The Dad was wrong to take matters into his own hands but here’s what drove him to that point


Dear Editor,

Education Reform Needed, We Need A New Chief Of Education ALL TALK.

The DAD WAS WRONGGGG,wrong to take actions into his hands,but imagine your child been beaten to the point where he is sore, being put to kneel down with heavy books for a whole day,asked !you father does give you herb to smoke?(BECAUSE HE IS FROM THE RASTAFARIAN SOCIETY).

Imagine the head of a school who is supposed to be a pastor .

The last thing he did was beat this young man severely with a belt that hit him in his eyes.his eyes ran water the said day.

Then at some point the kids were told to mind their business.and stop telling on teachers.

All but Two little brave souls spoke out. Intimidating tactics to silence them.

He was kneeling down for hours! WHEN YOU HIT HIM,you were upset and may not have even noticed ,but the kids sure did see everything.

Do you remember holding this child by one hand and lifting him up.beating him with the heavy leather belt?

Asking him,Are you stupid or crazy?ALL THIS WILL BE SWEPT UNDER THE RUG

Parents go hungry daily to support their kids and to bring them up the best.

Our children are being mentally enslaved into thinking that it is ok if I never become anything!!!!!!

Home training continues at school, school is a place of protection, motivation it is not made to tear down a child’s self esteem.



this is not about heigjty tighty no more.

It is about saving our children’s future by providing social services and much help which is needed between parents and teachers.



Most of us parents are afraid of retaliation against our kids.

But if the children could testify.

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  1. Interesting!
    Just like there are three(3) sides, to a coin, there are also three(3) sides to a story and this is one of those story’s which requires proper investigations.

    …the parent(s)/guardians of the child should have taken photographs(date/time stamped) and to a doctor, then to the police.

    Ras Smood aka Jumbee _Picknee

    • 3 sides? What part of kneeling down for hours didn’t you read correctly? What other “sides” is there?

  2. This keep happening every day in our schools and if the child or parent says anything, they simply put the child out of class. This is happening too often in our schools

  3. Irrespective of the prior occurrence, this parent needs to criminally charged and punitive damages ought to be imposed on him. This is not the way we should ever choose to handle matters regarding our children’s education or discipline. The child should also be transferred to another school because of the tension that will arise from this unfortunate, egregious incident. Hot tempers are flaring in the wrong direction. Poor example for our children.

    • I believe in corporal punishment in schools but I do not believe in abuse while I want to agree that the parent should not have taken matters in his own hands….there’s a time when we have to cuz I tell you I never want to go to jail, but you see for my 3 picanini’s them , I cut their bottom when they rude and disrespectful and disobediencet I love them to DEATH and to Jail also. No one is going to abuse them or bully and injure them indiscriminately and I sit and watch the injustice in the way wood place right now….

    • That teacher deserved that beating. The father should have disabled his ass. Give me a f-in break that you think it’s appropriate for a teacher to brutalized a child of that age. Something is wrong with that teacher if he can’t find no other means of punishment to mete out to a child.
      Bang dem rass wen dem tink dat ah dem rite fu put dem f-in hans pan yu pickney.

      Time for the government to take corporal punishment out and schools. There are plenty frustrated teachers who are unhappy because they’re not being paid enough — so they frustrations are manifested in brutalizing children.

      • Thought the original story said the child was suspended from school and the father went to the school to attack the teacher. Since when the story changed to Teacher abusing children.

  4. Just reading this. Mi upset.

    3 sides to a coin true. But sometimes. People flip.
    Mi sure if I was that father. Ah woulda surely look to whoop that principal a$$, Jesus would have to come down from heaven to save he rass. With the same leather belt. If this story is true.

    It’s about time somebody stood up for the voiceless kids. It’s sickening if this is really true. And honestly I’ve always said. When comes to my child health , and wellbeing. God above and no man with title of pastor. Or father under church will be trusted. Stay far. Cuz when they slip. Nobody going come tell me forgive them for they are men like me and have sinned.

