The Free And Fair Elections League Responds to The Prime Minister’s Admission To Transfer Of Voters To Help His Colleagues Win Their Seat


Statement By The Free And Fair Elections League Regarding The Prime Minister’s Admission To Transfer Of Voters To Help His Colleagues Win Their Seat. 

The  Free and Fair Elections League Inc is extremely concerned with the statement made by the Prime Minister on the Browne  & Browne show on Pointe FM Radio station on 15th April 2023.

He stated that he facilitated the transfer of voters outward to assist his colleagues in the other constituencies so that they could win their seats.

As an elections watchdog organization, we advocate that free and fair elections are the bedrock of our democracy.

Further, as one of the agencies which observed the aforementioned elections and concluded that same were free and fair, questions must now arise as to the veracity of the pronounced outcome.

Also, one must now question if the results truly reflected the will of the people.

Further, if what the Prime Minister said is the truth, then it also brings the integrity of the Antigua & Barbuda Electoral Commission into serious disrepute since they are the body responsible for the management of our elections.

It would be remiss of them not to distance themselves from the statement. Also, it would be instructive for them to set up an independent investigation with powers of subpoena.

We also urge all right -thinking Antiguans & Barbudans to decry this situation.

Further, we believe this is a matter for the DPP to investigate since Section 82 of Peoples Representation Act 379 addresses corrupt practices in our elections.

We would also suggest that this matter should be referred to the Caricom, Organization of American States and the Commonwealth since they observed our elections and concluded that the elections were free and fair and that the expressed will of the people was realized.


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  1. I suggested long time ago that point fm and the group of idiots that jump ship are Gastón Brown worst enemy.
    Now to the issue at hand. The statement he made was ridiculous and sounds incriminating. However, I still have faith that the our election was free and fair to include his constituency. I honestly do not think any irregularities occurred in terms of transfers as his statement can be interpreted. We do have people who should have or can be transferred legally and many did not. Those persons have moved out of the constituencies that they grew up and lived into another constituency long enough to gain the transfer and either willfully did not seek to gain a transfer are not interested in voting/ politics . Others can still prove that they have ties to that constituency due to proof of address by owning a property etc . So what I think Gaston Brown did which i doubled was to encourage legitimate transfers outwards and did not encourage the inwards for example those that moved in for example – into the Villa housing project.
    All in all Gastón Brown talks too much and now casts a false cloud over the recently concluded elections. So if the opposition or any other organization is requesting an investigation they have all rights – politically speaking. Since his statement can be construed otherwise. I also think that the Election official / John Jarvis owes the public a full and lengthy statement. Gastón, you , Ever Green , Lamin Newton, Winston Williams, Troy Allen are destroying Antigua Labour Party and also Antigua. The executive of the Antigua Party and the cabinet needs to put a stop to this nonsense. Whereby their political leader and Antigua’s Prime Minister is trying his best to destroy the ABLP and the very country he represents. Muzzle him or ask him to resign!

    • @Frankly Speaking
      I wish you would stop putting words in Gaston’s mouth. He said what he said happened. No attempted apology, spinning from you please. We are fed up with the Labour Party thinking they own Antigua and nobody else should govern this country. This vote rigging only happens in dictatorships. Think of Haiti and
      Papa Doc and look at Haiti today. Is this the future you envision for Antigua?

      • Its happening in SVG for the past 3 elections. Ironically the ruling labour party has one by a one seat majority except for the last elections in 2020

  2. The PM does not care what he says because he knows that the 28day period for claims and objections is long gone
    The upp is sleeping on the job
    People do not challenge many things in this country as they unfold, because most everyone is about self and not about country
    We are doomed

  3. Pointe FM was always considered to be this man’s downfall and the turncoats among him salivate in seeing him go down that slippery slope.

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