The Beginner’s Guide To Male Enhancement Pills


Men often base their self-esteem and confidence upon a variety of different things from their jobs to their lifestyles. When it comes to sexual performance, that matters a lot too. Among all of the potential issues that may influence the confidence of men, sexual performance may hit differently than the other respective issues. 

If people have issues in this area (for instance, when they turn 40), they may look for the best male enhancement pills. But what are they and should they take them? Let’s find out together.

What Are Male Enhancement Pills?

The Purpose

They are herbal products designed to enhance a person’s sexual experience and boost their libido. If you study history you will discover that such things have been circulated for many centuries. Whilst there is no scientific evidence to support it, some men report an increased sex drive when taking male enhancement pills. They don’t work in the same way as prescription medication, and some researchers have claimed that they are more of a placebo than a genuine product.

The Benefits

The manufacturers say the tablets increase the nitric oxide levels in peoples’ blood. Because it widens the blood vessels the results can be an increased blood flow to the man’s penis. In turn, the idea is that it then becomes easier to gain an erection and have sexual intercourse. (People with erectile dysfunctions often experience this due to a decline in penile blood flow).

The products are also said to boost peoples’ testosterone levels, which can impact a person’s sexual desire, stamina, and erectile function. It is also claimed they can help increase peoples’ semen volumes. Other claims include people staying erect for longer and reducing the instances of premature ejaculation.

The internet is a great place to conduct your research on these pills. Simply Google sexual health supplements and you can access customer reviews and view alternative options. You can also discover whether they can be bought over the counter, how much they cost, and what to avoid. Life becomes easier when you can access reviews of the top pills and supplements, and be assured of money-back guarantees.

What Are Some Practical Ways To Boost Libido?

Both cigarettes and alcohol can adversely influence the quality of your sperm, so they should be avoided. Prolonged bouts of stress or depression can affect your sex life too. Daily practice at mindfulness or completing a gratitude journal can help improve your mental health and restore your verve for life.

Thirty minutes of exercise daily can get your heart going sufficiently – if you are active enough! Consider taking up things like jogging, swimming, cycling, or sports. Don’t go overboard with exercise, however, as you’ll be too tired for anything by the time you get to bed.


Vitamins C, D, and Zinc can positively affect sperm quality and fertility. Be sure not to exceed the recommended doses for these, however, as this can cause your body harm. Many male enhancement pills contain zinc to support the production of testosterone in a person’s body. They also favor vitamins B12 and D in terms of enhancing peoples’ energy levels and physical endurance.

Who Shouldn’t Take Them?

Diabetes is a medical condition where there is an issue with a person’s natural insulin production. Type 1 Diabetics are dependent on regular insulin injections to help regulate their blood sugar levels.

Men with diabetes should not take male enhancement pills because they can cause their blood sugar levels to drop too low.

What Are The Concerns?

It’s important to fully research a product before you use it because the FDA found that many of these supplements contained harmful ingredients. Insufficient tests have been made upon male enhancement pills to fully certify their effectiveness and safety.

Side Effects

Many manufacturers claim there are no side effects to taking male enhancement pills, although this is not always the case in practice. The most common reported side effects are headaches, nausea, insomnia, dizziness, body pains, indigestion, and diarrhea. Some reports record more dangerous physical reactions, such as palpitations of the heart and seizures which can be life-threatening.

Testosterone Levels

Another worry for some is that a person’s body will react to the sudden surge in testosterone and cease to produce it naturally (there have been documented cases where this has occurred). If someone wished to continue their sexual experience they would therefore become totally dependent on the benefits the tablets provide.

What Do They Contain?

Male enhancement pill ingredients include:

Tongkat Ali, L-arginine, maca root extract, Ginkgo Biloba leaf extract, horny goat weed extract, and saw palmetto berry extract.

A key is to locate products that contain proven ingredients (rather than not listing them at all) that are provided by a reputable and established company with a full medical endorsement.

What Are Some Popular Brands?

Here is a list of some of the products you can check out online:

Prexil, VigRX, Volumaxx Pills, ProSolution Plus, Semenax, ProEnhance, Extenze, Nugenix, Ageless Male, and SizeVitrexx.

People can gain access to these products by either visiting physical stores or going online. It’s worth checking out things like free samples (to try before you buy) and money-back guarantees. The value of internet shopping is you can access helpful reviews before you buy.

Should I Check With A Doctor First?

It’s important to understand that erectile dysfunction cannot be cured by taking male enhancement pills. There is no way to be sure if a product contains the correct dosage of active ingredients without looking at the label or consulting your doctor first.

The benefits of doing this are that they can check whether there is a bigger medical issue that is driving your lack of sexual desire. Some prescription medication doesn’t interact well with other things, so a specialist, such as Male Excel, will be best placed to advise you how to proceed. They can also offer guidance and details of any alternatives you can consider.

Provided your doctor has full knowledge of your current medical condition and is happy with your choice of enhancement pills, you may take them if you wish to. If the ingredients are safe and taken at the recommended levels it may be that you and your partner can enjoy the benefits that the pills will bring.

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