The Different Types of Whores: A Guide




The world of prostitution is a complex and varied one, with many different types of prostitutes operating in different environments and catering to different clientele. These different types of whores barcelona (putas Barcelona) can be categorized in a number of different ways, whether it be based on their specialties, the services they offer, the environments they operate in, or the types of clients they cater to.

In this guide, we will break down the different types of whores you may come across, providing a comprehensive overview of each variation and the specific characteristics that define them.


Street Prostitutes: Street prostitutes are perhaps the most well-known type of prostitute. These hookers operate in public spaces, such as on the street or in public parks. They offer a range of services, from oral sex to full sexual intercourse, at a variety of price points. Due to the fact that street prostitution is illegal in many places, these prostitutes are often at great risk of violence, arrest, and harassment.

Brothel Prostitutes: Brothels are establishments where you can find a variety of different prostitutes. Brothel prostitutes are typically more expensive than street prostitutes, but they offer a more controlled and regulated environment. These prostitutes undergo regular health checks, and the brothel itself is subject to regular inspections by the authorities. This means that if you choose to engage with a brothel prostitute, you can be relatively certain that you are not putting yourself at risk of contracting a sexually transmitted infection.

Escort Prostitutes: Escort prostitutes operate on a more private basis, providing services to clients in their homes or hotel rooms. These prostitutes are often more expensive than street prostitutes, but they offer a level of discretion and privacy that many clients find appealing. Escort prostitutes typically offer a range of services, from dinner dates and event companionship to full sexual services.

Fetish Prostitutes: Fetish prostitutes specialize in catering to the specific kinks and fetishes of their clients. This can include anything from BDSM and domination to foot worship or roleplaying. Because of their specialized expertise, these prostitutes often charge a premium for their services, but for those looking for a specific type of experience, they can be well worth the extra cost.

High-End Prostitutes: High-end prostitutes cater to a more affluent clientele, offering a level of luxury and exclusivity that many other types of prostitutes cannot match. These prostitutes often work through high-end escort services or agencies, and they typically offer a range of services beyond just sexual intercourse. High-end prostitutes can charge thousands of dollars for a single evening’s companionship, but for those with the means, the experience can be truly unforgettable.

The world of sex work is surrounded by many myths and stereotypes. These preconceived notions can make it difficult for people to understand the industry and appreciate the diverse range of work and workers that exist within it. One of the most common types of sex worker often inaccurately portrayed in media is the “whore”. In reality, there are many different types of whores that work in the industry. Each type has unique characteristics and provides a specific service. In this article, we will discuss the different types of whores to help readers better understand the nuances of sex work.

Street workers: These are the most visible types of whores, often found working on the streets of urban areas. They are often drug addicted and make themselves available to customers as they pass by on the street. They work with a wide range of clients and their rates vary depending on the location and time of day. Street workers are among the most vulnerable sex workers as they are often subjected to physical and sexual abuse, theft, and exploitation. Many organizations exist to help these workers, providing support, resources, and even education regarding safer sex practices.

Escort/Outcall Services: These types of whores work for agencies that book them out for a variety of assignments. They may work in person, over the phone or on the internet, and often will meet their clients in settings such as hotels or private residences. Escorts are typically more sophisticated and business-like than street workers and may charge higher prices for their services. They usually work with clients who require discretion and are willing to pay for it, such as businessmen or politicians. Outcall services are similar, but the client may book the work of a whore specifically for an outcall, which is a service to come to the specified location.

Brothel/Licensed sex workers: These types of whores work in licensed establishments such as brothels. They are regulated and subject to strict health and safety requirements. They are typically more organized and better protected than street workers and escorts. Brothels are legal in some countries, including parts of Europe, and offer customers consistent access to a range of sex workers. Clients go to the establishment, where they can select the whore of their choice, and pay for services on site.

Fetish workers: These types of whores specialize in specific fetishes or services, such as BDSM or kink. They work with clients who have unique sexual desires and often require specialized knowledge or equipment to deliver their services. Fetish workers are typically more niche and offer a more personalized experience. Many fetish workers work independently, advertising their services online or through social media. They may also work in specific establishments, catering to clients who share their interests.

Sugar babies: These types of whores maintain ongoing relationships with clients who offer them financial support in exchange for companionship or sexual services. Sugar babies can be men or women, and come from all walks of life. They typically work with clients who are more affluent and are looking for a unique experience but do not want to be a part of a traditional brothel or escort agency. This type of sex work is often considered more socially acceptable, as relationships between consenting adults may be more palatable to society than the more stereotypical sex worker/client relationship.



As you can see, the world of prostitution is full of a variety of different types of whores, each with their own specialties and characteristics. Whether you are looking for a discreet and private escort, a specialist in fetish play, or simply looking for the cheapest option available, there is a prostitute out there that will suit your needs. However, it is important to remember that prostitution is illegal in many places, and engaging with prostitutes can put you at risk of violence, legal troubles, and sexually transmitted infections. Always practice safer sex, engage only with reputable and regulated prostitutes, and understand the risks involved before making any decisions.


Sex work is a complex industry, with many different types of workers and services. While the term “whore” is often used in a derogatory way, it is important to understand and appreciate the diversity of workers within it. Whether you are looking for a quick hook-up on the streets, a personalized BDSM session, or a long-term financial arrangement, there is a whore out there for you. It is vital that people understand the individuality of these types of workers and their unique needs, instead of painting them all with the same broad brush. Sex work can be a valid and fulfilling form of work for those who choose it, and society needs to start recognizing this.


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