The 4th UPP Public Forum to Address the Impact of COVID-19 Workers Trusted Experts Will Provide Insights Into The Future of the Workplace


The United Progressive Party (UPP) will launch Tackling COVID 19: The Impact on the Workers on Tuesday 12th October, 2021 at 7:30 PM. The forum, which is the fourth of a five-part series, will address some of the economic, health, social and legal challenges in the workplace that have come to light as a result of COVID-19.


The panel will be moderated by Jacqui Quinn and the featured panelists will be:

Dr Baldwin Spencer

Former PM & Trade Unionist

Kenny Kentish


Diann Beazer-Jeffers

Assistant Director of the Organizational Development

1199SEIU Trade Union, NYC


The discussion will center on several important workplace dynamics that have surfaced in response to the coronavirus. Employers face significant challenges with major shifts in demand, supply chains, movement and worker protection.  Social distancing measures have caused a complete shutdown in certain nonessential aspects of the economy, precipitating a significant rise in unemployment.


Workers also face significant shocks, with the fear of becoming infected on the one hand, and the prospect of losing their livelihoods on the other.  With limited social protection, many are unable to access adequate COVID-19 testing, medical treatment or economic support to mitigate against lost wages.


The recent introduction of mandatory vaccination policies, though championed by the government and many in the private sector, as the way to safeguard economic recovery, has been met with hesitancy and resistance in many quarters. It has become highly polarized, leading to growing conflicts about the issue of individual rights and violations and whether workers should have a right to choose or refuse vaccinations.


Unions have generally played an integral role in promoting worker safety throughout the pandemic. They are now mounting a challenge to  ensure that bargaining remains a key part of the resolution process. This has raised a myriad of legal questions about whether the state should have the power and responsibility to protect the health of the broader public, during a pandemic.


By assembling this diverse team of experts to discuss emerging workplace issues, the UPP continues to demonstrate its commitment to providing public education about COVID-19 prevention and protection. One of the Party’s main goals is to increase knowledge and help the public make more informed decisions, not just about their personal health, but the overall quality of life in their communities.


About the Tackling COVID-19 Virtual Forums

These interactive virtual forums are hosted on Tuesdays at 7:30 PM and broadcast on Progressive Radio 107.3 FM and live streamed via the MYUPP Facebook Page.  Experts explore a range of topics, innovative strategies and best practices that have been used both locally, regionally and globally, to address the impact of COVID-19 and the recovery process. The discussion ends with a guided Q & A session that is designed to field questions from the audience to address public concerns and information gaps.

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  1. If one and two had no impact why proceed with the third?
    Revamp, consult, and come again…..

    Meet the majority where they are at, anD stop imposing what you thiNk the people wAnt on them…..

    • 1, 2 & 3 were excellent. I see even the DNA is having their own series on COVID. It just tells me that some of us still believe in dialogue and we are open to hearing a range of perspectives. Instead of criticizing everyday on the blogs, consider listening.

      • Three is not yet…’s OK to speak the truth…..

        Please listen to DNA’S offerings guaranteed game changer. No rhetoric nor fence sitting

        Speak the truth eh……

  2. The DNA look like they cogging. The topics are the same as the UPP. I don’t see any speakers yet though. But if they can come up with something new that’s a good thing. If not I hope you will come back and let us know.

  3. The UPPITES from inception are filled with deception to make lies sound truthful. These folks lacks decency and respect.

  4. Jackie Quinn have you paid back Medical Benefits for the ginormous cost of your cancer treatment? Do you plan to? Or you prefer to have that as your legacy? Along with referring to our senior citizens as RAG TAG, lowering the passing grade for Common Entrance as education minister and your infamous “tek dat in dem neh nen” guttersnipe behaviour just before getting a severe beating at the polls. At least you admitted to the disrespect meted out at the sunshine PM by members of the UPP.

    • Has Michael Browne paid the government back for the Medivac when he was airlifted to the Cayman Islands with the stroke/heart attack? Some say he tek een when the PM threatened to arrest him after the eBook scandal. But for right now, let’s stick to reimbursement for medical bills.

  5. Don’t forget Teco Lake with his kidney transplant. Did he reimburse the government? Don’t be one sided. Don’t dwell on people’s misfortune. We never know when our day is coming.

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