The Benefits Of Booking A Tantric Massage In Mayfair


Tantric massage is an ancient practice that has been used the world over since 600 AD. At Secret Tantric in Mayfair, we have updated and modernized the traditional tantric experience to bring it into the 21st century, making it a valuable part of your self-care arsenal, as well as a sexy way to indulge your desires 마사지.

Tantric massage boasts myriad benefits for both mind and body, all realised through erotic touch. Concepts like stress and anxiety melt away when the age-old techniques of tantra are applied by our exquisite masseuses. Our beautifully endowed masseuses have been trained thoroughly in the tantric arts, each one more gorgeous and skilled than the last. Tantra inspires romantic notions of far-off places and exotic experiences. We aim to bring a bit of that seduction and whimsy into every one of our tantric massages in London. When we say you’ll be in good hands, we mean it! And by good we mean supple, sexy, and stronger than you’d think. We give the best tantric massage in London, hands down.

Mayfair tantric massage is healthy and sexy!

Tantric massage techniques may arouse your body, but the real goal is to arouse your mind. When the mind is opened and the body is invited to follow, that’s the beginning of the path to pure pleasure. Tantra uses a variety of methods to unwind stored sexual tension in the body, helping to resolve issues with libido, intimacy and sexual function. A tantric massage in Mayfair will turbocharge your desires and leave you utterly spent after a spectacular finish.

Physical Benefits

Tantric massage is a spellbinding experience, some would even say: transcendent. Through breathwork, erotic touch and physical stimulation, tantric massage promotes circulation and oxygenation, both of which have many benefits:

  • improved cardiovascular health
  • a boost to the immune system
  • regulation of the circadian rhythm
  • more effective healing

Sexual Benefits

Pleasure and the exchange of sacred energy is at the core of tantric massage. Tantra is an effect way to unencumber yourself from hang-ups about sex, release negative associations with sex or your body, and heal from past hurts caused by sex or intimacy. Tantric massage is associated with improvements in both sexual performance and stamina. Helping the body and mind to achieve a deeper level of pleasure is part and parcel to the tantric experience. Through tantric therapy you will become a better lover, because you will learn the full extent of what pleasure can be.


Mental Benefits

One of the best things about a tantric massage is how much it stimulates your mind. We have received feedback about the mental benefits our clients have experienced and we couldn’t be happier about what they’ve had to say. People report an elevated mood, sometimes lasting days, often accompanied by better sleep and better mental clarity.

Confidence in the bedroom often comes and goes. Many life factors can affect self-confidence, but tantric massage can help restore it. Many people, men and women alike, have found renewed vigor and sexual energy after a tantric massage.

Make it part of your self-care routine

Having a regular tantric massage in Mayfair counts as self-care! You’ll be out of the house, you’ll meet someone new, you’ll get a form of physical therapy, and you’ll leave with a spring in your step. No downside! Being touched feels good, being desired feels good. There’s no shame in that! You work hard; you deserve to relax, unwind and enjoy the touch of a stunningly beautiful woman.


Make tantric massage part of your love life


Tantra is a transformative art. Our Couples Massage elevates both partners and unites them in ways that no other intimate practice does. Because of the spiritual and person-to-person connection that occurs during tantric massage, it is a sustainable way to effect real change in your relationship. By making Secret Tantric an ongoing part of your love life, you’ll be investing in yourselves individually and as a couple. Be the couple that other couples want to be: outwardly confident, sure in your connection and palpably attracted to one another.


Try giving a tantric massage at home

At-home DIY tantra is a great way to connect and increase intimacy in your relationship. Making quality time with your partner is always a good choice! Tantra is best practiced, and best enjoyed, with some preparation of the mind and body. Creating an appropriately comfortable atmosphere is a part of the mind/body connection that tantra helps you achieve. Taking a few minutes to create the ideal mood will help your mind and body become ready for pleasure. Consider it an investment in your intimacy.


One of the best tips for tantric massage is also the simplest: take it slow! Tantric massage is about the journey, not the destination. Show your partner the depth of your desire and intention with smooth, slow touch and synchronised deep breathing.


Breathe together

Awaken your body and mind by flooding your system with oxygen, and opening up your lungs. Focused breathing immediately makes your senses more alert, and pleasure more intense. It will also release tension and relax your body, which promotes circulation, a necessary part of arousal. Touch and sensuality is key in tantric practice but resist the urge to distract each other as you do this initial breathwork. It is foundational to the slow build of energy needed for the most incredible release.


Final thoughts


The intimacy and pleasure that is experienced through tantra can be between two people or it can be a journey of self-discovery. Whether you learn and grow through a tantric massage in Mayfair, alone or with a partner, we know that the experiences you have will make you a better lover and improve your overall health and wellness. There are no downsides to tantric massage, only benefits for the mind, body, and ultimately, the soul. Invest in yourself, give yourself the care and attention you deserve with a tantric massage in Mayfair. Something we know that you’ll remember for all the right reasons.









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