The Airport Authority CEO V. Euletta Francis has resigned



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    • @.
      Hey buddy, you only got one, uno, 1, a single nut, you can’t even get hard, much less rack it up if she back it up.
      You need two🌰🌰, 🥜, •• nuts to be in the running. Then again how things running in Antigua she may not like nuts at all.

    V. Euletta Francis: I offer this for your mindfulness:
    2 Corinthians 4 : 8 – 9: “We are hard pressed on every side, but not crushed; perplexed but not in despair; persecuted, but not abandoned; struck down, but not destroyed.”

    “Let us interact with humility, grace, honesty, good intentions! ….. Be nice to each other!

    Save our Humanity, Save our Youths, Save our Environment, Save our Soil!!!
    Be safe and well!


  2. It is totally inappropriate for any employer especially a PM, to be admonishing an employee on public radio. That’s why we have Permanent Secretaries, HR and Legal Departments. Would Gaston have tolerated a boss like himself at Swiss Bank? This is not a communist state. There should be due process. His behavior is unprofessional. No wonder he has not landed any reputable investors. His aggressiveness will be his undoing.

    • The PM be very once called any name so how is he unprofessional. Ms. Francis is the one letting the entire world know who the PM was referencing. The public servants in Antigua have bad hoggish unprofessional attitude. Time for her to go and let the work progress. Good Manners and behavior take you anywhere in this world. She’s disrespectful she should be self employed, not holding such pivotal role with her unprofessional attitude. Learn to separate politics from your job , this is something most Antiguans find hard to do.

      • *The PM never once called her name. So how is he unprofessional? You Antiguans want to be awarded for hoggish , midiocre unprofessional behavior and zero performance? Time to shake up the public service

  3. Bad move. She should ah neva resign!! A&B belongs to all of us – none more than any.

    So what is the point of appointing Boards to run these statutory corporations? Yes, we know that the party hacks get their stipend as reward for being faithful followers. But the Boards just exist to do the bidding of Ministers of Government?

    Based on the Act that governs these statutory corporations, the Boards have sole responsibility for running the organisations – not the Ministers of Government.

  4. Ms Francis, thanks for the clarification. Any rational, logical thinking Antiguan and Barbudan knows very well the classless, uncouth,crass dunce that sits in our highest office. An nobody ‘tall lie so.
    Kudos to you for standing up and speaking out. Too often good citizens just sit back and take Gaston Browne’s sh++t. Here’s hoping Mr. Martin takes courage from this and soeak out.
    Be encouraged! Karma is a real thing. The DAWG will have his day.
    Just a thought! Is the 100 million US courtesy of PLH?

  5. I know that the PM didn’t actually call any names on his radio program. All the people of whom PM Browne referred, knows themselves and he clearly had discussion with them. He might not have mentioned their names publicly but those so affected, his comments was no secret. They know themselves. The PM must stop using his radio station to berate and bully others. More is expected of a country’s leader.

    • Why should he stop. These people should stop disrespecting the office of the Prime Minister. When I report to someone and they make a request of me I just jump and get it done. As long as it is not an illegal or an unethical request. The PM’s request to make time to see Osman Lake was a request that she should have carried out immediately without delay. The PM has tolerated disrespect against him and the office he holds for much too long. Baldwin Spencer was the same. He tolerated a lot of disrespect for Labour Party workers in the various department. I once spoke to a chap of Public Works about accelleration a project that the PM Baldwin wanted to see done soonest. And he disrespectfully told me Baldwin cannot tell him what to do. I said to him but this is the Prime Minister. And he said he doesn’t care.
      People must learn to obey authority. The workplace is not a democracy. You are paid to do a job and to execute orders. If you do not like it you can leave. Start your own company where you are the boss. It’s as simple as that.
      I mean her excuse for not seeying Mr. Lake are so lame. Even if you are working on a loan agreement. Does that takes eight hours of your day. So you cannot multi-task. In that case you do not belong in that top position. Because when you are at the top of a big company such as the airport, you have to deal with multiple problems all at once. And if she thinks she can sue for unfair dismissal she is wrong. She will lose the case, and I have many similar cases to show that.

      • The abaa board runs the airport not the prime minister, he can ask her to accommodate Mr. Lake about a potential investment for the airport but he can’t tell when he want it to happen just because he’s the PM and he say do so.

        • Not just because he is the Prime Minister. But because he is the Prime Minister. The box of every government agency stops with him. And he can chose to go directly or through the board. That is his perrogative. People needs to be more respectfull to the person that holds the office of Prime Minister. It’s as simple as that. And don’t confuse this with free speech either. The request was not an un-ethical or illegal request and should have been executed without delay. Whether she liked it or not.

          • @ The sideline,
            That is the same PM that says to me and those who are called my family he is unable to interfere and intervene in matters before a board.

            My business was of national and international importance that the law provide a clear path for PM, ministers, senators and AG and others in authority to intervene.

            But the difference is I am not a family member or friend of the PM and other ministers. So, no matter how important my endeavor is fit the country, they will not facilitate anything pertaining to me and my business.

