The History of Online Gambling in Antigua and Barbuda


Online gambling has become more popular than ever. It offers unlimited fun and excitement. In many countries’ gamblers can play internet casino games from without bothering much about safety. There are many popular and legal online casinos all over the world. One of the jurisdictions of gambling is Antigua and Barbuda. Players from many countries can enjoy online gambling in this jurisdiction. However, they need to be aware of the legalities, rules, and regulations to avoid any complications. When it comes to Antigua and Barbuda online casinos, they can expect an enhanced experience. You can find more than dozens of online casino platforms.


In this article, we will answer all the queries related to Antigua and Barbuda online gambling. We will start with the history, and then we will cover the rules and regulations. Besides that, we will cover some popular casino sites and why these are worth considering. In the end, we will discuss the future of online gambling in Antigua and Barbuda.


Antigua & Barbuda: The History of Gambling

In Antigua and Barbuda, the Island states had been under the control of British rule until 1981. The twin islands in the Caribbean still follow the English Common Law. More importantly, the legislative framework of the twin states is based on the British principle. In 1982, just one year after the independence, Antigua & Barbuda became a popular jurisdiction in offshore banking followed by the International Business Corporations Act (IBCA). The act also made it a popular jurisdiction for gambling. Antigua and Barbuda offer licenses to gambling companies as well as license to interactive gaming. Since 1994 many gambling sites have obtained a gambling licenses in this region. The licensed gambling sites offer online gambling to many countries.


When Antigua & Barbuda Started Online Gambling

The twin states had local casino facilities even before independence. As the place is a favorite tourist destination for global travelers, it succeeded to develop both land-based casinos as well as terrestrial casinos. Antigua & Barbuda has six land-based XCD casinos. The King’s Casino is known to be the biggest one, and is located in St. John’s capital. When it comes to terrestrial gambling, it has been operating since 1988. In the current condition, it offers more than 300 video machines and fifteen gambling tables. In 2016, the Antigua & Barbuda government’s new gambling law paved the way for more expansion of online gambling.


At present, many big casino resorts are under construction in Antigua & Barbuda. Robert De Niro is one of the popular names related to those big projects. The budget for these projects is $250m. Players will also find many land-based casinos. All these facilities made Antigua & Barbuda’s jurisdiction well-liked among punters across the globe. Currently, there are around 150 approved online casinos with headquarters in Antigua and Barbuda. These casinos also offer better job opportunities to the local people. 4K and even more local people are currently employed in those local casinos. They are hiring IT experts, marketers, and central employees. Also, these locally licensed casinos contribute to the revenue of Antigua & Barbuda. They bring around $ 3.4b to the budget of the twin states.


Many online casinos are locally licensed. However, some excellent and well-developed platforms are registered beyond the twin states, abroad.


Jurisdiction Dispute

Antigua & Barbuda had registered a complaint against the USA to the WTO about the violation of the General Agreement. In 2003, America banned locally licensed online casinos to enter its gambling market. It caused financial damages to the twin states. The islands succeeded to get the decision in their favor in the court of the World Trade Organization. As a result, the US had to pay $21m annually to Antigua & Barbuda until it makes some positive changes in its trade legislation. However, the US government has not acted on the decision and has not paid any amount to Antigua and Barbuda until now..


The Directorate Offshore Gaming in Antigua & Barbuda

The Directorate Offshore Gaming is responsible for the internet gambling activity in Antigua and Barbuda. The directorate is the division of the FSRC (Financial Services Regulatory Commission). The body works legally under the Interactive Gaming and Interactive Wagering Regulations as well as the International Business Corporations Act. The regulatory body is empowered to offer two types of licenses. These are interactive gaming and interactive wagering. Also, it issues licenses to permitted operators.


Antigua & Barbuda: Online Gambling Rules & Regulations

The Directorate Offshore Gaming is the regulatory body to monitor gambling activities in Antigua and Barbuda. There many laws that are passed to ensure the further expansion of online gambling in Antigua and Barbuda. The twin states have personalized policy for the locally licensed casinos. To legalize online gambling in Antigua & Barbuda, the legal authorities in 1994 issued local regulations that permit online gambling.


The current gambling law has been in place since 2016. In 2007, the law incorporated both Interactive Wagering Regulations and Interactive Gaming regulations, and after 2007 the local casinos will also need the license from the Directorate Offshore Gaming. There are some age restrictions. You cannot enjoy online gambling if you are not eighteen years old. It is the minimum age requirement.

In 2010, Antigua and Barbuda further decided to sign a Memorandum of Understanding to make gambling easier for the local people. The memorandum was signed with the local authorities to enable local people to play with their real money in Antigua & Barbuda based casinos. Local people can officially play at the licensed gambling websites.

Antigua & Barbuda have tried to create a favorable environment for local gamblers unlike other Caribbean nations including Belize and Costa Rice. Some states have strict online gambling laws. However, Antigua & Barbuda have created a safe gambling opportunity by monitoring the security features and other considerations of locally licensed casinos.

When it comes to operators, the law is a bit restrictive. They cannot get a license easily. They will have to follow a lot of procedures and meet some specific requirements to get a license. The process might be a bit complex for the operators. But it creates a safe online gambling environment for local players.

