Simon, a former Attorney-General.

Simon says it is very important that the people are able to trust this country’s justice system; that officers of the court are held to the same – or a higher – standard as residents; and that they are subject to disciplinary action.

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  1. Wait so if he is found innocent ( absolved of the charges) he must still resign to ensure public confidence in the office says Justin? I must be reading this wrong. How is it that Sherfield Bowen is running for public office on Justin’s party ticket? Bowen was found guilty of taking a life of a young lady, judges, on appeal, in essences suggested a retrial but left it up to the DPP (Anthony Armstrong) to decide (hence not fully cleared). Many members of the public still have questions, yet am I reading that a not guilty verdict trumps a call for retrial based on a technicality?

    • Yes Sherfield Bowen has been absolved. You and Gaston are cut from the same cloth. He likes to use the term cleared on technicality.

      You people are so dam hypocritical.

      • @hyenas Benjamin was ever found guilty by any court? The UPP appointed police commissioner dropped the charges stating insufficient evidence. You had evidence to support a conviction? Why did you not convince Vere Brown? Again two of the 3 judges in the Bowen appeal pointed out a retrial was best, However one of the two added they would leave it up to Anthony Armstrong (also appointed under the UPP)to decide. Let me also remind you that its the courts who have also ruled that the current political leader of the UPP, needs to stand trail. When will HL heed Justin’s logic and step down?

  2. And what if he is proven innocent? Just because someone claims you do wrong means that a person should give up all that they worked hard for? If he is proven guiltt then he can demit office.

  3. Malwyn and his health administrator should demit too
    A few of the managers at Apua and Robin need to demit office
    In Antigua, we don’t want explanations, we thrive on innuendo
    Oh and Condolences to MP Asot who demitted Office

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