The ABHTA calls for the Government to mandate that all stay-over visitors to Antigua and Barbuda be vaccinated


 Our destination remains under serious threat as we are continuously faced with a wave of Covid-19 infections.

The Antigua & Barbuda Hotels and Tourism Association/ABHTA in consideration of the viability of the sector, has taken the position, that the Government of Antigua and Barbuda should move to mandate that only vaccinated travelers may enter for stay-over vacations.

Vernon Jeffers Snr, Executive Chairman of the ABHTA commented on the position of the ABHTA by stating that “Our focus is squarely on the protection of our employees, their families and further, for the sustainability of the sector.  The hospitality industry has taken a severe hit from the Covid-19 pandemic and for the immediate future, the pandemic will continue to cause uncertainty in occupancy levels and sustained employment. We are in a difficult period calling for some tough but necessary decisions to be made”.

The Association is proposing that such a mandate for arriving passengers go into effect as of October 1, 2021, allowing passengers sufficient notice of any changes to our travel regulations.

Further, travelers aged 5 – 11 be required to have a negative PCR test with three (3) days of travel for entry and passengers 12 – 17 requiring full vaccination for travel.

The ABHTA will also be seeking an audience with the policy makers to recommend a reduction in the testing period for travel to the destination.

Currently all travelers must present a PCR Test within seven (7) days of travel.

A proposed reduction to three (3) days with the acceptance of a Rapid Antigen Test for Vaccinated travelers will also be tabled in the discussion.

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    • its been on the table since the start of the pandemic – gubberment was and continues to willfully ignore it – as per Melford in recent press briefing – them wan to balance “risk” smh…. Covid does not grow in Antigua and Barbuda its imported – it has been walking right in through our borders yet locals keep getting blame for poor policy decisions…. even after gubberment well know a 7 day test on arrival is pointless since a person could have been very well exposed during that window of passing time… #fedup

    • You are so out your mind as this retarder miss,wait and see how the hotels in this island will fall one behind of other and people as you just call MR TYRANT GOVERNMENT help you.

      Sound good the media narrative about how many people around the glove is already have this poison in their vein? For sure you get yours and the graphene oxide affect you so bad your neuronas than even you can’t cordinate where the bathroom is in your own house,hope see you soon with a plancart asking the NODS give you a little bag of food.

      • Exactly. The vaccines aren’t vaccines either. As other countries are now finding out, the vaccines wane and peter out after a few months and are increasingly ineffective against the new variants.

  1. If you are fully Vaccinated. You could still carry around that Virus. The Vaccination is not 100% full proof. I am fully Vaccinated. I have not travelled any where since October 2019.I am rearing to come to Antigua. I have to hold myself back. Because I miss my land,my Country,the Beaches. Cannot wait for this Virus to be in our rear view mirrors.

  2. Check the data from Israel, which lead the world in vaccinations. They now have so many break through cases (vaccinated people that test positive for covid) that doesn’t make sense if the vaccines were so effective. So before everybody jumps too quick let’s slow it down a little. Take India for example, remember during the winter they were up through the roof with cases. Now cases and deaths are really low compared to a lot of other countries. What did they do, well they started preventative treatment like prescribing Ivermectin, zinc and vitamin D. Do some research on the vaccine, check out That’s vaccine adverse effects reporting system.
    This is way too quick people, the vaccine maybe worse than the virus itself. Who really knows, time will and always does tell.

  3. It is true that fully vaccinated people are having break through disease but if you follow these people they have very light symptoms. Not the case for unvaccinated people who nearly always end up in hospital.

    • Check out

      The vaccines might be needed for the particularly vulnerable but the general roll out has now extended the crisis, as has the banning of effective, repurposed drugs such as Ivermectin and HCQ in prevention and treatment protocols. $$$$$ rules.

  4. Good move. When they find out vaccinated people are essentially carriers I will see what their next move is.

    F’n idiots.

  5. Thank you AHTA.
    Hospitalizations are climbing.
    Only accepting fully vax visitors benefits

    1. Less need to use precious resources at MSJMC, so leaving infectious disease unit & hospital mainly for Antiguans (most of whom appear unvaccinated which is troubling long term)

    2. Fully vax people WANT to travel on planes, stay in hotels, eat in restaurants, sail on catamarans, hike with guides that offer a fully vax environment; they feel safer. ( Even though fully vax contract & lightly shed covid, less than 5% of hospitalizations globally are fully vax people)

    3. Fully vax people wish to socialize with other fully vax people, for comfort & peace of mind

    3. Antiguans & Barbudans working in tourism can feel a little safer IF THEY MASK, DISTANCE & sanitize consistently throughout their shift – IF the A&B team member is not vacvinated, their risk of exposure and contraction of Covid is far greater, hence practicing all protocols and seriously considering vaccination are smart moves.

    AHTA I hope Chamber, Bar Assoc & unions will come on board with your plan.

  6. @stay alert. Vaccinated persons carry the exact same viral load as an unvaccinated person when infected. The chances of infecting another person is exactly the same. The number of Vaccinated persons at MSJMC is almost the same as those who have not taken it. The only reason the unvaccinated number is higher is because they are being tested more. Few things to note.

    1. More unvaxxed are being tested than vaxxed
    2. It’s easier for a vaxxed person to contract and spread (within reason) than an unvaxxed due to relaxed protocols and complacency.

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