    One too many have muddy the waters for them that maybe. Just maybe be clean.

    Highly annoyed. We need the 3rd side. And eventually conclude the truth

    • I agree with u i had a situation where a teacher scratch my daughter in the face with a marker and then a few days later beat her with a flexible ruler and the ruler cut my child skin and when j go to the skool all they did was make the teacher apologize to my child and boom she did it again this time i was not quiet if i had gitten that woman i would have spent some time behind bars

  5. Why are we trying to justify this malicious attack on an educator by someone who wants us to believe that the principal was harsh, savage and cruel. Honestly I would have none of it. It is simply a way of trying to justify the awful act that was perpetrated on the school and its leadership. We are making the principal look like the scoundrel in an incident that was barbaric, uncivilized and brutal. Teachers are superheroes and they are the last bastion of hope for many children in this country whose parents shows no leadership, guidance or direction to their children. It is the total breakdown at home that allows such things to boil over and filter in the schools and on the streets and in our communities. I am sick and tired of parents today who fail in their responsibility then wants to bash school. Own up man!

    • I certainly would not dismiss the story neither does the author . If the principle is doing that he should not be in that position and should be jailed .

    • @Audley Phillip…let’s go to the video in #Cloud_Nine!

      Video/Audio cameras must not only be set up to monitor the exterior of Schools but can be just as effective, in presenting the proper evidence(s) to deal with violence in schools.

      Audley, to be honest with you, reading your comments, I would cast you in the Leading role of the #Haus_Niggah!

      Vere C. Edwards
      Ras Smood aka Jumbee_Picknee
      De ‘ole Dutty Peg_Foot Bastard

    • I’m hearing that Teachers can do no wrong…. and its quite fine when a child comes home all black and blue from a ” discipline” that he received from a teacher or a school principal? The first line of restraint begins with the the teacher…no matter how angry you are or the behavior of the child.
      I had a Son was slapped so hard by a primary school teacher and then was told “you can bring you pupa now”. I had doubt but I knew my son…his nickname by the elders in the village was “Mr. Manners” speak volumes. This was a nine year old child…a model student…in his 5 years in primary school never falls below 2nd in class which happened once…all other times he came 1st…even score a 100% for maths in common entrance exams. Where is my son now.leave that there…you can ask in your reply.
      I asked to slapped me as hard as the teacher slapped him and with tears he couldn’t… seeing my son’s face all blued and hearing the echo “you can bring you pupa now” in my anger I went over at the school to confront the principal and the teacher…and say ” he pupa ya”.
      The teacher apologized and was humbled in response trying to justify the she didn’t slap him in that manner. If her response was different or unapologetic God knows what could have happened that day.
      “As soft answer turns away wrathful response” …..I encourage discipline in school..even corpal punishment but it must be done with reason and love. I went school in the 70’s where the tamarind rod of all sizes was the order of the day and at extreme you have to dropped your pants to receive your lashes.
      In my years in secondary school only once I witnessed a parent came to school and it wasn’t pretty.
      So Audley…its not the norm where parents behave in such a manner …and no excuse for their when it happens and should be dealt with….in the same vein the teacher or principal that extremely beat or abuse a child not be forgiven either and should not be in our school system…

      I would like to observe your reaction if your child comes home with black and blue eyes by the hands of a teacher…

      • @Dexter Pelle
        Reading your response I get the impression that the teachers are mad and abusing children for no reason. I doubt this is the case. Let me say no child should be abused by anyone. What I would suggest is that teachers document the bad and disruptive behaviour of the child and call the parents in. If the disruptive behaviour continues, then the child should be expelled from the school and the parents can teach them at home. I have been around educators all my life and I know the bad behaviour some children bring to school. Some children spend more time being kicked out of the classroom than in the classroom because of their bad behaviour. Some of the parents can’t control their children at home and their children take their bad behaviour to school. I don’t believe in corporal punishment, but I believe that if a child is abusive to teachers and consistently causes problem in school and the parents do nothing about it, the child should be suspended and then expelled if the bad behaviour continues. I think the government is renovating the boys and girls training school where these children should be sent.
        Teachers may not be saints, but I don’t believe they are crazy either.
        Reading a lot of these comments, I now realize the homes a lot of these children are coming from which accounts for their bad behaviour in school.

