The ABLP needs an intervention at the convention


The party of VC BIRD, our party, has lost its mission. Many of the comrades are feeling that they do not belong.


The ABLP, under Gaston Browne, is plagued by mismanagement and paralyzed by delusions of exceptionalism.


Many comrades responded by simply staying home on January 18th; election day 2023.


This “once-great party” has slowly ceased to function properly and is in a state of decline.


The ABLP has lost its way under Gaston Browne, the party machinery is inefficient, plagued by mismanagement and paralyzed.


They don’t know how to get rid of gaston without mashing up the party.


This is a fragile moment for our party, particularly because of the recent pressures it is facing to compete with the combined opposition initiatives.


Our problems are not rooted in our support base, but in our current leader.

A vote for the ABLP is a vote for Gaston Browne:


A vote for arrogance

A vote for bullying

A vote for nasty and abusive behaviour

A vote for a chronic inability to make smart decisions

A vote for putting other comrades down to make himself look more important.


The way I see it, my party has four core problems and they are all the natural consequences of having an insecure leader who is relentlessly blaming everyone, but himself, for the lack of performance of his government:


(1) toxic leadership,

(2) no mission,

(3) delusions of exceptionalism,

(4) mismanagement or lack of ability to think clearly and make sound decisions.


How should the central executive respond?



Instead of working to serve the people, Gaston ultimately works to serve only himself.


The ABLP, under Gaston Browne, is a “closed world” where working extra hard isn’t rewarded.


Reward is “based on going on gaston’s radio station and speaking well of gaston.


Talking on his radio is the “meritocracy” needed for promotion!! So the talkers are rewarded with high positions and statutory board appointments.

So we ask again: How should the central executive respond?


In the 2023 general elections, the people gave the ABLP a resounding message, contributing to the near rout of the party from government. “you are bogged down with a leader that we do not WANT”!!!


The ABLP has a chance to turn things around. We need a leader with commitment to a mission and who rewards people who fight for ambitious causes.


There is hope for ABLP; but it will require an intervention at the convention.

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    • LOL You are so right. The convention was held before the election and he was thrown out the party

      • @From The Sideline aka Mr. Arrogant_Condescending…

        This is the same Asot Michael who was thrown out of the ABLP before the Elections, put an colossal ass whopping on the same ABLP, made History in Antigua, Barbuda & REDONDA, so much so, that the same ABLP Executive grovelled on their bellies like snakes, allegedly begging him to come back to the ABLP.

        Asot will at some point return to ABLP, and more than likely become its leader. While many of us don’t cherish this(the devil you know is better than the one you don’t know), since, Gaston Browne is a product of Asot’s style of politics(you are fully aware, of what I’m referencing – #Dutty_Gutter Snipe_Politics).

        Be that as it may, time is longer than rope, blessings and curses are generational(#Roots_Matters), therefore, soon and very soon, not only will the ABLP crawl back to Asot, he’ll be the STAR WITNESS in several of these ongoing International Criminal Investigations being conducted on the Leadership of Our Nation.

        …Uneasy lies the head which wears the
        …for, the John_Crows/Buzzards are already hovering above St. John’s Town
        …dressed in Black n White Tuxedos
        …ready, to chauffeur Mr. Browne around.

        Ras Smood aka Jumbee_Picknee
        De ‘ole Dutty Peg_Foot Bastard

        Vere C. Edwards

      • Antigua needs Asot Micheal now the best person to be prime minister, who vex dead that me say Asot Micheal all the way

    • You took the words out my mouth. This article has Asot written all over it. Asot getting desperate. He’s failed to bring home a win for the UPP, without his money he’s pretty much useless to them because he comes with a plethora of problems. He wants to be PM and he will upset the UPP’s agenda if he feels in is intoxicated mind it’s prudent to do so.
      Asot is a bad seed. The UPP and its team better be ready for Asot and all the evil, unlawful behavior that he embodies & thrives in.
      His money comes with a price and the UPP better be prepared to pay him back ten fold.

  1. Letter of the week.

    Gaston has always been the problem for our country, its citizens and the ABLP (but they either don’t want to admit it, or they really are afraid of him).

    Do the ABLP believe that Gaston Browne is BIGGER than the party, and they cannot survive without him?

    The author of this well written piece has hit the nail on the head … 👏

      • That’s not like you @ From The Sideline, resorting to soundbites instead of responding to VALID criticism of the Prime Minister.

        As an ardent progressive, I want to see improvement and a better leadership for the country that I love … if that’s OK with you 😁

    • @Brix .. boy u love head bad… How is Asot… U little looser dip in everything .. political pros. U still in opposition

      • I hope you don’t have children? You sick individual … no way are you an Antiguan. Tarl!!!

  2. Regardless to what the A.L.P. does, Gaston Browne has been exposed.

    His time has passed. It is only a matter time before he leaves the scene of is kicked off the scene.

    If the Labour Party wants to go down with him, so let it be.

  3. You loose you seat and a now you want to start chat!!! You should have stood up and demand a change before your party convention to ratify and certify the slate being put before the electorate.

    I guess your “smartness” wasn’t good enough to get you a board seat!!

    Looking forward to your analysis of your party’s performance on ZDK. Hope you take calls this time around! MURDA!

  4. They are some big kids that are afraid to speak to him it seems like he abuse them it is quite possible the same thing happens at home, the sad thing is the children are learning those bad habits and we condemn them but not the problem

  5. This was the reason True Labour was formed.

    This is not new information.

    George from Potter’s said the same things many years ago. Asot”s influence and money blind the ABLP supporters as per the norm.


  6. There’s no hope for ALP, Gaston has dragged to the edge of the abyss. If there is one brave one amongst them who would be willing to dragged them back that optimism remains to be seen.

  7. It irks me when people hide behind pseudo names or nick names and say things. We will never get meaningful change in this country until people are bold enough to stand up and sign their name to something if they feels strongly about it. It is the only way we can have a good public discourse and meaningful change. One could easily say that this was written by an opposition figure posing as a Labourite. We have to be bold and stand up for what is right and for what we believe in and stop hiding behind anonymity. Changes will only come when good people identify themselves and stand up for what they believe in.

    • Who here gives a phuck about what irks Audley?
      Has he been bold enough to call out the PM on the West African scam?

  8. Get rid of Gaston Browne even it means mashing up the party to save Antigua. We are tired of him. A better party will probably arise from the ashes.

  9. Audley Phillip while what you are saying is the ideal situation, there are people that is better off remaining anonymous.

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