            But here is surely intervening. But he has that one corrupt blogger who always defends him, blogging as 3 to 5 different bloggers. Deceptive and incompetent folks unable to achieve anything by themself

          • @Sideline
            Many Antiguans think like you. That is why our brilliant young people leave Antigua to study abroad and never return. They leave Antigua to the dumb red koolaid drinkers and people like you. Could you imagine a professional having to deal with a clown and a lunatic?

  6. We need to do something before it’s too late!!
    What’s going on here?
    Antigua is being run by a mad man!
    He’s acting like the mad king
    From game of thrones..
    It’s a darn shame!
    How much longer are we gonna put up with this nonsense?

  7. Imagine a goon and his political prostitutes running Antigua and Barbuda from the joint, Rum Shop Radio..
    Heard the lady drunkard there referring to UPP former political leader as Lazarus. I think she should tell us all, the many times Lazarus rose from the dead and slapped her across her face.

    • Some people say Lazarus may have fed her a banana at an expensive hotel. Check the logs at the Biltmore to see if there exist any records.

      Some even say she drove miles to get there, so the mileage is high.

  8. Gaston is the epitome of a bitch and when he’s in heat watch his tantrum spells.
    He probably wants to have her be the fall person as he fuck up the 100million dollar loan which he more than likely had nothing to do with the negotiations except sign off on the documents when the deal was sealed.
    Crooked! Nasty! Duttey as fuck!

  9. a struggling economy, poor infrastructure, very slow Healthcare, retaining our teachers and nurses etc.

  10. I suggest this story needs to stay published for at least a couple of weeks so everyone can see what’s happening. PLH trampled on Barbuda, which begs the question of corruption!

  11. Gaston Browne has not one ounce of professionalism. He is an abuser of all in my opinion.One day,his time would be up.I wondered how he would react then.For Gaston,your political powers would be no more .THEN WHAT? Are you and your family going to seek refuge in another Country? Remember Ferdinand and Imelda Marcos of the Philippines.Do you remembered what happened to them.When you spit into the air it would fall right back into your face.


  13. Mr. PM great job. Continue the momentum and fire Port Manager Darwin Telemaque, that is if he is in the island long enough for you to do so.

    Quick question. How do you get a per diem if you have a Company credit card, paying all your bills. Ms. Benjamin come out and tell us the truth.

  14. The Caribbean media, including local media and its other institutions are failing.
    I pledge to do my part in holding journalists accountable.
    I pledge to support freedom of speech whenever views are silenced.
    I pledge to uphold the values of a well-informed free society

  15. And some dumb dumb on here a few months ago had the audacity to tell me I was talking shit when I suggested that the UPP members should never meet with Gaston to share no ideas about how to fix the water issues in Antigua.

    Now here we are with this mad man Gaston Browne firing people left right and center. APUA first,and now the CEO at the airport.

    I would not touch this mad man with a long pole right now, he’s toxic and messy. Smdh.

    Shuggy be inspired and keep your head in the game young man, because you have the momentum right now, and you should be poised to lead this country in the not too distant future, trust me.

    • You a de bonafide mad man. You think we need a dunce to lead us? Shuggy can barely read. None of you can walk in the PM shoes . Neither regionally or globally. Time for a shake up. For years public servants have been getting away with unprofessionalism and mediocre customer service . We must raise the standard in order to compete globally. We will no longer be rewarding mediocrity. Antiguans must learn to separate their political persuasion from their jobs. You are being paid to do your kid , do your job or go to hell home. Good riddance. You all want to sabotage the government just because you don’t support the government, then go to hell home.

      • Avatar photo the cost of one ABLP vote in St Marys South = $5,000,000/29 = $172,413.79, when nurses, teachers are unpaid and the nation is stinking dirty

        @ Phillip

        If you are so proud of Gaston please publish your full name.

        I would publish mine but I am afraid of being victimised, because we know how spiteful Gaston is, not to mention petty.
        BTW, you are referring to someone as ‘de bonafide mad man’. What a laugh 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
        Gaston IS NOT A BONAFIDE MAD MAN? he he he he he
        Also on Shuggy cannot read, jokes, because Dwyane George is a bafoon, who cannot be placed before the public- compare that to the fluent speaking of Kelvin Simon.

  16. Is the loan for VCBIA or most of it for the airport in Barbuda? I guess the Antiguan airport will be repaying the loan. Was it said before that the revenue from the airport in Barbuda was going to the developers? The lady’s crime could be standing in the way of a heist.
    If it is correct that the PM referred to a professional woman as a girl, then this was donkey behaviour. I guess this is how he speaks to Maria. This man is unhinged.
    I just happened to hear him on his radio station on Saturday. Just unbelievable.

  17. I feel no pity for Esworth Martin being sent home. He should have been gone but Euletta should not have been bullied. The Prime Minister does not know how to talk to people or women for that matter. He loves to reduce women to girlhood and their looks.
    If there’s a competent board, the PM has no reason to be on Euletta like that making her hop.
    It’s just a disgrace.
    I wish Euletta the best in the future.

  18. Why is the Prime Minister Browne interfering with such agency worker when he told me he can not do that for me so that Bolans Village, Antigua and the family I had could benefit from my business that is sure to employ 5-50 by now?

    Why did the Prime minister made that call for this person and encourage 2 days and not 2 weeks for him and not for me?

  19. This is why well qualified sons of the soil leave and do excellently abroad. Why take this if you don’t have to?

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