      • Some kids are from homes where there parents allowed to do anything some parents can’t even talk to there kids at all because if they talk the child start acting up an the parents give him. Am so sorry about this child eye the teacher should have been more responsible but wen parents have bad kids keep them at home. Go find someone else to teach them. You all grew ur kids to be disrespectful then blame teachers who punish them. However I do believe this kinda punishment is too heavy because it’s a child he’s human being. But I guess all this comes from always having to talk to the child over an over.

  6. It’s high time to make it unlawful for teachers to beat children. We living in the 21st century, there has got to be new approaches to dealing with a possibly rude or disruptive child. Teacher are carrying on the slave masters punishment method of beating the unruly slave. If more parents do what that father did, the teachers would think twice about putting their hands on people’s children. There are no excuses for a teacher to beat a child, barring self defense, NONE. Some of them take their personal frustrations out on children — This teacher probably dislikes Rasta’s. If what is written here is true, hopes he never forgets his ass whopping. The parent of children who have been abused by teachers needs to support this father. Stop letting them get away with the slave masters behavior.

  7. Discipline is good, but brutality is bad. Discipline must be firm but not go “overboard”. Discipline must be done with an iron fist, but with kid gloves. Brutality can never, ever be discipline. Teachers should treat other people’s children like they would treat their own. Pastors should be exceptional.

  8. Some a r u a chat crap no teacher and I say again no teacher suppose to handle no one child in a way that its not appropriate..if his child was dealt like that u think he would go to the police because his child has been abused and handle like a piece of cloth ..not saying that its right but am saying ..put your foot in the parents shoes body knows what the parent has to deal with mentally not everyone one takes it light when it comes to their flesh and blood who they love..everyone loves their kids differently..its sad that it has to be like that but I think the principal should put up his hat and stop teaching because when u abuse a man’s child it shouldn’t be taken lightly..I think the principal needs to feel the heat more ..tap mess with people children how u want its not right ..let the parents step in if u think the child is being out of order..don’t beat the child like he’s a dog come on..but parents have to go though too much in this country and then stand to see their children misled and mistreated. Then when the children become rebellious u blame the child but what’s really going 🤔 why try to hush the kids up ..paster my foot ..devil paster

  9. I absolutely hope the contents of this article is a lie and nothing but a lie.Why?? because as a child I experienced these very situations that the author detailed. I am now in my middle age and I still detest and still HATE the individuals who did those horrible things to me and others in the name of decipline. I was not and is not a rasta nor did my family smoke but we were poor and my mother illiterate so I was an easy target for stress relief.

  10. You sound so weak my guy Jesus Christ!!!

    You know how many ppl in Antigua had worst
    Even kneel down on sandpaper in short pants with book in hand over head and still get caning

    But u crying over this?

    Lmaooo and this is why society has so many men with vaginas!!! This happen to mi when I went to school nobody gave a shit

    All of a sudden it’s a problem

    Y’all lame as hell

    Y’all just complain about any and everything

    Instead of worrying about how dumb y’all are

    Oh wait it’s true

    DUNCE IN STYLE!!! Lmaooo

    • Respectfully, stop chat yuh shit.
      Just because YOU had the experience and don’t care about it doesn’t mean everyone has to be like you. Just because YOUR parents didn’t care about you means that other people don’t care about their children It’s time enough we do away with this whole mentality that men can’t/shouldn’t cry. People like you fu jus tek up an throw Inna salt ping cause aru no contribute nothing to society.
      Instead of trying to police how other people and their parents address issues try dealing with your sets of demons first

    • Niqqa you krazy and stupid , any kind of kneeling with heavy books to a kid is abuse …. dumb shit , I want one of you fuq with my kid so I can put a cutlass on one of you

  11. @ Audley Phillip – Nobody is trying to justify anything. What the person is doing is presenting the facts. As an adult, you can make up your own mind. Simple

  12. I read this article and wondered to myself…

    What teacher would see another teacher/principal beat a child like that and say or do nothing? NONE I HOPE!! I hope they would all protect that child.