The gamblers will have many options in high-quality XCD online gambling platforms. Players can choose any platform that they find worth to play at. As mentioned earlier, thorough research is a must to choose a quality online gambling platform. Some platforms do not offer quality services. So, you will have to take extra caution to choose a safer option. In addition to online casino games, players can play poker freely. They can also enjoy sports bets as well as the lottery. You can play free games and learn the techniques. Once you are confident, you can consider playing with your hard-earned money.


Antigua & Barbuda: Popular Online Gambling Sites

You can expect a wide range of games such as roulette, blackjack, and any other online slots. Also, these are safe and legal.. You will have to choose one of the reputed casinos to have better options and more security features. When it comes to popular platforms, you can consider Royal Vegas, Casoo, Lucky Nugget and Ruby Fortune. These casinos are known for offering high-quality online casino games in Antigua and Barbuda, and in countries like Canada where they have good reviews.


How to Choose the Best Casino in Antigua & Barbuda

Players will have to choose an online casino website depending on their experience level. If you are a beginner, you should consider a safe option with good reviews. However, if you are experienced, you would want find the ones with many games games. You should also consider bonuses and other factors to make a smart move. Let’s cover some factors that players need to go through to choose the best online casino in Antigua and Barbuda.

They will have to start with the license. All the reputed and reliable casinos will have at least one license. It is the key consideration, and they should never choose a casino if it is not licensed. In addition to the license, players will have to check some other factors. Some of the licensed casinos do not offer quality games. They are not popular for creating a user-friendly platform. Users need to check bonuses, game graphics, availability of games, terms, and conditions, and customer support as well. The customer support should be excellent and in real-time.

The Antigua & Barbuda players should also avoid the platforms licensed in Central American countries that include Costa Rica, Panama, or Belize. The local authorities of these locations sell the licenses without checking the security features. Therefore, it is always suggested to avoid those platforms to enjoy the games in a safe environment. As mentioned earlier, players need to consider customer support before deciding on a platform. Most of the casinos offer 24/7 customer support, and users can ask their queries whenever required. Also, the customer care team will communicate in the English language. As a result, players will not have any problem to communicate.

Before playing with real money, players must should the available free games in Antigua and Barbuda online casinos. It will help users to improve their gaming skills. Most of the reliable platforms offer demo games. You can try them first and then you can play with your money. You can also research the software that casinos are using. It is always a good sign if the online casinos are using reliable names such as Playtech, NetEnt, and Microgaming. All these software providers are popular for offering developed and advanced fair games.

Next, users will have to inquire about the bonuses. Almost all casinos offer welcome bonuses. However, there will be some wagering requirements. So, make sure that you are checking the wagering requirements and conditions. Go through all the requirements and limitations before deciding. In addition to the wagering requirements and terms and conditions, players need to check the payment method.

When some casinos accept traditional payment methods such as visa and MasterCard, others use popular e-wallets such as Neteller and Skrill. All these are considered safe, and you can go ahead with your decision if your chosen casino offers any of these payment methods. The government is also planning to embrace cryptocurrencies as a means of transaction. It is another safe payment method. Also, users will have to ensure that withdrawals are easy and fast. These are a few considerations that every online gambler needs to make for safe gambling.


Antigua & Barbuda: Future of Online Gambling

Online gambling has become popular in Antigua and Barbuda. When it comes to the future, the industry might witness some major improvements with the addition of the new online casinos. All the current trends are going to contribute to the future of online gambling in Antigua and Barbuda. Let’s cover how the current trend is going to shape the future of online casinos.


  • Cryptocurrencies Transaction Method: Online casinos have started receiving increased popularity for flexible payment system. The use of cryptocurrencies has also made it a popular option for many. It is certainly a great improvement since cryptocurrencies transactions were prohibited in the past. Some new online casinos are planning to add cryptocurrencies as a way of transaction. If they do so, the transaction will be instant and safe.


  • Mobile Casinos: Another addition is the mobile casino. Mobile casinos have become very popular in Antigua and Barbuda. Now casinos are considering mobile friendly games to enable players to enjoy their games whenever and wherever they want, and this is going to make a difference for sure. Millions of online gamblers now can gamble by using their smartphones. Soon, there will be more mobile-friendly games and slots. As a result, more people will prefer online gambling since they will have many options even if they use their smartphones.


Wrapping Up

Online gambling is safe and legal in Antigua and Barbuda. There are many licensed and reputed online casinos to support your gambling and take your experience to the next level. Players need to choose licensed and reliable casinos to have more gaming options. Also, they can expect demos and safe and fast transactions with the leading names in the industry.



Is Online Gambling Legal in Antigua and Barbuda?

Yes, online gambling is legal in Antigua and Barbuda. Players must consider licensed casinos to make their gambling legal.


What Are Available Payment options in Antigua and Barbuda Gambling?

Players will have flexible payment options. They can use traditional transaction methods such as MasterCard and Visa or electronic wallets. Now some casinos are also using cryptocurrencies. Users can consider any transaction that fits their preferences.


Is Online Gambling Safe in Antigua & Barbuda?

Yes, online gambling is safe in Antigua and Barbuda. You just need to choose a licensed casino to make gambling safe. The licensed casinos are regulated by the Directorate Offshore Gaming.


What Are Available Bonuses?

There are different types of bonuses. Some of them are attractive and impressive. However, there will be some wagering requirements and terms and conditions.



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