Terrance Colbourne Dies In Accident On All Saints Road


The Police are continuing to appeal to motorists in Antigua and Barbuda to exercise caution, and drive with due care and attention when utilizing the roads. Extra care must be taken when driving on roads that are visibly wet, under repairs or have loose gravel.

Around 10:50 pm on Friday, the police responded to a traffic collision on All Saints Road, in the vicinity of Emmerson Drive, involving 25yr old Terrance Colbourne of Briggins Estate.

The allegations are that Colbourne was traveling from West to East on All Saints Road in White Toyota Corolla M/Car A57747, when he apparently lost control of the vehicle and collided head on into a culvert on the Southern side of the road.

The Jaws of Life had to be used to free his body from the wreckage. He was transported to Mount St. John Medical Center by EMS. He was pronounced dead around 11:58 pm by a medical doctor. Further investigations are ongoing.

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  1. This accident happened at 1050 pm and the curfew begins at 11 pm . No one knows for sure but what if he was trying to beat the curfew at 11 pm. I’ve personally seen Vehicles the last 10 minutes speeding trying to get to their destination before the curfew begins. may God bless him n his family . Be merciful upon him God is great

    • If per chance MP means member of parliament, please try to address the condition of allsaints road in closed chambers, thank you.


      Never pick fights with these.

      None can neither ‘pick and win fights with ‘Curfew; …Time; nor Death.’

      Perhaps with ‘Coronavirus.’

      Likened to many others, ‘United States President Donald Trump,’ picked seemed to have
      picked a fight with ‘Covid-19.’

      Knocked down, but was not stunned.

      A chance at redemption.

      Got up and kicking up a storm.

      Not quite the same as driving.

      Few would doubt this, ‘…How a man drives, he dies.’

  2. My condolences goes to the the familly These people need to stop if the curfew is 11pm why not leave appropriate time so you dont have to speed to beat the curfew come on people you all are killing you all self and others just to beat the curfew and you dam well know Antigua road is not all that good…my his soul (R I P)😭😭

  3. Sir..
    Honestly, that whole road needs more speed bumps! Why put speed bumps at the top on a corner, next to a police station? Then after Licks corner nothing all the way down?
    Please can we have speed bums going down/ up that road..

  4. Beating curfew. I am sure the police can understand you are coming from work or picking up someone from work And you are on your way home. Come on we are all human. Stop the speeding Stop the madness.

    • Wtf the pm suppose to address? Young people and them stupid driving? Who the hell speed on a wet road with poor visibility? Why must eveething invlove politics. And you people need to stop blaming curdew for yoing people and them stupid driving. Sorry the young man died.

  5. Ok so curfew is being blamed. Question is where was man why he could not have gotten home well before curfew hours?

  6. Commissioner when are you going to make traffic police work at nights? Especially for speeding. They show up after the fact.. look at the roads with major accidents and assign police on them at nights. Need help? Ok here we go. All saints rd, factory rd, old parham rd, valley rd, Anchorage rd, friars hill rd angel airport rd.
    When last was a speeding ticket issued at night. I dear you to answer

  7. Not knowing what were the contributing factors to that young man’s demise.I have an idea.The Curfew begins at 11:00 pm.How about the Police using their discretion. Do not begin to ticket anyone until 11:30 pm.Give the motorists an half hour leeway to get to their destinations.This is just an idea.Not telling the Police how to their duties.Sometimes you are somewhere and time runs out on you.It has happen to many of us humans.Then you tried to beat time.You cannot beat time.If you are late.You cannot be early.So take your time and get there late.You could live to fight another day.I do not know.What were the contributors to this accident.

    • You sound as dumb as that cohost on disturber yesterday who was stating his objection to the curfew and whether or not the fine is sufficient a deterrent.

      • @Just Saying: At least this dumb person came up with an idea.What are your ideas.Do you have any?Please say what are they.Most of you Labor Party Minions come unto this portal and attack others and their ideas.While at the same time you do not have one ounce of anything to contribute to the story.You all are just NASTY PEOPLE.FILLED WITH “NASTINESS”. Remember that Calypso.

  8. You drive like an idiot, you die like a fool. The carnage will never stop when people, especially the younger ones think that speed is skill, the only thing speed do is kill. Try driving down the road at 200 mph and low and behold, some idiot trying to pass you. They don’t like to see car in front of them. And when road clear, they think is race track. They want see how fast their car can go. One way ticket to the great beyond.

  9. Wow! Antiguans are something else. Smh
    Condolences to this young life and his family. Can imagine how his poor mom and dad and family members must feel right now!

    No one knows what happened. No one knows if it had a thing to do with curfew.. how about we just have some tact and say RIP. And not assume on this poor dead man.

    But I’m more cultured so I would react differently and with more humanity and compassion. Some times local Antiguan need to travel the world and have different experiences. You can tell when by the local mentality most people are local dunces .. just older Antiguans set in their simple ways

  10. Sad loss of a young life and condolences to the family. Whether he died from speeding in order to beat the curfew time, no ones knows and in fact that issue is irrelevant at this time. The fundamental issue we need to address is whether the curfew is necessary to fight the covid 19. All the 11 pm curfew implies is that people should be at home at that time. It is a serious infringement on ones constitutional right of freedom of movement. The government needs to provide empirical evidence that the infringement of the right to free movement is necessary in fighting the transmission of covid 19. Many citizens have criticized the government for not engaging in a comprehensive public education programme to sensitize the population to the need for adhering to the covid 19 protocols. To my mind that is the critical issue that should be addressed. Once there is proper and widespread adherence to the covid 19 protocols the issue of a curfew and the restriction on ones constitutional right of free movement and the right of assembly becomes unnecessary. Governments should not act without strong empirical evidence. In the circumstances, therefore, I am asking the government to provide the evidence to justify its continued curfew and State of Emergency.

    • Guy just shut up with the political rhetoric for once in ya miseriable life. Curfew don’t kill people stupid decisions do. So every fatal crash go be government fault now? On that night it was raining and the road was wet. He was speeding because all these young drivers these days buy them licence and think that the roads are either John I race track or North Sound rack track. Speed and stupidity cause his death not no curfew or government.

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