    It will all come out in the courts eventually so waiting to see.

  13. Two wrong na mek one right there are ways to deal with these situation what example is he setting for the child.

  14. This is a great story and should be followed up with some great investigative reporting.

    I’m just saying…
    A…start with the BOE
    B…Other parents!
    D…The General Public
    E…Law Enforcement

    Vere C. Edwards

  15. Both parent and teacher should be punished. Professionalism should never compromised due to temporary insanity or lack of impulse. Punish but not abuse, be enraged but be composed… though our justice system fails ever so often, we shouldn’t degrade ourselves with the ills of today’s societal acceptance. If you can’t control your temper, don’t snack children… if you think you are gonna lose your temper, walk with support (positive)

  16. Is there any proof at all that this child was abuse. Everyone running away with this situation and there is nk proof. Thats why our youths are the way they are now. Because there is no disciplin. Our society will never get better.

  17. I remember a teacher name Carlis from Liberta beat my niece on one of her thighs with the board they used to hold open the windows at Cobbs Cross school. My sister took the high road, went to the ministry and absolutely nothing came out of it. This was in the 1970’s. It is quite obvious that nothing has changed in Antigua in regards to teachers abusing children. Up to this day, I still feel if I ever saw that teacher (when I’m in Antigua) I would beat the shit out of her and it wasn’t me that was abused. Therefore, I’m taking side with this father. It’s long overdue for the ministry of Education to put and end to allowing teachers to hit children — it’s a barbaric rule. The Antiguan government acts is if it has evolved — but clearly not from this type of barbarism.

  18. Reading a lot of these idiotic comments upset me as we are showing that Antigua has a lot of ignorant people. When you talk about going to school to beat up teachers. Who will teach your rude misbehaving children? Why are there fights in the classroom with children taking weapons to school? When I went to school there were one or two specific kids who were always causing trouble and disruption in the classroom.
    You find a lot of trouble in schools with a lot of poor and ignorant parents’ children. Some people should never be parents as they have children just like them. Check the young people causing trouble all over the place and ending up in jail and you will see most of them were trouble makers in school.
    Teachers just love well behaved children and these children usually do very well in school.
    No teacher is slapping no child. For a child to be black and blue he must be white.

  19. Difficult to judge without all the facts. The story does not mention what the child was in the habit of doing that led to his extensive punishment. So, impossible to say if his punishment was fair or not. Children generally think everything they and their friends do is right until they get older and understand the consequences that the grownups were trying to direct them away from in the future. If a child needs that much punishment, they probably should already be out of the school and in some kind of bootcamp for troublesome kids or perhaps in a place with counselors or therapists. Must be tough on public school educators to have to find a way to deal with all kinds of children no matter what they do. To avoid this sort of situation, other places that can work one on one with troublesome kids should be used so that principals don’t have resort to extremes.

  20. You make an ass out of yourself when you assume.

    I made a comment and I have no school age children. Are you one of the monster teachers that gets a kick out of abusing children? Sounds like you are. There are absolutely no justifiably reasons for a teacher to punish a child in this manner (assuming the story is true). I will say to parents, if these so called educators can’t control themselves and think it’s right to beat your children in this cruel manner, don’t go to no Ministry – bruk dem hans, tump out dem teet, buss dem nose, black and blue dem yiee.
    Mek dem regret dem put dem hans pan yu pickney.

