The Government of Jamaica Appoints Onika Campbell As Honorary Consul to Antigua and Barbuda


High Commissioner for Jamaica to Antigua and Barbuda, His Excellency Arthur Williams, has announced that the Government of Jamaica has appointed Onika Campbell, a young Businesswoman, multi award-winning Journalist and former Journalism lecturer to the prestigious office of Honorary Consul to Antigua and Barbuda. The post became vacant in 2012 following the resignation of Attorney at Law, Septimus Rhudd.

Campbell, who hails from the parish of Hanover in Jamaica received her Writ of Commission from the Government of Jamaica in December 2019, and is charged with the Government’s mandate to protect the interests of Jamaica and Jamaican nationals, within the limits prescribed by international law, which includes

  • Processing documents, such as visa applications, passport applications and supporting documents and authenticating and transmitting official and legal documents
  • Issuing of emergency travel documents to Jamaican nationals
  • Issuing visas to foreign nationals wishing to visit to Jamaica
  • Visiting and providing assistance, as appropriate to nationals who have been arrested or incarcerated
  • Fostering friendly and mutually beneficially relations between Jamaica and Antigua & Barbuda through the promotion of Tourism, Trade and Investment

The Jamaican Consulate is located in the Obeez Complex Sir Sidney Walling Highway (Factory Rd). Persons wishing to reach the Honorary Consul can call 734-5244 or visit them on facebook at Jamaican Consular Services in Antigua.


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    • The Jamaica situation in Antigua is getting really bad. The crime rates, loud music, and general lawlessness is increasing every year. Antigua should withdraw from CARICOM right now and realize that issues such as ‘the Jamaica’ problem are getting worse everyday.

      • Deal with it or go to hell ! Ya’ll behave like antiguans any better smh .. and as bad as ya’ll wanna paint us to be every damn thing we do unu follow.. enjoy the loud music man .. and anybody have more lawlessness than allu chups.. prat about it and take it to the lord in prayer 🙏

      • Are you fking kidding me.. what crime rates.. The only crimes some Jamaican will get themselves entangled in; is weed, or if someone fk with them, then they fk U up.. crimes which all y’all BLK mfos caught up in..

      • Really now Jamaicans doing crime here and only Jamaican play loud music.ur a haters but who God bless no man matter how much u all try to fight against us u can’t stop us.make sure u and u family don’t go to a next man country.stay right here.

  1. She looks like the lady who works in the laundromat at the Obeeze complex. If so, congrats to her. I am a regular customer and found her to be very fair, assertive and diplomatic in her dealings with me. Either way, big up and congrats to the young lady. I wish you much success and blessings in your endeavours. God bless.

  2. Timing, they say, is everything. I guess I’ll keep my misgivings about ‘timing’ to myself, for now.

  3. What character in a movie could have been great, but the actor they cast didn’t fit the role?

  4. I have something I wish to place on the record, Anon and Francestip and I have been planning to in the event that the appointment is not an Antiguan by birth we would post negative comments..

    After I heard of the appointment I decided to back out stating to them It was a great appointment.
    This lady is a humanitarian at heart and a child of God. I really do not want to be part of this negativity, I still cannot believe they went along with the nonsense after even though we are Antiguans by birth she was not partial with whom she helps.

    She has a mandate to carryout for Jamaica and our cousin who applied knows nothing about Jamaican… More so we not even like them.

    Anyhow… Congratulations!

    • Atleast there’s a honest one in the bunch ! Kin u …
      Unu nuh like we ! Thanks for your honesty

  5. Words connot explain how happy I am may God continue to lead and protect you I have no doubt or issue you will succeed with great measures I wish for you peace joy God grace. Keep up the good work with overwhelming love for u and wat God as place within and upon u

  6. 1 Jamaica knows that about 40 thousand Jamaicans living in Antigua and Barbuda.

    2 Jamaica knows that hotels are closed and thousands of Jamaicans in Antigua and Barbuda are now unemployed.

    3 Jamaica knows that Antigua and Barbuda has the highest concentration of Jamaicans per capita in the entire world.

    4 Jamaica anticipates that any sensible right thinking real country all things considered would dig in and take care of its native citizens and seek to lesson the load by asking all non natives to leave voluntarily or through policy.

    5 This is indeed a strategic move on the part of Jamaica.

    See every sensible right thinking real country looks out for all their natives where ever they are. I applaud the Jamaican government for making that move. Please do not spread the hate.

    It is for the Antiguan and Barbudan government to follow such sterling example and look out for its natives also. So Atiguans can curse all they want if their government is not doing what the Jamaican government is doing the Jamaicans will obviously continue to eat the Antigua supper.

    • Why is there so many jamaicans in ANTIGUA……of all the nationalities… why ANTIGUA has to have so many of them…they are not even the highly educated….

      Thanks GASTON.

      • No thank lester bird and his big friend Ron sander .they use them for vote knowing we Antiguan we fed up of them so them brough them here to be loyal to all

  7. I never see ah set of people that hate the nationals of the country they are practically taking over like how JAMAICANS hate Antiguans. What happen yall lost the way back to Jamaica??? Go home and leave us to our sad lives after all as your people like to say “Antiguans name better than nobody”. GO HOME MAN. oh wait I forgot your agenda, use Antigua and the Antiguan MEN as a springboard for getting to “foreign” destroying homes/families in the process. OUR LEADERS HAVE FAILED US, GASTON ET AL TIME TO PUMP THE BRAKES ON THIS INFLUX WE NA HAVE NO ROOM FOR THEM, MEK THEM TAP AH YARD

  8. Antigua is 108 sq.miles.Jamaica is over 4000 sq.miles.So why are there so many Jamaicans inna Antigua? Are they using Antigua as a launching pad to go further afield.Just asking.

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