    • All the story suggests is that the child was spanked and made to kneel. Words like “until sore” are subjective unless proven by medical examination. The belt hitting the eye was likely an accident. Nowadays, American media has convinced many people that any form of punishment is abuse. So, the word “abuse” is thrown around randomly.
      If the child was in fact physically hurt, he should have been examined by a doctor and then the father could take appreciate action with verifiable proof not just possible exaggerations to justify his behaviour.
      The original story was that the child had been suspended, hence the parent’s anger. Now all of a sudden, it’s about a punishment. If he was already punished then why the suspension unless something further happened? The story doesn’t add up without more information.
      I find it hard to believe that teachers would not have objected a long time ago if the principal was routinely excessive to students. The teachers I know are always running behind backs to say this and that. So, it seems unrealistic to me. Finally, I know of kids who do wild things. An 8 year old neighbour of mine once pulled a knife on my child. Same kid tried to beat up my child several times just because he “didn’t want him moving into his neighbourhood”. So, I’m not buying the argument that all these kids are innocent angels. Without knowing what the child did, I refuse to judge the principal for making him kneel. Did the principal suggest he would never amount to anything if he continued with bad behaviour or just in general? Words and context matter. There should be an inquiry of some kind where all sides and witnesses can put forward their information. I will reserve judgement until then…

    • @Toe to toe
      And your crazy ass will be in jail and your children will be on the street because I doubt they have a father to look after them. If I were a teacher and a parent think they bad to attack me when me done with that parent, in self defence, that parent would end up dead or at least in the hospital. Dead is better as I wouldn’t have to worry about you in the future. Are teachers going to have to take weapons to school to protect themselves from parents like you?

      • @Like parent, if your weren’t such a dumbfuck you would have noticedthe comment stated I have NO School Age Children.” . “You doubt they have no father” — are you absolutely sure you’re replying is to a mother? Lmfao, what a jackass you are!
        I won’t address anything else because you’re clearly illiterate.

      • @Like parent, What makes you think I wouldn’t Ki££ you first? Why do you assume I would come there to fight instead of to Ki££ you? Ever heard of the heart attack gun?

  21. Oh wow so writing a comment under a news article online does sooooo much for society

    So much contributing for change by twiddling ur fingers and complaining like BI($&@!!!!!
    so all of us can see and do better right

    Ouu look at me writing how I feel the place should change

    The power of my comment,

    Like If it’s gonna do jack for anything

    Type type type type

    So much action
    Watch how much the world will be better the more I type about how I feel online

    Your lame!!!
    Your dunce

    Your kids dunce
    You all dunce
    The country dunce

    And dunce in style

    And they kids kids gonna come up and get beaten stabbed or shot or even be the one doing it. Cuz that’s how all of u are!!

    Raising weak sick soft entitled lame gay children that just do nothing for the world just like their parents

  22. Smh. Look folks, if it’s illegal for one adult to beat up another that way, it should be absolutely illegal for a teacher or parents to treat a kid that way. You need to find more mentally constructive ways to discipline kids instead of using methods that are nothing more than ways for adults to vent their own anger and frustration. You can’t teach self control by routinely losing your own and using violence as a method of control teaches kids that violence is a valid method of control. If you want kids to behave and grow up to be model human beings, spend less time scarring them and more time teaching them empathy. Empathy is ultimately the difference between a good person and a bad one.

    • I’m against excessive use of corporal punishment, but in my opinion corporal punishment is a valid form of punishment that has been employed by human society since the dawn of time. Once, it is done systematically and fairly without anger, it does not teach violence. It does teach that force can be used to correct a problem – sure why not. If criminals are terrorising a community, shouldn’t the police use force to arrest them if needed or should they just talk it out? For kids, better a small spanking now than ending up in jail later. However, I don’t think it should always be used as the first option. I think other options such as letting the punishment fit the crime and community service are often better. But, some children are just rebelling at everything to see what the adults will allow them to get away with. Some are a danger to others. In those cases, corporal punishment may be best at getting them back in line with acceptable social behaviour.

    • @Eld. From personal experience, empathy does not always end well. Empathy can result in “bad” people walking all over you and ruining your life. While you are afraid to say no to them because you don’t want to hurt their feelings, they happily invade your life and destroy it. Sometimes you have to stop people from doing bad things first, then once you have their attention, you can have all those empathetic conversations to help them fix their lives and souls.

    • @Eld It’s not always illegal for adults to strike one another. People are allowed to use force to defend life and their property. Also, in the face of extreme provocation by another person, the use of force is not punishable. So, similarly, if a child is behaving in a way that might hurt someone or damage property then they should learn that is unacceptable behaviour. Also, if you deliberately incessantly purposefully provoke someone else, you shouldn’t be surprised if they get upset with you as that is human nature. Hopefully, most adults would be able to exercise self-control and calmly punish children not too much though.

  23. In my day,I had some of the best Teachers in Antigua. As a boy in Greenbay School. There were Teacher Bailey,Miss Salmon,Mr. Linroy Francis and Mr. Malcolm DeFreitas. Thanks to those folks who laid my foundation. Their teachers helped me to become the person I am today. I could not thank them enough.

  24. I believe the child , a child does not imagine abuse like that and I am sure other kids see too ! Even if the teacher did a quarter of what that child said , then the teacher is wrong !! All I can say is head haffu roll of a teacher boy abuse me son !!! I believe the child ,I am sure the child has marks on his body !!! I see the fools in the comments with no children chatting their stink mouth !!! But when you don’t have a dog in the fight , then of course you would find the stupidest things to say !!! What parent would not take matters into their own hands 👐 for something like that !?!??!??!👀

  25. If these assertions are true the DOE and his principal need to seriously consider new careers!. This action of the father was extreme but he must have been provoked and it is every parents right to defend Dem picknie. I am provoked just reading this information.
    Daryll, the teachers have agitated for security as protection from would-be criminals on the street. BUT who is advocating for our children behind those chained gates? WHO? Y’all in that ministry know that plenty plenty plenty things……as far as I see it, if the principal brutally punished the child and the father wrongfully attacked him, 1+ -1 . There should be no case.

  26. I don’t think that there is anyone trying to justify what would be considered a malicious attack. However, we can all agree, despite your persuasion, that teachers, principles, mentors/educators alike, are all human beings and the possibility of making these mistakes despite which side, is very likely. The father’s actions might have been outrageous and not thought through due to whatever he was going through at the time, and i get that. But while we all talk and have our views, only the person in the kitchen feels the heat. Are the allegations about the principle actions true? If so, he should not be an educator, far less being a principle at a school. If the principle is professed to be a man of God, then clearly he is being driven by the devil. I am a father, and no, I would not have dealt with it in the way in which this father dealt with the situation, but one can only speak when they have walked a mile in my moccasin. If that was my kid and the allegations against the principle is true, which in turn led to the current outcome, I would have beat the shit out of him as well. The matter needs to be thoroughly investigated and upon conclusion, steps taken to prevent this from reoccurring. Claire Browne needs to take his emotions out of the equation, get to the bottom of what really happened or has been happening before he gets on the social media and apply his judgement. We tend to behave like teachers and principles don’t have issues in their personal lives that affect the outcome of their actions, which at times spills over into the work place. Own up man! none of us really know what we would have done if we were in the position, so we need to stop being Judge, Jury and Executioner!

  27. Laughing from the back of the classroom, you so full of hot air, no wonder you are from the back of the class. You stand for nothing you will fall for anything, state your name then you can have a say. Until then, Shut the F..K-Up BI($&@!!!!! stay dunce in style!

  28. Laughing from the back of the classroom, you so full of hot air, no wonder you are from the back of the class. You stand for nothing you will fall for anything, state your name then you can have a say. Stay dunce in style!

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